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Reindeer Games Homecoming – Review

Reindeer Games Homecoming – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

MacKenzie, a.k.a Mac, begs her friend, Simon, for clues about this year’s Reindeer Games. As MC, Simon host and creates the games, but he refuses to give Mac a leg up. He tells her to find out like everyone else during the opening ceremony. The night before kick-off, Mac meets with dad’s firefighter buddies to have a memorial shot for her father, Charlie. Charlie was their third for the games, but Mac replaced him after he died. 

Chase walks the halls of his alma mater, Harrison Falls High School, and sees his pictures in the alumni-trophy case. Chase has been waiting for his agent, Terry, to tell him he got a part, but to no avail. Chase hears a familiar voice of enthusiasm coming from a classroom and peeks inside. He sees his old friend, Mac, using a jeopardy-style game to teach biology. He walks into fanfare, to Mac’s chagrin, and Mac excuses the class. Chase’s nephew, Jeremy, Mac’s student, greets Chase. Chase tells Mac he is in town to help his pregnant sister, Serena, while his mother is out of town and his brother-in-law is overseas. When Chase leaves, Simon wants to know all the details. 

Mac had a crush on Chase and helped him win a science award in high school. She thought they connected, but he ‘Dany Zuko’ed‘ her afterward (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Mac never told anyone how much it hurt her, but Simon knows she still likes Chase. 

At the kick-off ceremony, Jeremy’s team loses their third member. So, Jeremy asks Chase to fill in. Chase says no because the first event is a polar bear plunge. Mac entices him to join in, and he says yes with resistance. With a countdown, Mac and Chase take the first plunge into their future. 

It should go without saying, but Simon is a legend. And Mac’s t-shirts will have you on Amazon. They are just the right amount of funny and nerdy. Mac and Chase’s chemistry is undeniable, but viewers can feel a force pulling them apart. Chase anxiously waits for a movie role in another country, and Mac fears the jock rejecting her again. However, their friends and family keep the pair on the right track. They realize they can keep their dream and love each other. Be ready to laugh and finish a crossword with this holiday treat.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

The braces, the glasses, the love-hate relationship with proactive – MacKenzie

You used to like it, and you used to love him – Simon

I’ll do it – Chase

Yeah, but I did it safely, mom. I looked both ways – Jeremy

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A Tiny Home Christmas – Review

A Tiny Home Christmas – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Blair comes to headquarters at the end of the day and sees her dad, Jim, looking stressed. He explains that the company won’t make it to spring. Blair looks at the figures in disbelief. Jim wants to declare bankruptcy so they can pay their workers one more check, but Blair has a secret project with her friend, Quinn. It will guarantee the company a year of work.

Blair meets with Mayor Maya to tell Maya about her plan. She wants to build a tiny home village for homeless residents. Many people lost their job when the local plant closed, and as a result, lost their insurance, cars, and homes. This project will ease the shelter’s strain and give the homeless a sense of pride and a house. Blair describes the 250-square-foot structures as transition homes. Maya loves the idea, but Blair must convince Mr. Adams to get on board. If the governor doesn’t get re-elected, Mr. Adams will lose his job. So he is being extra careful with any cost-heavy projects. Maya tells Blair to build a sample home, but they can’t give Blair funding for it. Blair and Quinn get to work.

Mason walks into a coffee shop and sees Jim sitting at the table. They catch up, and Jim tells Mason to come to say hi to Blair. Mason unknowingly walks into Blair’s meeting with Maya and Mr. Adams. They recognize Mason from TV and assume he is part of the project. Mason goes with the flow, but Blair pulls him into a backroom and wants to know why Mason is stealing her project. He says he has no idea what’s happening, but she doesn’t trust him because of their past. A few years ago, producer Jared picked Mason and Blair to run a renovation show. After the first season, Blair left and ended their relationship. Mason went on with a new partner, Casey. Jared wants Mason to sign his season 3 contract before the new year, but Mason has doubts. He came home to figure things out. Mason agrees to work with Blair to keep up appearances. Can they fool the government and Hollywood? Or are they fooling themselves?

The setup for this movie is sad for everyone. Jim and Blair may lose the business, and brokenhearted Mason could lose his show. Many residents lost their homes, so viewers know this could be a reality for Jim’s workers. This movie packs on the doom and gloom. However, they never say the word ‘homeless.’ They say ‘shelterless’ or without a place. It’s up to you to determine why the writers made this choice. Blair is a great businesswoman and builder, but she can’t speak her mind in a relationship. Viewers get exhausted with the back and forth and look forward to seeing the home. Once you see it, you won’t care about the protagonists because you know the outcome.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Wow – Blair 

Well, it depends on who you’re asking – Quinn 

There was no swooping. I got dragged into this – Mason

That’s Blair for welcome back – Jim

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The Dog Days of Christmas – Review

The Dog Days of Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Annie returns to North Haven for two weeks to spend time with her family. Her father, Frank, and her aunt, Claire, welcome Annie with food, hugs, and matching Christmas pajamas. However, her niece, Iris, expects a gift. Annie gives Iris a music box from Nepal. Annie wants to keep busy by volunteering. She is up for a job promotion to Project Manager at Helping Initiative.

Her family wants Annie to spend time with them doing North Haven’s Christmas Countdown activities, but she won’t take a vacation from helping. Most of her family is disappointed Annie won’t be spending time with them, but Claire offers Annie a project. The local animal rescue sent a flyer to foster a dog for the holidays. Annie gets her bike and rides to the rescue. Annie finds the owner, Gary, crying because he had to close the animal rescue. He didn’t have a head for numbers and gave his animals to the local vet. Annie comforts Gary and rides to the vet.

The vet is Annie’s high school debate competitor, Dylan. They have playful banter before he introduces Annie to the three foster dogs, and Annie decides to foster them all. She brings the dogs to Claire’s home, creates adoption flyers for each dog, and creates an online application for aspiring adopters. As she narrows down the candidates, Annie gets a call from Dylan. The county says he has too many cats and dogs. Since he isn’t a designated rescue, they will take the animals if he doesn’t remove them from his clinic soon. Annie contacts Gary and asks to see his numbers. She calculates and determines it will take $10,000 to save Gary’s animal rescue. They must get the money by the 23rd, or the county will seize the animals. Can Dylan and Annie do it in time?

Of course, this movie has a romance between the protagonist, but the adopters and the family members are the standouts. Also, work feels like the enemy in this movie because Annie’s family is upset she spends more time with dogs than them. However, the writers explain why Annie has an emotional time celebrating the holidays with her family. It won’t take long before viewers ignore the main characters and focus on the subplots and cute animals.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

No one needs my help in North Haven – Annie

Stop that turtle – Dylan

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Mother’s Deadly Son – Review

Mother’s Deadly Son – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Marianne enters Jacob’s room and pleads with him to join the wake for his brother, Ayden. Jacob doesn’t want to join the mourners because everyone thinks he killed his brother. Then, Marianne walks around her home and finds Ayden’s friends, siblings Stephanie and Nathan, in his room. They quickly apologize, but she says it’s okay for them to look around. However, Jacob forces them to leave Ayden’s room. Marianne drops the salad after her friend, Tara, scares her. Marianne’s husband, Daniel, chastises Marianne for the accident and demands more beer. Marianne ignores his antagonizing ways and focuses on the guests. As she takes condolences, she overhears someone blaming Jacob. She storms over and demands the woman leave. Then, Marianne hears a commotion on the front lawn. She finds Jacob and Daniel in a physical altercation. Marianne has had enough. She divorces Daniel and sends Jacob to military school.

Two years later, Marianne lives with her boyfriend, Kyle, and his daughter, Camilla. She wakes up to the military school’s dean’s phone call because he caught Jacob burning a cheat sheet and expelled him. Jacob returns home to questionable glares and awkward behavior. After several sketchy incidents, Detective Sanchez arrests Jacob. Detective Sanchez suspects Marianne knows more about Ayden’s death because she wouldn’t let them do an autopsy in the past. However, Daniel signs the paperwork, and they exhume Ayden’s body. Now, Marianne worries Jacob will go to jail. Can she finds out what happened to Ayden and save Jacob? Or will she lose the only son she has left?

Wow! This movie is one of the best LMN has produced in a while. The verbal jabs cut close, Jacob is creepy, and the slaps rival Dallas (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). This film keeps you on the edge while delivering the goods. Put this on your DVR so you can fast-forward through the commercials. Marianne questions Jacob’s actions but displays a united front for him. She has to go through Ayden’s life to uncover if his death was an accident like Jacob said, or a murder, as everyone believes. The film throws in some viable suspects for you to ponder. And when you figure it out, you still don’t know what happened. Sit back and get your pimp hand ready.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I just buried my oldest son today. Excuse me if I don’t count my beers – Daniel

It’s alright. Dogs don’t like me – Jacob

Jacob, do not say another word – Marianne

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In Merry Measure – Review

In Merry Measure – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Darcy returns home after another record company rejection. They want the pop princess, not the mature woman. Darcy accepted an invitation to visit her sister, Gretchen, and niece, Megan. Gretchen hasn’t seen Darcy in years and wants to spend as much time with Darcy as possible. Also, Megan is auditioning to join the Herald Angels. The Herald Angels are Megan’s high school caroling group, and they gave Darcy her start. Darcy is proud to help Megan join the team. However, Megan is too shy to sing in front of them. 

Adam and Rick sit in a coffee shop and celebrate the end of high school football season. However, Adam’s caroling season will kick off today. His Herald Angels won the Caroling Competition for six straight years. He refuses to lose this year. Rick spots Darcy coming through the door and points her out to Adam. Adam ducks and hides from her. Darcy is a local celebrity, but Adam doesn’t want to remember her.

Darcy enters the school to pick up Megan and finds Megan crying in the hallway. The teacher didn’t let Megan finish her song before he stopped her audition and told her she didn’t have a place on the team. Megan won’t accept that and stomps into the classroom to give the teacher a piece of her mind. The teacher is Adam, her old singing rival. Adam was always one step behind Darcy in school. And when she became a pop star, Adam got a degree. He tells Darcy that Megan isn’t ready and turns his back to her. 

Darcy leaves and tells Megan she could be a better teacher than Adam because she can give the kids confidence. Megan tells Darcy that Adam didn’t allow several students to finish. Darcy asks Megan for those students’ names. Darcy goes to Principal Dixon and asks to start a second caroling group. Adam comes in to reject this idea and says it violates the competition’s rules. Darcy read the rules, and the rules state that a school can have two or more teams. However, the teams must compete in a sing-off to determine who will be in the Caroling Competition. Darcy and Adam are at odds again. What team will come out on top?

The one-liners are well-written and funny. Also, the plot has a mini conclusion for the sing-off before the Caroling Competition. This mini conclusion allows Darcy and Adam to fall in love organically. While their love is the focal point, the movie is about giving these kids confidence. They have the voices, but they wilt under pressure. Seeing them grow and find their path is inspiring. This movie is a clean Pitch Perfect or a Christmas Sister Act 2 (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Hanging up before you can. I love you – Gretchen

You’re her mom. She’s legally required to find you annoying – Darcy 

In so many ways – Adam

No mom’s holding me hostage – Megan

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The Christmas Retreat – Review

The Christmas Retreat – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kim steals a cab from a frustrated man and heads to a restaurant to meet her boyfriend, Stephen. He is upset because she is 45 minutes late, but she explains work kept her away. And Kim’s boss, Veronica, says Kim will make partner at her law firm soon if she keeps toiling away at work. Stephen stops Kim and ends the relationship. He doesn’t think Kim loves him as much as she loves work. Kim goes to her job and starts working through the pain. Kim falls asleep at her desk and wakes up to the concerned eyes of her mother, Mary. Mary tells Kim to take a break and go on a Christmas retreat recommended by her friend, Celeste. At first, Kim says no, but Veronica says yes. The firm doesn’t want her to burn out. Kim decides to use this trip to prove to Stephen that she can put work away and have fun.

Mark walks into his boss’s office and hopes for a promotion. Instead, they give Mark Ed’s work because the advancement is Ed’s. Ed is the boss’s nephew. After Mark trained Ed, Ed worked at the company for six months. Mark gets up and quits. Mark packs his office and calls his sister, Ray. Ray believes now is the perfect time for Mark to visit the Silver Lake Resort for their Christmas Retreat. Ray has run the resort for five years, and guests pay for seven days of uninterrupted Christmas fun. Ray gives his information to a head hunter and heads to the resort.

During orientation, Mark sees Kim and recognizes her as the cab stealer. Ray takes their electronics before Mark can approach Kim. Kim hides her phone but hands over her two laptops and tablet. When she feels her phone buzz, Kim sneaks into the woods to answer it. Mark calls her out for her phone, but then his buzzes too. Kim says she is waiting for Stephen to call, and he needs his phone to reply to a head hunter. They promise not to rat the other out if caught and to use their phones for work only.

After a few fun activities, Mark walks into Ray’s office and finds a contract. Investors want to buy the property. Mark didn’t know Ray wanted to sell because the resort was Ray’s dream project. Ray admits that she doesn’t have a head for numbers. And to keep the resort going, she would need a full-time employee, but she can’t afford it. Mark and Ray own it together, but he hasn’t been their in years. So, Ray thought he didn’t want it. Mark wants to use his financial skills to save the resort.
Mark and Kim compete and collaborate in each activity, and they slowly realize why they work so hard and what they want from life. Will they be able to take their renewed Christmas spirit and rejuvenate their lives? Or will the past bring them back to the rat race?

This movie has all the rom-com elements, but it keeps your attention by investigating Mark and Kim’s professional and personal lives. Before the plot becomes too emotionally heavy, they add fun with subplot romances, family bonding, competition, and charity work. Mark and Kim don’t push each other in the right decision. They each come up with a solution in their way and time. It allows this predictable ending to be entertaining and uplifting.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If I don’t put in the hours, I won’t make partner – Kim

Well, a team is only as good as its leader – Mark

Christmas is a time to indulge – Mary

Well, gingerbread has never been your forte – Ray

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Christmas on Mistletoe Lake – Review

Christmas on Mistletoe Lake – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Reilly looked through her grandmother’s things and found a postcard for Mistletoe Lake. Her grandmother loved it there and always wanted to take her family but couldn’t before she passed. Reilly’s family tradition is to pick a destination and go there for Christmas. So Reilly chose Mistletoe Lake. Her family will join her on the 23rd, but she wants to go early to attend the Annual Harbor Christmas Festival. 

Reilly gets lost and enters a store. She banters with a man, Ray, behind the counter until his daughter, Emma, returns. Emma is an artist that applied to a private art school. Emma wants to become a set designer and does all the storefronts at the grocery store where she works. Reilly, an interior designer, can see Emma’s potential. Reilly thinks Emma can get into any school. Emma beams with Reilly’s encouragement and gives Reilly directions to the Mistletoe B&B. 

There are no rooms at the B&B, so Reilly isn’t sure what to do. Emma sees Reilly and shows Reilly her family’s boat. Every year they enter it in the competition, but they won’t enter this year because Ray is selling the boat. The harbor is going through gentrification as more wealthy people buy properties and change the landscape. It’s driving the prices of harbor rent up, and Ray can’t afford it. If Emma gets into the private school, he will use the money to support her. As they show Reilly the boat, Emma suggests Reilly sleep on it until they sell it. Ray agrees. They all disembark and run into Ray’s buyer, Louis. Reilly staged a few homes for him in the past. 

Reilly has lunch with Louis and learns startling information. Louis lied. He wants to buy the boat, but not for his family. He wants to flip it for a profit. Also, the municipality is on the verge of bankruptcy. So they are selling the entire harbor to an investment firm. Soon Mistletoe Lake will be the new South Beach. Reilly understands these drastic changes will cause irreparable damage to the town, Ray, and Emma. She runs to tell Ray. Before she can speak, Ray tells her that Emma got in, and he is so happy he can use the boat to cover the tuition. Then, her sister, Tara, says they need Louis’s business to get their company in the black. Reilly’s concern grows because, earlier, she vouched for Louis. Now, she has to find a middle ground, or she could lose Reilly, Emma, and her business.

It’s a nice change that the adults have conversations about their problems in this movie. In most romcoms, the adults stop speaking to each other until a friend accidentally reveals the truth or a wise person tells the person to be honest. And Emma isn’t a brat. She is a loving, conniving, hopeful teen with a sense of direction. However, the conclusion is where everything falls flat. Every character has every problem solved in the last 5 minutes. And it’s supposed to feel like a Christmas miracle for viewers. There is a difference between the unbelievable and the miraculous. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Good because they make your head look big – Tara

The city? You do know there’s more than one, right – Reilly

You don’t seem like the type of person to be waiting for a guy – Emma

I always get a little nervous when you say that, Em – Ray

Is it bad luck to rename a boat – Louis

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Well Suited for Christmas – Review

Well Suited for Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel got the hottest fashion ticket in town. The Annual New York Christmas Gala added a runway show with a bachelor auction. The magazine’s editor will decide which bachelor will go with which designer and the pair will meet at the hosting hotel. The winner will get the cover of the magazine. Rachel’s partner, Dhruvi, thinks this will launch their brand worldwide. 

Rachel enters the hotel to receive information about her bachelor and overhears Brett talking on the phone about her clothes. He feels her brand is overpriced and unattainable. Also, he states that a man’s suit should be a classic black tux. Rachel says his ideas of men’s fashion are archaic. Rachel loves to style men in bold colors and prints. She wants all men to stand a bit taller in her clothes. They leave each other with disdain and wait for the editor. The editors gave each designer and each bachelor a different color candy cane. If their color matches, then they will work together. Rachel and Brett’s candy canes match. He demands black, and she insists on color. 

Rachel looks at Brett’s pictures online and sees that Brett is monochromatic. She doesn’t know how to help until Rachel discovers Brett’s mentee, DeMario, is a fan and wants her clothes for a college interview. Rachel offers to make DeMario’s suit for free if Brett wears color. Brett refuses the offer and pays. Then Brett hires Rachel’s parents to work for him during the holiday. Rachel needs Brett to understand her style so he can wear it on the runway and heighten her brand’s profile. Brett wants Rachel to concede because her colorful brand dilutes his message to help kids. They must let down their guard to find each others’ hopes, pasts, and love.

This movie focuses on Rachel’s heritage and Brett’s past. As they open up to one another, they reveal an intimate look into who they are and why. Rachel allows the Rainbow Valley to inspire her colorful fashion designs. Brett reflects himself in his clothes: muted. He doesn’t want people to look into his past. He wants society to center on his business and philanthropy. Kids like DeMario are Brett’s pride and joy. Like Brett, seeing DeMario shine will warm your heart. His kind spirit and funny mentality deserve nothing but the best. Get your alfajores and tissues ready.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

How else am I supposed to stalk people from high school – Dhruvi

I hate it – Rachel

Men should just where classic black – Brett

The best way to predict the future is to create it – DeMario

We’ve created a monster – Sloane

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All Saints Christmas – Review

All Saints Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lisette finishes another holiday show and leaves the stage with her manager, Zack, on her heels. Their projections for her holiday concert sales were off by 42%, and her album sales are declining. Lisette’s label CEO, Rocky, pulled Lisette as the headliner and made the new up-and-comer, Oshun, the front-runner. Lisette believes her longevity speaks for itself, but Oshun knows how to play the social media angle, and her boyfriend has the #1 movie. Lisette’s best album was with her past producer, Matthew, but Zack knows Lisette will never work with Matthew again. Lisette looks forward to her Christmas in New Orleans to spend time with her family and regroup.

Matthew started a record label with his friend. However, Matthew spends more time developing and acquiring talent than making money or creating buzz. Their investors are beginning to worry. Matthew wishes the music business would focus more on musical talent than likes. Then, Matthew’s back starts to spasm due to stress.

Lisette gracefully walks through a Christmas market and picks up a ring. She drops it, and Matthew bends down to pick it up. Before he can stand, his back spasms, and he is on bended knee. He gets up, and they nitpick about their secret relationship. During their secret relationship, Matthew produced Lisette’s greatest-selling album, but she refused to work with him after they broke up last December. They leave without resolving their issues.

Lisette goes to a red-carpet event, and Rocky ignores her. Lisette tries to maintain her composure, but Gia, a local paparazzi, asks Lisette to comment on a story she broke about Lisette and Matthew’s engagement. When Rocky looks up the story, it’s Matthew on bended knee with a ring at the Christmas market. Lisette considers setting the record straight until her mother, Orca, calls wanting to know all the details about her new fiancé. Lisette and Matthew will keep the lie going until the New Year to draw attention to her music and his business. Afterward, they can have a respectable public breakup. Until then, Matthew has to survive a holiday in New Orleans with Lisette’s family. Good luck.

This movie has a love story at its core, but it’s an in-depth look at the music industry and its fans. Fans flock to the artist making the most noise on social media, regardless of talent, while recorded labels push aside established artists for not adapting to clickbait and trends. With today’s microwave music machine, anyone can become instafamous without talent, substance, or credibility. An overnight sensation did mean newcomer with a single hit song. However, it can happen overnight with the right hashtag. To the producers of this movie, understand that punctuations, including hyphens, doesn’t work in hashtags.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Good music brings the people – Matthew

I don’t think it’s awkward – Lisette

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A Christmas Masquerade – Review

A Christmas Masquerade – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Julianne is Laura’s assistant, but Laura thinks Julianne should use her design techniques to start a clothing business. Julianne assures Laura that she is happy to work for Laura because it allows her to spend time with her daughter, Nora. Nora suggests that Julianne go to a ball, so Laura tells Nora to grab one of Laura’s many invites off the table. They look through the numerous invites and pull out the Masquerade Ball. Laura tells Julianne to go in her place while she watches Nora for her.

Michael wants to be the US Ambassador for his small country. However, people know Michael for his playboy lifestyle more than for his political prowess. For months, Michael’s sister, Helena, set Michael up with different PR firms, but he intentionally misses the meetings. So, she scheduled a conference at the Masquerade Ball without his knowledge. Michael plans to get in and out of the ball with little fanfare.

At the ball, Julianne makes her way through the room without anyone knowing she is not Laura. Julianne walks into the VIP section, and the bouncer grabs her invitation to announce her name. Helena hears Laura’s name and forces Michael to chat with the woman she thinks is Laura. Julianne calls Laura, and Laura tells Julianne that she didn’t think Michael would be there because he dodges their appointments. Laura believes Julianne should keep up the ruse because his business will skyrocket her company’s profile. Julianne makes a great impression on Helena. Michael calls and apologizes the next day and hires Julianne. Laura tells Julianne not to tell Michael her real identity until after his election. Julianne says no because she has no one to watch Nora. So Julianne can’t be on call 24 hours a day. Laura offers to look after Nora because she wants to become a mom. And Laura thinks taking care of Nora will be good practice. Can Julianne help get Michael elected before he finds out she is not Laura?

Let’s be honest. You are watching to discover when and how Michael will learn the truth. There isn’t much more to this story that viewers haven’t seen before. Nora and Victoria are standout characters with lots of sass, but it’s not enough to keep you watching until the end. The writers tried to add heartfelt moments, but it seems forced. You can use this movie as background noise for holiday gift wrapping.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You know how much I loathe PR people – Michael

You shall go to the ball – Julianne

I know my brother can be a little gruff – Helena

You told me it was a holiday – Laura

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A Maple Valley Christmas – Review

A Maple Valley Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sisters Erica and Heidi enter the kitchen to hear their mother’s news. Their mother, Ina, is ready to retire, hand over the maple farm to them, and move to Italy. Erica and Heidi are sad to see their mother leave, but they are ready to take over. Later, Mr. Fernandez comes over to Ina. His family wants to sell their farm. He wants to sell it back to Ina and her family, but Mr. Fernandez is a 50% owner. His sister wants to put it on the market to see if they can get a better deal. Decades ago, Erica’s family farm declined financially, so they sold a piece of their land to Mr. Fernandez’s family. Erica can’t wait to get the family land back, but Heidi thinks they should use the money to expand their products, not their land. Putting their syrup in stores will yield more money now. It can be 30 to 40 years before trees produce maple on the new land.

Aaron readies for his holiday vacation when his father, Steve, calls Aaron into his office. He wants Aaron to go to a property and buy it before his trip. Aaron recalls the name Maple Valley, but Aaron doesn’t remember going there. Upon arrival, Aaron finds a stray horse with a saddle. He gets on the horse to find its owner. Erica searches the woods for her horse and discovers it with Aaron. She offers to walk him back to the farm so he can find a road. They talk about her family and the maple farm during the walk. He spends time with her family and gets to know them. Before the end of the night, Erica kisses Aaron. She thinks he is a great guy until she learns he wants to buy Mr. Fernandez’s property. However, Aaron has second thoughts after seeing how much the property means to Erica. So Aaron calls Steve and tells him to back out of the deal. Steve thinks Aaron wants to start his vacation and won’t hear any excuses. While Aaron tries to convince Steve to back out of the proposal, Erica persuades Heidi to take it. Aaron will spend more time in Maple Valley to assure Steve and win Erica’s heart.

It may seem wild, but this story boils down to a cowboy hat and respect. Erica has a singular focus in life. She wants to get her family’s land back to correct a wrong. However, Erica refuses to listen to her sister. She is steadfast in her personal and professional life. Heidi doesn’t hold back when she tells Erica off. While the film’s pace slows down in the middle, it has a lot of compelling moments at the beginning and end.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I work hard, so you, my son, can play hard – Steve

So you’re female lumberjacks, Lubmerjackies? – Aaron

Yeah. It’s what it says on my LinkedIn – Erica

We’ve toned down the bourbon. Montana used to be colder – Ina

Erica, just because you don’t want love. Doesn’t mean that mom can’t have it – Heidi

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Lights, Camera, Christmas! – Review

Lights, Camera, Christmas! – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kerry admits to her mother, Nancy, that her business is in dire straits. She is several months behind on her store rental and could lose it if things don’t improve. Nancy wants to help, but Kerry won’t let her. Also, the new production crew in town has Nancy’s attention. Stars Mariah and Brad will film their new movie, My Favorite Santa, in Kerry and Nancy’s hometown, Twelve Oaks.

During production, they have a wardrobe crisis. The designer got a job for a movie in Spain for three times the pay. Mariah tells the producer, Caleb, that she remembers a local shop where the owner makes the clothes. Caleb enters Kerry’s shop and buys everything she has on the shelves. This purchase eases Kerry’s mind until Caleb asks about her return policy. Caleb asks Kerry to come to the shoot to help make alterations, and Kerry says yes.

Kerry meets Brad on the set with her mother, Nancy. Nancy swoons, but Kerry isn’t impressed. After a great day of shooting, Caleb asks Kerry to stay for the remainder of the shoot, and he will pay her day rate. Kerry signs on but doesn’t tell anyone she is looking for jobs in New York. During her time alone with Brad, Kerry tells him about her dream. He admits that he got a darker role but isn’t sure about taking it. They encourage each other to go for their dream. When their dreams collide, will they stop their romance before it starts?

This movie is charming and funny. Also, it adds a twist for the loyal viewers at the end. Typically, the woman gives up her dreams for the man without repercussions. This time Kerry following Brad leads to a devastating realization and a heartfelt reunion. This film gives viewers a peek behind the Christmas movie curtain and some of the issues production faces. While you won’t fall in love with this movie, you won’t hate it either.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

For me, it was all a happy accident – Kerry

Oh, I forgot. I live with Kerry Killjoy – Nancy

It’s not every day you get to help out a famous dude – Brad

Ok, and that is our cue to leave – Mariah

Is that a yes – Caleb

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