Black Panther: #WakandaForever – Movie Review

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 0 minutes

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Warning: Before you read this, understand it will not go beyond the previews. This reviewer will do everything necessary to keep all the surprises a secret. Also, please don’t go to Wikipedia and spoil it for yourself. That’s cheating. LOL. So, on to the review.

A year after King T’Challa died, Princess Shuri worked tirelessly to update Wakandan technology, but she stopped trying to create a synthetic heart-shaped herb. Her mother, Queen Ramonda, is fighting a political war with the United Nations. France and the United States are angry because Wakanda hasn’t shared its technology and vibranium as promised. Ramonda expresses immense concern because soldiers attempted attacks on Wakandan labs. Ramonda isn’t worried about the potential of vibranium. However, it’s how they plan to use it that worries her. She will never share it until the world is trustworthy. Ramonda returns home to make Shuri take part in a ritual. One year after a loved one passes, you burn your funeral ceremonial robe to honor them and relieve you of the pain. 

Shuri goes to the water’s edge and watches Ramonda throw her robe into the fire, but Shuri refuses. She won’t put her faith in the ancestors and the traditions because they couldn’t save T’Challa. Instead, she will put her belief in technology and help Wakandans. Then, they notice a man coming from the water with wings on his ankles. He can’t believe how clean the air and water are around them. He loves that they keep their traditions and heritage alive. Ramonda and Shuri dawn spears and demand to know who he is and why he speaks to them. He says his allies call him K’uk’ulkan, but his enemies say Namor. He says that Wakanda exposed his kingdom, Talokan, to great danger when they revealed the secret of vibranium. An American scientist was able to build a device that could detect the presence of the material. And a ship tried to drill into his homeland, but they destroyed them. They consider this a Wakandan problem. They want the Wakandans to bring them the American scientist so they can kill her, or they will destroy Wakanda. 

Okoye decides to track down Agent Ross to reveal the location of the American scientist, and she convinces Ramonda to let Shuri go with her to get Shuri out of the lab. With Ross’s assistance, they track down RiRi, a student, and can’t believe she is so young. They unapologetically convince RiRi to come to Wakanda to keep her safe from a threat of unknown strength. However, Okoye and Shuri encounter hostile agents during their RiRi rescue, and Talokan warriors kidnap two of the women. Now, K’uk’ulkan gives Wakanda two options. One: Join his fight to destroy the land dwellers before they destroy his homeland for their resources. Or two: He will drown Wakanda and everyone in it. 

And that’s act one of this gut-wrenching, exciting, and loving tribute to Marvel’s beloved king. The opening scene and the title card will have everyone in tears as it pays homage to a worthy figure in life and the comics. Afterward, the movie covers how to handle grief. Not just for Shuri but for the entire Marvel audience. Then the plot introduces viewers to a new world with stunning but somewhat realistic imagery. You can see how this world mirrors Wakanda. From his respect for their ancestors to their art to their clothes and salute. Shuri and K’uk’ulkan are two sides of the same coin. They are children dealing with generational pain and devasting loss in a homeland under constant threat. Yet, the world and their country expect them to go on and be rulers. The writers did an impeccable job helping viewers understand K’uk’ulkan is not a villain. He, like Shuri, wants to save his people. RiRi is the new kid on the block. She swears, is an open book, and, while a bit naive, has some trust issues. Who doesn’t? Especially in the MCU. The graphics are 90% great, except for one fight scene that feels more cartoonish compared to other fights in the movie. However, this doesn’t take away from all the emotion and surprises packed into this one film. It should go without saying, but the costumes, makeup, and art are second to none and help you delve deeper into this history-rich mythical world. It does help to see Black Panther before this seeing this movie. Thanos is mentioned once in this film, so seeing the last 2 Avengers movies aren’t as critical. Stay for the mid-credit scene, but their isn’t an end-credit scene. This movie will restore your faith in Phase 4. See this before someone spoils it for you.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Who are you – Shuri

S**t – RiRi and Nakia

You’re welcome – Ramonda

How many did you make – Okoye

You bald-headed demonM’Baku

I need water – K’uk’ulkan

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