#AChristmasStoryLive – Review

A Christmas Story Live! – FOX – 3 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas Story Live

Ralphie looks back on his most memorable Christmas.  As he schemed, begged, and haggled to get the best gift ever: A Red Rider BB Gun.  Whenever he asks for the gift, he is met with the same excuse, ‘You’ll shoot your eye out’.  His mother, neighbor, and even Santa don’t seem to budge on their stance.  But the gift is not the only thing that makes this Christmas memorable.  Ralphie stood up for himself, was introduced to Chinese turkey, and developed a stronger relationship with his mother.  A Christmas Story proves the holiday is more about gifts, it’s about a feeling and family.

THIS IS A MUSICAL.  THIS IS A MUSICAL.  If you are looking for the theater version of A Christmas Story movie, then watch the movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If you don’t like the musicals, then watch the movie.  This is the Broadway musical coming to live TV.  Of course, since it was live TV, some camera angles were off, some lighting was too dim, and one shot was blurry.  However, the music and dance numbers were flawless and highly entertaining.  Now one iconic scene you know was not present (i.e. Ovaltine).  And a scene with Swartz’s mom, the boys with the leg lamp, and a Christmas Eve Night number were added to give the viewer something different.  While this was a little long, it still keeps the core principals of the original movie.  And to see costume changes happen before your eyes are spectacular.  Congrats to all the kids who did a marvelous job on their routines.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Good luck dear. I believe in you, even if you’re not a winner – Mrs. Parker

Tinker toys? Nobody asks for tinker toys, you just get them – Older Ralphie

Oh fudge – Ralphie

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