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You Can’t Take My Daughter – Review

You Can’t Take My Daughter – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Amy celebrates passing the bar with friends and classmates, Owen and Letty.  When Owen’s trainer, Demetri, buys them a round of shots, Amy doesn’t drink it.  She believes she has had enough to drink for the night.  They share a cab to head home.  Demetri lets Amy out of the cab but asks to come in for a nightcap.  She tells him no and goes home.  Later that night, she hears a knock at her door and assumes it’s her neighbor Chickie.  She opens the door and sees Demetri.  He beats and rapes her.  She reports the rape to the police.  Since she knows her attacker, they decide a rape kit isn’t necessary.  Also, they won’t step up patrol because Demetri “hasn’t made a threat”.  Amy is dumbfounded by their inability to help her.  Letty, her best friend, convinces Amy to go to the local hospital to perform a rape kit.  Unfortunately, a machine needed for the test is malfunctioning and they have to travel to a hospital 3 hours away if they want it done.  Amy refuses and asks Letty to take her home.  Amy is frustrated with how long it’s taking to bring Demetri to trial but she knows she has to wait.  Then, Demetri threatens her in a public parking lot in broad daylight.  Amy can’t believe she can file for a restraining order faster than her rape case.  After her restraining order, Amy discovers she’s pregnant.  At first, she considers getting an abortion.  She believes in a woman’s right to choose and she chooses to have her child.  When the cops finally question Demetri, they let it slip that Amy is pregnant.  Demetri ignores the restraining order and comes to Amy’s home with a gun.  He threatens to kill her and the unborn baby if she doesn’t drop the rape charge.  Eight months pregnant and on bedrest, Amy jumps out of the window and gets help from Chickie.  Chickie grabs her gun and Demetri runs away.  Amy decides she can’t wait for the police to protect her and her baby and move to Georgia to start a new life.   Years later, Amy is the proud and over-protective mother of Maddy.  She is on high alert at all times.  And it’s for good reason.  She is served with custody papers.  Demetri wants custody and/or visitation of Maddy.  Amy can’t believe he can do this.  She meets with lawyers to tell her to give an inch to make life easier and change Maddy’s last name to his.  Amy says no and decides to defend herself.  Since the rape charge happened in another state, it can’t be brought up in the custody case.  And in the state of Georgia, a rapist father is better than no father.  Amy’s fight will launch a change for all rape survivors and their children.

Be ready to scream and throw things at the screen after hearing every horrific statistic and every hurdle Amy has to jump over to keep her child safe.  Her restraining order and custody hearings are heard before a judge before her rape charge gets any attention.  Inspired by the true story of Analyn Megison, the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act was signed in 1995.  While this act was a huge step for survivors, Analyn is highly aware that most of the work has to be done at the state level.  So, check your state laws and be involved in making a change.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Why’d you have to say no – Demetri

I’m not leaving you – Letty

What were you wearing – Suzanne

No is a complete sentence – Amy

The hell with them. I’ll take him myself – Chickie

Then we have to help them momma – Maddy

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Is There a Killer in My Family? – Review

Is There a Killer in My Family? – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kevin is ready to have a real vacation with his wife Carly.  Carly is a writer who puts every ounce of herself into her latest true crime novel.  She was able to prove a woman killed her husband and had the woman put in jail for life.  Now, the couple will be staying at Crawford Island for a much-needed break.  It is a private island with the main house and a condemned guest house.   On the mainland, Kevin attempts to take away Carly’s phone and laptop to make sure she doesn’t start working again.  Once at the island, their guide notices the picture on the wall looks like her.  Carly believes her grandfather was Crawford’s cousin’s wife.  Kevin is shocked to hear this news but she promises to take a vacation.  Then Carly hears about the mystery of Diana Crawford.  Diana was a young woman with a loving husband.  However, it was reported that she was seeing shadows in the woods.  Days later, she was found dead.  After the police cleared her husband, the legend is one of the shadowy figures killed her.  When Carly starts to see shadowy figures on the island, she decides to investigate the truth of Diana Crawford.

This movie is 75% build-up, 10% fight, and 15% wrap-up.  The build-up is so slow that you lose interest.  Unlike HMM movies, you don’t get constant glimpses of the killer, more dead bodies, or the heroine’s life in danger to keep you watching.  When the final shocker is revealed, you are too bored to care.  Your only response is ‘finally, thank goodness’.  If you want a mystery that keeps you engrossed from beginning to end, watch HMM.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

You know what that feeling is? Its call freedom. You should try it – Kevin

The mainland? You are really sounding like an islander – Carly

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Zombies 2 – Review

Zombies 2 – Disney – 1 hour and 30 minutes


Zombies and Humans are getting along well in Seabrook.  All of the monster restrictions are gone and the barrier between Zombieland and Seabrook is open.  Zed is patiently waiting for Alison to come back from cheer camp but worries because she hasn’t answered any of his letters.  Addison is having fun at cheer camp but her cousin and cheer captain, Bucky is still anti-zombie.  But she worries because Zed hasn’t asked her to Prawn (like prom but the school mascot is a shrimp).  Bucky has had is minion tear up her letters to Zed and used them to make pom-poms.  While he loves messing with Addison’s relationship, Bucky has another goal in sight. He wants to become class president.  And that means someone new will need to take over as cheer captain.  Addison and Bree hope Addison will take over the mantle but Bucky doesn’t believe a zombie sympathizer could take the reins.  As they leave cheer camp, Zed created an elaborate way to ask Addison to the Prawn.  But it goes wrong and the school bus crashes.  As Addison walks in the woods, she hears howling.  She believes it’s werewolves.  But she is found by Zed and her friends before she can investigate farther.  In the forest, Wyatt – a werewolf – saw Addison’s white hair and believes she is the Great Alpha.  It is believed the Great Alpha will help the pack find their long lost moonstone.  Each wolf carries a piece of the moonstone around their neck to help them transform.  However, their stones are losing their power.  They need to find the original source of their power or they will all die.  The wolves find Addison school patch in the woods and go to Seabrook to find her.  The town freaks out because monsters are on campus and all the monster restrictions are enforced again.  Zed knows this means he and Addison can’t go to Prawn together.  Zed, a class president hopeful, tells the wolves to fit in but they believe the zombie has sold out.  The wolves tell Addison she belongs to the pack.  Feeling out of place, Addison is ready to join.  Zed will do anything to stop her, even steal.

Sequel to Zombies covers a lot of hard-hitting topics for a kids/tween movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Topics like selling out your culture to fit into another.  Eliza and the wolves think Zed is changing too much.  She believes Zed can control his impulses without the use of a Z-band.  But his posters for the school president make him look more human than a zombie.  However, fitting in is working.  He has the life, friends, and love that he wants.  Another topic, stealing from indigenous people.  The ancestors of Seabrook stole the moonstone and used it to power the city.  The third topic, history being written by the winners.  In history books, the ancestors of Seabrook describe the wolves as savages who would use the stone to harm them.  In reality, they stole the object that kept them alive.  Even today, these topics are still being contested in American history and the present.   Yes, these are heavy topics but it is done in a respectful manner that children understand.  So sit back and watch.  Then have a true and heartfelt discussion with your children about the topics it covers.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

What? I like vanilla – Zed

I dream of the day we ditch our z-bands and let our inner zombies roar – Eliza

I am not anti-change. I am pro keeping things the way they are because you don’t mess with success – Bucky

Do you think Zed forgot about me? – Addison

Yeah, your right. This town’s the worse – Wyatt

Where’s the moonstone, white hair – Willow

Hey, that dog just ate my homework – Bree

Too much? – Winter

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My Daughter’s Been Kidnapped – Review

My Daughter’s Been Kidnapped – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kelsey and Toni are starting senior year at a new school together.  While the girls are excited, Kelsey’s mother, Gina is nervous.  She worries because Kelsey has epilepsy.  Without her medication, she could have a seizure and die.  Kelsey reminds Gina that she is smart, takes her meds, and keeps her medical pin just in case.  Seeing Gina is still nervous, Toni takes the spare medical pin.  The first day, Kelsey and Toni notice Melissa, the popular, perfect, pretty girl on campus.  By lunchtime, Kelsey is spending time with Melissa and leaving Toni to eat alone.  Melissa invites Kelsey to a pool party and Kelsey asks them to invite Toni too.  With hesitation, Melissa invites Toni but makes fun of her behind her back.  At the pool party, Kelsey is having a blast but Toni feels out of place.  Kelsey flirts with Jason and they share a kiss.  Soon, the party takes a morbid turn when a body is found face down in the water.  Gina runs to Toni and Kelsey and pulls them away from the scene.  As she leaves, Kelsey overhears Melissa’s parents lying about not knowing about or attending the party.  But she ignores the lie and leaves with her mother and Toni.  With plans for a date with Jason, Kelsey tries to ease her mother’s worries.  She promises to stay safe and text her.  During the date, Kelsey gets a reminder to take her meds.  She leaves Jason’s side and tells him to wait for her.  She goes to the bathroom, texts her mom that she is having a great time, then takes her medication.  As she primps in the bathroom mirror, she is grabbed from behind and drugged.  Jason starts to worry and looks for Kelsey.  After not being able to find her, he calls the police and the police call Gina.  The police assume Kelsey left the date but Gina confirms Kelsey was having a great time.  Then, they insinuate that she ran away.   But Gina finds her medication on the bathroom floor.  She knows Kelsey wouldn’t go anywhere without it.  Gina knows Kelsey has been kidnapped.  Now, she must find her before she has a seizure and dies.

When Melissa’s parents lie about their whereabouts, you know something isn’t right with them.  And you will be glued to the screen to find out.  It’s easy to hate Melissa when she starts accusing Kelsey of being a drug addict and crazy but your anger towards her will dissipate.  Remember, hurt people hurt people.  And this young girl is no exception.  As Gina uncovers the amount of deception in this story, you will be left in disbelief.  You will cheer for this mother/daughter duo until the end.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What is she like, 30? – Toni

You know you can be cool and smart right. – Melissa

I’m tired of being the geek with epilepsy – Kelsey

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Once Upon a Date – Review

Once Upon a Date – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Josh is tired of playing Undercover Boss while his dad finishes all of his deals (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  He asks his dad to let him work on a deal from start to finish.  His dad approves but tells him to take his irresponsible brother, Anthony, with him on his next deal.  Josh’s next deal is for a hotel company.  However, they must get rid of the existing property before building.  The building is owned by Ed.  Ed runs the Happily Ever After Theater and he doesn’t have enough money to keep up the payments.  He is keeping this secret from everyone in the cast and crew, including his daughter Tiffany.  Tiffany is a writer and working on a play called Once Upon A Date.  She is the lead and has one crew member play 4 parts.  However, she needs to audition someone to play her prince.  After a few failed Romeos, Tiffany leaves the theater to get some fresh air.  She bumps into Josh walking with Anthony.  She assumes Josh is auditioning for the role and he takes the job to work undercover.  He hopes to find a win-win scenario for his dad’s takeover.  Tiffany is happy to have Josh on the team but wants to help him.  He told Tiffany he was an out of work actor and looking for a place.  She asks her friend Izzy to let him stay in the apartment she’s fixing up for the next tenants.  Izzy is a building manager and fiercely independent.  Josh takes the apartment but Izzy warns him to be awake and dressed by 8 am so she can continue doing work on the place.  Josh hopes to be alone until Frank sees Anthony’s room service charges.  Frank cuts off Anthony’s hotel stay and Anthony has to move in with Josh.  Anthony sees that Josh is falling for Tiffany and vice versa.  He reminds Josh that her heart will be broken when she learns the truth.  So he must end the potential romance before his heart is broken too.  With Josh falling for Tiffany, Josh can see the same predicament happening to his brother.  Anthony is starting to fall for Izzy.  He is helping her fix up the apartment, getting deals on tools, and trying to be a better man.  Josh tells Anthony when Izzy learns he was born with a silver spoon, she will be furious.  Josh and Anthony want to please their father but can they do it at the price of their happiness?

With 3 loves stories, 2 father/child relationships at risk, and 1 play, this movie could be a TV series.  You can see the budding romance between Bella and Charlie sprinkled throughout the movie.  It’s impressive that with only 2 hours, this movie handles so many complicated relationships.  You start to hope for the win-win scenario Josh is looking for in all his business deals.  While Frank is presented as the bad guy, the movie attempts to show him as a loving father that wants the best for his sons.  While the overall plot of saving the theater for Tiffany’s happiness is predictable, this movie is still a fun watch.  Sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy this story from beginning to end.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Who are you and what have you done to our father? – Anthony

Wow, at least she smelled good – Josh

Till the morrow, kind prince – Tiffany

There are plenty of things in here I can hurt you with – Izzy

Give me a quarter – Bella

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Matching Hearts – Review

Matching Hearts – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Julia is second in command for Ideally Suited Matchmakers company.  They are having their annual party for successful couples they’ve matched and are putting an ad in the newspaper.  Julia wants to expand the company’s clientele, update the matching algorithm, and change the party.  However, the CEO believes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.  While at a bar, Julia runs into Daniel.  Daniel is a tech guru and business advisor.  His most prominent advice is to stay single to become prosperous is business.  He has earned the pseudonym Mr. Stay Single.  However, Julia doesn’t recognize him.  Daniel thought only little old ladies do matchmaking, not women like Julia.  She hands Daniel her card and walks away.  Later, Daniel is given a free consultation as a gift and Julia gets to work.  She finds him several matches and sends discrete overseers on his dates.  Since her boss when on vacation, Julie starts taking some liberties.  She is changing the party and the marketing strategy.  Then, curiosity gets the better of Julie and she does the one thing matchmakers aren’t supposed to do, she puts herself in the algorithm to see how she matches with Daniel.  They only match 41%.  She continues to send him on dates while his attraction grows … to her.  It will take a miracle, a few dogs, and some tweaks for them to get it right.

This movie is a slow predictable burn to an even more predictable ending.  You will be more interested in how badly and dismissively Julie treats Timothy and his ideas.  She comes off as cocky and extremely rude.  You will also take an interest in the party after all of Julie’s changes without her boss’s approval.  The love story will hold little to no interest to you.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Most of us just live in a sensible 1 bedroom apartment – Julie

You can be single and a matchmaker. I had no idea – Daniel

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Stepping Back to Love – Review

Stepping Back to Love – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes


April and Derrick’s love affair began on Smitty’s Supper Club dance floor.  They started doing the Chicago-style stepping.  Soon after, April became pregnant.  Derrick’s father was not happy with the pregnancy and offered April, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, money to terminate the pregnancy.  April refused, they got married, and Derrick has cut his father out of his life.  Sixteen years later, the couple is still stepping and is the 6th time champion of The Windy City Annual Step Invitational.  If they win next year, they will break the record.  They are riding the high until Derrick gets bad news at work.  Instead of getting a promotion, he is getting laid off along with his entire department.  April starts to panic but Derrick puts her mind at ease.  After an abysmal discussion with his father, Derrick drives past an abandoned studio.  He takes an advance on his credit cards and a bank loan to buy the space.  April is upset he made this decision without her but tries to be supportive.   The financial pressure starts to wedge its way into their love causing doubt, insecurity, and infidelity.  April and Derrick need to step out of their pain and into love.

First, don’t get Chicago-style stepping confused with sorority and fraternity stepping.  The latter includes stomping your feet and clapping your hands to create a beat in unison.  The former is a mix of R&B dancing and the tango.   While the dance moves are sexy and creative, the story of financial strife and miscommunication ruining a marriage has been done before.  You know exactly how this is going to end.  It’s the comic relief of Paula and the encouraging and parental words of Smitty and Deena that keep you watching.  However, Derrick’s surprise at the end is a very beautiful display of affection and motivation.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Stepping is responsible for our past, our present, and our future – Derrick

All you need to know is you better not be doing it – April

Who are the Jeffersons – Brian

That little TLC Chilli thing you got going on is kinda played out. But I’ll give you a discount, though – Paula

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  1. Nice reviews, but 4/5 is way too high for ‘My Daughter’s Been Kidnapped’ IMO. I posted my own comments on IMDB. A boring quest, illogical content, and wasted actors.


  2. Nice reviews, but 4/5 is way too high for ‘My Daughter’s Been Kidnapped’ IMO. I left my own comments on IMDB. A boring quest, illogical content, and wasted actors.


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