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Psycho Yoga Instructor – Review

Psycho Yoga Instructor – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Justine and Tom received bad news, their adoption agency hasn’t found a match for them.  Justine is crushed but Tom thinks its a sign to take a break from the process.  Justine is dumbfounded by his change of heart.  She blames it on his promotion and new work schedule. Since his promotion, Tom frequently comes home late, works all night, and sleeps in his office.  She feels off-balanced, belittled, and ignored.  Her friend, Ginnie, tells Justine to take a yoga class.  The handsome instructor, Dominic, will take her mind off Tom and her adoption problems.  In her first class, Dominic encourages the woman to be a sprig emerging through concrete.  His words spark something in Justine.  After a great class, Justine tries to convey to Tom what she learned but he blows her off.  She arrives at the next class early but Dominic allows her to set up.  He can see she is hurting and offers to give private instructions.  He believes she can be a yoga instructor in the future.  As Justine and Dominic get closer, she pulls further away from Tom.  She doesn’t know the danger lurking around the corner.  Dominic has gone after married women in the past.  And when they reject him, he turns deadly.  Justine is just the next name on his list.

This movie, originally titled The Perfect Pose, should have not been renamed.  When Lifetime fans see Psycho in the title, their bloodlust rises to an exponential level.  If Psycho is in the title, fans expect the first death in the first 5 minutes.  For this movie, the first death isn’t mentioned until 1.5 hours into the movie.  This is why most fans are let down.  So, pretend the movie is called Stalker Yoga Instructor or Creepy Yoga Instructor.  Then you can enjoy this movie with the right amount of expectations.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

You need stability, flexibility, and balance. Why not go to a place you can get all 3 – Ginnie

You always have had to process your feeling, so that makes sense – Tom

I’m just saying what we’re both thinking out loud – Justine

White lies are toxic – Dominic

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Deadly Second Chances – Review

Deadly Second Chances – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


D. A. Yasmine let her past get to her while she was questioning a witness.  The defendant, Timothy, is accused of killing his wife.  When Yasmine was younger, her abused mother and her drunken father got into an argument.  During the argument, her mother slipped and fell down the steps.  She died.  Yasmine blames her father’s abusive behavior for her mother’s death and it’s stirring up emotions during this trial.  When the case is dropped because of jury tampering, Yasmine has an outburst and faints.  Later, Yasmine’s boss, Joan Winters, tells Yasmine to take a sabbatical while they prepare to try the case again.  When Yasmine tries to counter, Joan shuts her down.  Joan orders her to leave for 2 weeks with her daughter, Paige.  Yasmine packs up and heads to her sister’s home with Paige.  Laura remembers the abuse but has chosen to forgive their father.  While Yasmine is staying with her, Laura hopes she can convince Yasmine to reconcile with their father too.  Also, Laura works at social services and wants Yasmine to help her clients.  With so much going on at home, Yasmine doesn’t see trouble lurking around the corner.  Timothy is out to get her and everyone she cares about.  He will do anything to get his kids back and stay out of jail.

This movie seems to lose direction.  At first, it feels like a piece about domestic violence.  Then, it jumps to forgiveness.  Next, PTSD.  Then, a mystery of who can Yasmine trust.  And back again.  It’s hard to understand if you are watching a mystery, a thriller, or a statement.  In the end, it tries to make you feel compassion for someone they have dragged through the mud the entire film.  This movie tries to cover too much in two hours.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I am going to make you pay. You are just like my father – Yasmine

I am talking to a couple of tech junkies – Laura

As if I don’t know that – Timothy

That’s good, son. Now you’re learning – Governor Lock

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My Husband’s Deadly Past – Review

My Husband’s Deadly Past – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Karen is having vivid nightmares of killing a woman she has never met.  She tells her husband, Otto, that her dreams a scaring her.  Otto, a psychotherapist, tells her to relax.  Her dreams are probably a manifestation of something else in her life.  The next morning, Karen sees a missing flyer for a young woman named Gina.  Karen recognizes Gina as the girl in her dreams and starts to panic.  As she tries to reel in a big client at work, she can’t close the deal because she can’t focus.  By the time she arrives home to get help from Otto, Doreen has fired her via text message.  Otto suggests Karen try hypnosis to unlock her memories of Gina.  She agrees.  When she opens her eyes, she is on top of the dam and can’t move.  Dr. Hugh pulls over to talk her down from what he believes is a suicide attempt.  She tells Hugh she doesn’t remember driving to the dam, let alone standing on the ledge to jump.  She begs Hugh to take her home instead of the hospital for observation.  He complies.  Karen is shocked to come home and see police everywhere.  They found Gina dead in the pool shed and Otto recorded Karen’s confession to Gina’s murder.  Karen is led off to the police station in disbelief.  She tries to maintain her composure until police find her fingerprints on the plastic tarp that contained Gina’s remains.   With no one on her side, Karen will bleed, fight, and banter to find out what really happened to Gina.

This movie starts crazy, gets insanely funny, and gives you a nutsy good ending.  You will be engaged with the mystery of what happened to Gina.  The title does give something away but you have no idea how bad her husband is until he goes too far.  Even her boss, Doreen, is out to get Karen.  In the midst of all these wild accusations, Karen finds Hugh.  They have the best on-the-run banter ever seen in a movie.  Get comfortable and hold on tight.  You are in for a great movie.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

If you have to apologize, its already too late – Karen

Karen, you are not a killer – Otto

Remember? You did this. You buried me – Gina

I don’t think that disguise is working too well – Hugh

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Groomzilla – Review

Groomzilla – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Allysa and Tucker bumped into each other and sparked a romance.  They introduced their respective best friends, Courtney and Harrison.  Now, Courtney and Harrison are married and expecting their first child.  After Allysa finished dental school, she expected Tucker to take their relationship seriously.  But when he misses her big award, she runs to the ladies’ room to cry.  Remembering what his Grandma G. G. told him earlier, he proposes in the bathroom.  Allysa happily says yes.  As their family gathers for an engagement party, Allysa believes Tucker has turned a new leaf.  However, he disappoints her again and shows up extremely late.  Tucker goes to console Allysa and overhears her talking to Courtney.  She wishes Tucker would take their marriage seriously.  Allysa is starting to think that their engagement and, ultimately, their marriage won’t work.  He is determined to prove her wrong.  He does everything to make her dream wedding come true.  Now, he is a Groomzilla.

O.M.G. Tucker goes off the deep end.  Often, brides-to-be complain about their future spouse not being involved or not caring about the wedding.  Well, Tucker’s action will make you thankful for those spouses.  He plans the date, duties, sends announcements, and goes way over budget for Allysa’s big day.  The only thing Allysa can do is hold on for the ride.  He plans the menu, picks the flowers, and fires a member of the wedding party when they don’t fall in line.  This man is beyond a Bridezilla, he is a true Groomzilla.  You will love to watch it.  And don’t mess with Grandma G.G.  She has something special in her purse for you.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Typical Tucker, always running on Tucker time – Allysa

Whoever wears this ring gets her heart’s deepest wish – Grandma G.G.

You don’t think you’re important to me – Tucker

Dude, is this a joke? You’re not joking – Harrison

You know what? – Courtney

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