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Coyote Creek Christmas – Review

Coyote Creek Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Feeling unappreciated at her job, Paige can’t wait to go to her parents’ Coyote Creek Inn.  Each year, they put together a unique themed celebration for the guest.  However, Paige’s parents tell her that Christmas fell by the waist side this year.  Paige won’t hear it and declares to do the job in half the time.  Before Paige arrives, Dylan arrives earlier than expected with his son, Noah.  Dylan works for an acquisition firm with his brother.  They want to attract more investors, but they need to diversify.  They decided to buy Coyote Creek Inn.  But Dylan doesn’t understand why they want to give up the inn.  They explain that they are not giving up but letting go.  However, they don’t want to tell Paige until after the holiday.  So they make Dylan promise to keep their secret.  When Paige arrives, she is full steam ahead with ideas.  After hearing people in the lobby speaking a different language, Paige decides to have ‘Christmas Around the World’ as her theme.  She goes to the library to find books about Christmas traditions and runs into Dylan and Noah.  When Dylan discovers Paige’s lineage, he keeps her parents’ secret.  Each time they meet, Paige tells Dylan and Noah about the Coyote Creek traditions, and Noah wants to join in.  The more Dylan learns about the inn, the stronger his connection grows.  This connection becomes a problem because the investors want to bulldoze the inn and create a luxury ski resort.  Later, Paige tells Dylan she is not happy at her job and looks forward to taking over the inn when her parents retire.  Dylan wants to reveal the truth, but can she handle it? And will he lose her?

This movie follows the Hallmark holiday format, but it offers a precocious kid with a growing vocabulary and a sneaky marmot.  And for the first time, it shows the single parent struggle.  In these movies, viewers see a blended family come together like the Brady Bunch.  But that’s not the case in each situation.  Often parents will turn love away if they don’t feel it’s in the best interest of their child.  Dylan has to make this choice, and it doesn’t come easy.  Seeing this realness is a step in the right direction for Hallmark and makes the characters’ love believable.  Sit back and have your peppermint fudgepfeffernusse, and other holiday cookies ready. 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

She doesn’t really need to pile on the price like that.  It’s embarrassing – Paige

Agree to disagree. Strongly disagree – Dylan

We’re men of simple taste.  Just give us to open round and gas station will plenty of good snacks – Noah

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Deadly Due Date – Review

Deadly Due Date – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel dreads going to her high school reunion because people may ask if she and her husband, Bill, have kids.  Rachel has had several miscarriages and no children.  Bill tells her don’t let people’s expectations ruin her fun.  At the reunion, Bill and Rachel recognize Claire.  Claire is eight months pregnant and alone.  After they catch up, Bill and Rachel offer Claire a ride back to her hotel.  As they drive away, Rachel wonders if they should have invited her to stay with them.  But Bill believes she will be ok.  Later that night, Rachel gets a call from the hospital.  Someone attacked Claire.  So they bring Claire home to keep her safe.  In the morning, Claire makes Bill’s favorite breakfast and tells them her plan.  She wants to give her baby boy up for adoption.  Bill pulls Rachel aside and tells her that they should adopt Claire’s baby.  Rachel isn’t sure, but he convinces Rachel they can do it.  She relents, and they tell Claire and allow her to move in.  The revelation leaves Claire overjoyed.  Not because her baby will have a good home.  But because she got the first step in her plan accomplished.  Claire has been in love with Bill since high school.  And moving into his home was step one to win him back.  She will kidnap, manipulate, and kill to keep Bill and her baby.

This story is crazy on top of crazy from beginning to end.  When you get the opening scene of a man chasing a girl in the woods, you will roll your eyes.  But don’t change the channel.  This plot makes its first deviation from a Lifetime format at that point.  Next, enter the mean mother-in-law, Alice.  Alice is a foe that tries to be a friend when she sees something is wrong.  It’s easy to hate and love her at the same time.  While this movie will not be at the top of your Shocktober list this year, it finds a way to entertain you with an over-the-top spectacle.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You’re supposed to take me with you – Claire

A new uterus – Rachel

I feel like its a gift that’s been dropped at our doorstep – Bill

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Christmas in Harmony – Review

Christmas in Harmony – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Harmony walks into work with a smile and cookies.  After her company’s merger, she expects to get promoted to Senior Director of Acquisitions.  Instead, she gets fired.  Her boss says the company will cover her until the end of the year, and she can take a vacation until then.  Furious, Harmony leaves with some choice words and goes home.  Harmony arrives home to find her smiling mother, Mama Matthews, and sister, Jennifer, waiting for her.  Sadly, Harmony’s father died years ago.  She comes to church to see Deacon James attempting to lead the choir.  But he falls short.  Mama Matthews thinks Harmony should sing in the choir.  Harmony says no to singing but yes to directing.  Then Mama Matthews asks Harmony to bring in her pies.  With a dozen pies in hand, Harmony bumps into Kyle and smears pie on both of them.  Kyle is Harmony’s high school sweetheart.  They were supposed to go to New York together and work on their respective music careers.  But Kyle never got on the plane.  Kyle tells Harmony he came to church to direct the choir.  The two start to argue when Mama Matthews confronts James.  As Mama and James contend verbally, Kyle and Harmony do it musically.  Their sweet sounds give James an idea, co-directors.  To prove their musical abilities, they concede to the arrangement.  After auditions, James and Mama find out that the building’s owner wants to sell the church.  To keep the church, they need to make $10,000 by the Holiday Hallelujah.  Kyle and Harmony will need to pull together a performance with a Christmas star to get a miracle.

Get your holiday playlist ready.  This movie will have you dancing in your seat with holiday classics and original songs.  While the vocal performances are astounding, the dubbing was a bit off and became distracting.  With so many subplots, it’s hard to keep track of the main focus.  Harmony wants to prove her worth to a job she lost by pleasing the company’s top artist Melo D.  Harmony tries to enlist the Melo D to attract more people to the concert to sell tickets.  Mama and Deacon want to save the church and bring Harmony and Kyle together.  Kyle left his musical dreams behind.  Now, he wants to revive them.  And that’s only half of the plots.  Give this movie your full attention, or you will lose track of what’s going on.  If you do get disoriented, keep track of the snowglobe.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Ok, Beyonce. I’m your momma, not your assistant – Mama

Have you ever been in town long enough to be a member of anything – Harmony

You’re trying to play me for a fool. Make that 2 minutes – Melo D

You know we gotta stop meeting like this – Kyle

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The Santa Stakeout – Review

The Santa Stakeout – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tonya is a rookie detective at the police force and shares desk space with Ryan, a veteran detective.  She prefers procedures while he would rather have fun.  The captain calls them into his office because someone robbed several museums after their Christmas parties.  While looking at the photos, Tonya notices all the museums used the same Santa for their parties.  Ryan calls the agency and gets Santa’s real name: Frances.  Tonya looks up Frances in the database and finds he has a police record.  While they try to one-up each other, the captain decides to put them on the case together.  They begrudgingly agree.  They sit across the street and stake out Frances’s home.  When they try to get a closer look at Frances’s delivery, a neighbor notices them.  The neighbor thinks they are a newlywed couple looking at the house for rent.  Tonya and Ryan go with the flow and pretend to be newlyweds, Tasha and Rupert.  As they investigate Frances’s home and ongoings, Tonya and Ryan get into the holiday spirit, fall in love, and solve the case.

This movie merges the mystery of HMM movies with the love story of Hallmark films while mixing in Christmas.  And both fans will be happy.  It has an original story with a classic tale providing something for the whole family to watch.  While the holiday spirit will warm some, the mystery will feed the intrigue in others.  And thankfully, the love story doesn’t sacrifice the mystery.  It’s funny, thought-provoking, and charming.  Don’t be surprised if you watch this film twice and it becomes your favorite of the holidays.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Procedure does help minimize errors – Tonya

It’s not what it looks like.  I ate them – Ryan

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Danger Next Door – Review

Danger Next Door – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After being mugged, Robin wants to move to a quiet suburb.  And raise her unborn baby with her husband, Ben.  After some prodding, Ben agrees and moves into a quaint neighborhood.  On their first day, Sharon and Guy come to the house with a basket of goodies.  Sharon sees Robin is pregnant and offers lots of unwanted advice.  Robin politely ushers them out of the house but thinks they are sweet.  The next day, Robin starts her new job working for Amanda.  When Robin tells Amanda about her run-in with Sharon and Guy, Amanda makes a startling confession.  She was friends with Sharon and Guy’s daughter, Riley.  As they got older, Amanda and Riley grew apart because Riley started hanging with a rough crowd.  When Riley got pregnant, she called Amanda, but Amanda ignored the call.  Later, Riley, her boyfriend, and their unborn baby died in a car accident.  Robin can’t imagine the loss Sharon and Guy feel, and she decides to take it easy on them.  The decision to change will leave one person dead, have one person locked in a basement, and give the worst gender reveal in history.

If you are wearing pearls, be ready to clutch them.  This Shocktober entry isn’t shocking because of fear.  It’s because of Sharon and Guy’s audacity.  They enter Rachel and Ben’s home without asking, creep around their house at night, and tell the couple what to eat.  And they don’t slowly get to this level of intrusion.  They start at level ten and stay there.  You will rewind to make sure you heard them correctly.  This movie serves the tea, and it’s hot.  The plot is far-fetched, but Sharon and Guy make it worth it.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

They’re nice – Robin

Who are you – Sharon

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Eat, Drink, and Be Married – Review

Eat, Drink, and Be Married – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Billie created a business to repurpose unused items after weddings.  Her latest clients are Max and Jess, but the couple can’t agree on anything.  While giving unsolicited advice, Billie unknowingly convinces Jess and Max to call off their wedding.  Max sits with her brother, Charlie, and tells him the sad update.  Charlie knows that Jess is the best thing that happened to Max, so he goes to Billie to make her see the error of her ways.  At first, Billie doesn’t budge, but Charlie can see that Billie is in need.  Billie’s landlord decided to sell her building.  She doesn’t have the money to buy it.  Charlie tells her that he works for the most successful investment firm in the city.  He will convince his boss, who is also his uncle, to buy the building and offer Billie a rent-to-own lease.  She agrees to work with Jess and Max to convince them to get married if Charlie can keep his end of the deal.  As they work on one relationship, are Charlie and Billie creating a love connection for themselves?

This movie leaves nothing to be desired.  Neither couple is entertaining, and both come off bratty.  It drags along with several attempts to be funny.  But it fails each time.  If Billie kept her issues to herself, the plot would be void.  This film will give viewers great ideas for wedding leftovers.  Other than that, it’s background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Does that do anything – Charlie

I don’t need a lecture.  I need my brother – Max

Their relationship is their business – Billie

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Christmas in My Heart – Review

Christmas in My Heart – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Katie wants to give the best violin performance to honor her music teacher, Mrs. Joanna.  So Katie asks her father, Sean, to get her some new music to practice her technique.  At the music store, Sean sees a woman looking at the sheet music and assumes she works there.  He asks her for classical music advice, and Beth recommends Vivaldi.  When Sean disrespects classical music, Beth tells Sean that she is a trained classical violinist.  Then Beth tells Sean that she doesn’t work there. He leaves and grabs a flyer for music lessons, and Beth’s friend, Sheila, tells Beth that Sean is a platinum-selling country singer.  However, Sean has not been able to write since his wife died three years ago.  Later, Katie reads that her father got a text message from a violin teacher, but the teacher texts that she won’t accept any new students.  Katie, acting like her father, texted that he would pay double.  So, the teacher says yes.  When Sean answers the door, Beth is there to give Katie her first lesson.  It doesn’t take long for Beth and Sean to realize that Katie tricked them.  As they both focus on Katie, they are avoiding their responsibilities.  Beth needs to prepare for an orchestra audition, and Sean needs to start working on his next album before his record label drops him.  But can they continue their success when it affects Katie?

This movie is all about the finale.  As Katie stands on stage and lets fear grip her, she looks out to the audience for help.  You hope someone will answer it.  While watching, you either side with Beth, Sean, or Queen Barb (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  However, the connection between Katie and Beth is fathomable.  They both lost their mothers, whom they had a musical bond to before they died.  Now, Katie tries to navigate the world, but she is not alone.  However, she doesn’t know how to express her feelings to Sean without making him sad.  This movie won’t be a classic, but it will be an enjoyable addition to the season.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Either the music is in you, or it isn’t – Sean

I play one of those strings – Beth

Braiding Time is bonding time. She talks I listen – Ruby

Yeah, and my dad hates music teachers – Katie

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Switched Before Birth – Review

Switched Before Birth – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After two miscarriages and several rounds of IVF in 3 years, Dr. Nori wants Olivia and Brian to consider surrogacy or adoption.  But Olivia convinces Dr. Nori to give her one more chance, and he agrees.  In the congratulations corner, Olivia crosses paths with Anna.  Anna runs three successful restaurants with her husband, Gabe.  However, she still doesn’t feel complete without a child.  Due to insufficient sperm quality, Gabe and Anna can’t conceive.  So Dr. Nori suggests using donor sperm, and they agree.  Olivia and Anna bond over their struggles and become fast friends.  They even schedule the implantation day together.  Olivia’s nerves get the best of her, so Anna persuades the nurse to let her and Gabe go first.  Four months later, Anna and Olivia celebrate their pregnancies together.  And Olivia is pregnant with twins.  Then, the unthinkable happens: Anna miscarries.  Anna tries to be happy for Olivia, but Anna is angry and depressed.  The two remain friends, but Anna often leaves to compose herself.  After the twins are born, Olivia puts the twin’s hospital bands into their baby book.  She notices that Mia’s band says O positive, but Sam’s says AB positive.  With Olivia and Brian both being O’s, they go to Dr. Nori for an explanation.  They learn the devastating truth: Sam is not their baby.  While learning the information, Dr. Nori explains that the biological parents are waiting to talk.  Olivia and Brian leave and refuse to converse.  Then they see Gabe and Anna standing in the hall.  They all know the truth.  Olivia gave birth to Anna and Gabe’s baby.  Anna refuses to give Sam up because she’s been his mother for four months.  Anna believes she should have Sam because she is his biological mother.  The couples will go head to head to define the meaning of the word: parent.

No matter what side you are on, you know the judge’s decision will break someone’s heart.  Inspired by actual events, this movie puts a spotlight on the lack of government regulation for fertility clinics.  When you see how the mixup happened, you will feel a need to scream.  One caring decision put the wheels in motion for a legal battle of biblical proportions.  As Anna fights for genetics, she is fighting against her husband.  By saying genetics makes her the rightful parent, she states that her husband isn’t because they used a sperm donor.  As Olivia fights for a bond, she must admit that Anna never got that time to make a connection to Sam.  While the movie comes to a fitting conclusion, many in the situation don’t.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You know my motto either you’re a problem solver or a problem maker. Which one are you going to be today – Anna

If all this becomes too much. We’re enough. We’re enough – Brian

We don’t need to talk about it because I think we should do it.  Whatever it takes – Gabe

What? They’re individually wrapped – Olivia

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