#OneNightInMiami and #OurFriendMovie – VOD Review

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One Night in Miami – Review

One Night in Miami – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 50 minutes

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Home Premiere

On February 25th, 1964, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown watch Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston in a major upset (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Jim continued to call the match while Malcolm took photos.   Then Sam came into the ring to congratulate his friend.  The four men decided to meet at Malcolm’s hotel room later that night.  Sam arrives first and notices that two bodyguards protect Malcolm’s dump of a hotel room.  He sits with his guitar and plays a few notes while dreaming of a day he can go back to the Copacabana after bombing there years ago.  As he plays, Cassius, Malcolm, and Jim arrive together and exchange warm greetings with Sam.  Sam, Cassius, and Jim are ready to paint Miami red to celebrate the new champ.  But Malcolm warns Cassius about temptation.  For some time, Cassius sought Malcolm’s religious counsel before his fight, decided to convert to Muslim and join the Nation of Islam.  But quietly, Cassius worries about what he will give up and how it will affect his career.  Malcolm works with Alex Haley to pen his autobiography because Malcolm can feel death knocking at his door.  He consistently looks over his shoulder and notices people watching him.  Malcolm didn’t tell his friends, but he wants to leave the Nation of Islam and start an organization with Cassius at the forefront.  But first, Malcolm has to ask Cassius.  While holding the record for most running yards in a season, Jim Brown feels respected on the field, but not off it.  He can see his football career in the rearview and believe it’s time for a change.  As they sit in the hotel room trying to convince Malcolm to party, the men will scold each other’s motives, interrogate their role in the black community, and question their future.  After this one night, each man’s life will change forever.  

Based on the One Night in Miami play, this provocative tale, inspired by real-life events, will leave you awestruck with brilliant performances.  The conversations between these men are poignant, striking, provoking, and critical for their advancement.  This movie discusses the controversy within the Nation of Islam, colorism, questioning blackness, building wealth, pacifying the masses, and the FBI.  Let’s say it’s a lot for one night.  But after one night together, these in-depth and controversial conversations inspire change in each man.  Whether it’s a song, a name, a job, or a book, the world will grow from it (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’ll finish him when I’m good and ready – Cassius Clay

Y’all pulled out the knives.  And if I get cut, I’m gonna hurt somebody – Jim Brown

Perhaps Louis X isn’t ready to see that truth. Maybe none of them are – Malcolm X

Everybody wants a piece of the pie, but I don’t.  I want the goddamn recipe – Sam Cooke

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Our Friend – Review

Our Friend – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 4 minutes

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Journalist Matt Teague sits at his computer and starts to write about his wife, Nicole, who lost her battle to cancer.  The widower and father of two, Molly and Evie, writes about the time he came to Nicole’s first play.  Nicole warns Matt that Dane, a stagehand who asked her out, will be at the cast party.  Matt agrees to go and be kind to Dane because Dane is respectful.  Then, Matt writes about Nicole’s diagnosis, and Dane dropping his entire life to help them.  As her friends fell away, Dane was a constant presence.  Soon, Dane went from Nicole’s friend to their friend.  Dane is there during a dog’s illness, an affair, and the holidays, much to the detriment of his romantic relationship and career choices.  As their world comes to a foreseeable end, can Matt and Dane keep it together for the girls and Nicole’s memory?

Based on The Friend by Matthew Teague, this movie starts as a story for a woman and becomes a thank you letter to a dear friend (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The movie opens with Matt and Nicole deciding to tell Molly and Evie that Nicole is dying in a few months.  Dane can hear the girls’ heartbreak from the front porch.  From that moment, the story isn’t told in a linear fashion, so you must pay attention to the time and dates.  Since the story flips back and forth, it will hint at something without the full context.  The plot reveals the full context few acts later.  So, you must give this movie your attention.  It does run long but it gives a strong ending for your time.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I really don’t like it when you do that – Nicole

It just feels like it’s at me – Dane

Is she still mad at me – Matt

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