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Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For – Review

Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Fallen Angels book club convenes and discusses their latest book selection.  While this looks like an ordinary book club to some, the club members have one thing in common: their parole officer, Jerry.  Hollis and her friends, Rena, Gene, Rory, Abby, and Miller, are ex-cons.  Rena spent time in jail for racketeering, but she has a fashion line.  Gene lied to a federal agent.  Miller did a few years for computer crimes and looks up to the other members.  Rory, a man of the world, spent time in prison for cocaine possession.  Abby, a real estate agent, keeps her crimes under wraps, and Hollis for insurance fraud.  But she proclaims that she took the fall for her ex-husband, Bill.  While the outside world judges them, they believe in each other.  

After discussing their latest book, Rory invites everyone to his home for cigars and drinks.  Everyone but Hollis says yes, but Rory persuades her to join them.  They laugh, smoke, and drink, but something about Rory’s most expensive cigars catches Hollis’s eye.  They remind Hollis of the cigars Bill smoked.  Then Rory leaves to answer a phone call.  The group hears Rory arguing, and they assume he is talking to one of his many girlfriends.  Although, Gene thinks there may be more. Gene has no idea how Rory can afford his lifestyle.  The club laughs about the possibilities.  And everyone but Hollis leaves.  Hollis demands to know how Rory got the cigars, but he refuses to answer.  Then he politely but firmly tells Hollis to go home.  

Hollis, Gene, Rena, Abby, and Miller wait for Rory at their next book club.  So they are happy when the doors open but shocked to see who comes through.  It’s Detectives Faber and Lincoln.  They found Rory’s key with the clubhouse’s address on them.  They came to find information and clues about who poisoned and killed Rory.  The information dumbfounds Rory’s friends.  After the detectives question all of them and retreat, Hollis remembers that Rory’s murder mirrors the one from the book they’re reading.  She worries that they will become suspects when the detectives discover their rap sheets.  Hollis and the Fallen Angels book club will need to work together to clear their name and find justice for Rory.  

This film can be the start of an intriguing series.  Like several HMM franchises, they have compelling connections and a drive to solve crimes.  However, these characters have more complex backstories that only Lifetime can provide.  With interesting anti-heroes, this movie attracts anyone who needs or believes in second chances.  As their name states, they are not evil.  They are Fallen Angels.  Also, the mystery gives viewers lots of suspects, red herrings, a decent body count, and the start of the next chapter.  Hopefully, this is the beginning of a fun seasonal series.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Can I help it if I’m irresistible – Gene

You jerks are the best jerks I know – Rory

Oh, you know this isn’t over yet, right? – Hollis

No, that’s not a good idea. That’s a terrible idea – Jerry

Why didn’t you tell me your book club was a support group for ex-cons – Det. Faber

Murder by association – Miller

I’ll be fine. I’m always am – Abby

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Dangerous Methods – Review

Dangerous Methods – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lacy got a call from her boss, Sharon.  Sharon needs Lacy to fill in for a high-profile job.  Famous actor Desmond Gage needs an assistant while preparing for a role.  Desmond is a method actor, and he needs to live the part to give it life.  Sharon meets Lacy at Desmond’s cabin.  She tells Lacy that Desmond wants no phones.  He is private and doesn’t like labels, but he will need help with the day-to-day activities while preparing.  Lacy takes the job because she wants to make it big in Hollywood.  Lacy comes from Arizona.  But farm life wasn’t for her, so she moved to Hollywood.  On her first night, Lacy introduces herself and prepares for the night.  But she starts to dream about Desmond.  During the day, Desmond is sweet, caring, and aloof.  At night, he is passionate and unhinged.  Desmond’s script has his character falling madly in love with a woman.  What will Lacy do when his obsession becomes real and dangerous.  

Sigh.  Lacy is one of the most unsympathetic characters in a Lifetime movie.  She forgot a simple rule.  When someone shows you who you are, believe them.  She keeps making the same naive mistake, and it’s infuriating.  At certain moments, you start to think Lacy is unstable.  The saving grace in this film is the last 10 minutes.  Desmond gets an explanation about his actions.  However, you didn’t get a conclusion about Lacy’s future.  Watch this movie at the risk of your sanity.  

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

You’re a terrible actress – Desmond

To new things – Lacy

I’m trying to say calm, sir – Harry

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True to the Game 3 – Review

True to the Game 3 – BET – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A bruised and battered Gena wakes up to see Quadir next to her.  The love of her life, who she believed died.  She can’t hide her affection or pain.  He explains that he woke up in a private hospital after flatlining.  The only people who knew he was alive were his mother, Carlos, and his nurse, Maria.  Quadir knew the feds were looking into his operations, but he never knew Jerrell was out to kill him.  Quadir planned to get better, have Carlos fly Gena to L.A., and watch her until he healed.  After that, Quadir wanted to meet her and fly away together.  But that plan came to an end when he saw Jerrell attack Gina.  Now, Quadir desires to stay in hiding until Gena’s bruises heal.  Then, they can leave together with the money.

In Philadelphia, Jerrell’s brother, Terrell, got out of jail.  But doesn’t understand why Jerrell isn’t to pick him up.  Terrell decides to walk back to the neighborhood and take over Jerrell’s operation.  While in L.A., Jerrell asked Saleem to find the snitch.  Saleem takes a hard look at the crew but still wants payback for the robbery.  Saleem asks Dalvin to set up Bria.  If they get Bria, they can lure Gena out of hiding.  Knowing something is wrong, Alia and Shoog beg Bria to cut Dalvin out of her life.  But when Dalvin comes to the house with Gucci shoes and Twizzlers, Bria can’t say no.  

Saleem and Terrell have good reason to worry, but they kill the wrong people.  Titus is the snitch, and he is working with Detective Joe.  Joe owes $40,000 to dangerous people.  Joe has 48 hours to get the money, or he will die.  Joe heard rumors that Gena has $2,000,000 and a target on her back.  If he can find Gena before Saleem and Terrell, Joe can take some of the money to pay his debt.  

In a state of bliss, Gena has no plans to return until Bria reaches out for help.  After a fight, Bria accidently shot Dalvin.  She calls Gena to help her.  Gena decides to return but tells Quadir not to come for his safety.  Quadir adheres to her request but says he will join her if she doesn’t return in 72 hours.  Gena’s presence will be the gasoline on an inferno that will leave a trail of ashes.  

Based on True the Game Part III by Teri Woods and the sequel to True to the Game 2, this movie has all the blood and torture of an old-school gangster film (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You don’t have the ease of imagining what happened.  You get every tooth-pulling detail set to the juxtaposition of Cameo playing in the background.  Also, when Saleem plays Roni before grabbing a sledgehammer to kill someone.  While the music choices are reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs, the story leaves viewers with more questions than answers.  This film represents the last book in the franchise.  With fans’ questions, will it be the last movie?

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You left me – Gena

You know better than that. We welcome folks here – Gah-Git

I owe you my life – Quadir

Slow down, man.  I got you – Joe

What I need is for you to pick up the phone when I call you – Saleem 

Look, I don’t like the company you keep. Ok? – Bria

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A Second Chance at Love – Review

A Second Chance at Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Years ago, Alicia had to sit back and watch her parents, Jack and Brenda, divorce.  They had the perfect marriage, but work and pride separated them.  Now, Alicia and Arnold will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.  But Arnold isn’t getting the time that he wants with Alicia.  Every night, Brenda comes over to eat and talk.  And Alicia worries about Jack’s girlfriend of the week.  While Brenda refuses to date, Jack will date someone until things get serious.  Then, Jack ends it.  After another interruption, Alicia decides to talk to her parents about using Arnold’s app, Organic Chemistry.  The app blurs users’ photos until both parties have had several conversations.  This way, they can connect on an emotional level instead of looks.  Jack says yes, but Brenda says no.  However, Brenda sees her mother, Mema, have a successful date.  So, Brenda decides to give the app a try.  It’s not long before Brenda and Jack connect, but they want to keep it a secret from Alicia.  When Alicia focuses more on her parents’ relationship than hers, will she lose Arnold?

With a stunning backing track, this movie will move your heart and your feet.  You must watch the beginning of this movie because it explains the divorce’s impact on Alicia.  Arnold does everything he can to be understanding and accommodating, but Alicia won’t meet him halfway.  You will beg Alicia to stay out of grown folks’ business and let them figure it out.  Because her husband wants and needs her love, time, and attention.  Arnold is ready to start a family and will bend over backward to start the next chapter in their life.  But she is still in her parents’ book.  The love and frustrations will have you locked into this film.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Only a king could recognize another potential king – Alicia

Where exactly is there located – Brenda

What are we talking about – Arnold 

Why does it feel like I’m listening to an infomercial – Jack

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