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A Murder to Remember – Review

A Murder to Remember – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Robin and Sam walk into the police station.  Robin walks to Sheriff Watkins and explains Sam accidentally shot her husband, Javier while hunting.  Sam came to her aid and saved her from dying in the woods.  Sheriff Watkins takes their statement.  Sam goes to a local motel, while Robin goes home with her mother.  Robin starts to experience panic attacks and remembers more about what happened.  Sam purposely shot Javier and kept her hostage in the woods for several days.  He tortured, brainwashed, and raped her over 5 days.  He agreed to let her go after she promised to lie to the police.  At her mother’s urging, Robin goes back to the police station and gives Sheriff Watkins a new statement.  Watkins invites Sam to come back and tell his side of the story.  He offers to take a lie detector test. Their results come back and everyone is floored.  Sam passed, but Robin failed.  They let him go and urge Robin to get counseling.  It will take a fax to get to the truth of what happened in the woods.

Inspired by true events, you must remember these events happened in the 70s.  People were a lot less skeptical of those around them.  Robin naively instructs Javier to follow Sam to the best fishing lake in the area.  After driving in circles, Javier wants to abandon the plan but Robin wants to keep going.  It’s these childish choices that will make you furious at Robin.  So remembering the time period is important.  Also, the script alters the real story for the sake of the plotline.  It will help the viewer to watch the real survivor talk about the events that led up to the kidnapping.  The acting and directing were spot on but the script needed more work.  Don’t forget to tip your hat to the best mom on Lifetime, Celeste.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Like the back of his hand, huh. It feels like we have been driving in circles for hours – Javier

I’m always gonna be around no matter what happens.  I’ll be keeping an eye on you – Sam

Mom, it wasn’t a dream was it – Robin

There is no time limit when it comes to losing someone you love – Celeste

I’ll be.  Look at that record – Sheriff Watkins

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Love by Accident – Review

Love by Accident – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


As the townspeople of Greenwood go about their day, an RV crashes into a car.  Daphne stumbles out and asks good samaritans to check on her godmother, Fran.  Fran is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer.  They were headed on a road trip west to scatter Fran’s husband’s ashes.  During the drive, Fran became dizzy and crashed.  The hospital puts Fran on bedrest, leaving Daphne stranded.  Outside the hospital, she sees Matt.  He was present at the crash and offered his help.  Daphne explains she can’t find her towed RV and if she can sleep in it until Fran can drive again.  Matt calms her and says he is the town’s mechanic.  He has her RV and has no problem with her sleeping there.  The next morning, Matt works on the RV while Daphne writes her postgraduate thesis.  Her paper discusses the economic circumstances of the women in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   Matt shocks her when he admits he has never read a Jane Austen novel.  However, hearing her critique has sparked his interest.  A few days later, Fran’s arrival at the RV dumbfounds Daphne.  Fran confesses she left early to continue their trip. Daphne doesn’t believe Fran is ready to drive.  After her parents and best friend died in a car accident, Daphne has vehophobia.  Now, she can’t drive.  Daphne must come up with a plan to make Fran stay in Greenwood and off the road.  She knows Fran wanted her to find the love she’s dreamed about from the novels.  So Daphne does something drastic.  She pretends to be in a romance with Matt. But when Fran doesn’t buy it, Daphne kisses Matt passionately.  Fran is ready to stay.  As this fake romance becomes real, Matt and Daphne will need each other to remain triumphant in the painful times ahead.

Based on Coming Home to You by M. K. Stelmack, this movie will pull at all of your heartstrings (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Both Daphne and Matt have to come to terms with their past to create a future together.  Daphne has felt like a burden to Fran.  She and her husband took Daphne in after her parents and best friend, Fran’s daughter, died in a car accident.  While not present at the accident, Daphne blames herself.  She believes she should have died, too.  Matt’s father abandoned him and his sister, Brittney, shortly after Brittney was born.  With his mother dying, his father’s abandonment weighs heavier on his heart.  They lean on each other during these tough times and create a bond fit for an Austen novel.  Keep this one on your DVR.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

We don’t have a lot of time to be careful – Fran

For what? I got a great couple of kisses out of it – Matt

She’s funny.  Even Fran likes her – Daphne

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Romance in the Air – Review

Romance in the Air – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

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Eden tanked her marketing proposal, so her boss asked her to take a break to recharge.  She heads to her parents’ summer home in Lake Tahoe with her best friend, Kate.  As they settle in, Kate notices a man in the backyard. Eden walks over to introduce herself and realizes he is her old friend Riley.  They haven’t seen each other for years and quickly catch up.  Riley owns a hot air balloon company and offers to give the ladies a ride while they are in town.  Later Eden shows Kate around town and bumps into Riley at the farmer’s market.  They exchange polite hellos and head home.  On the hot air balloon ride, Eden learns that business is hard for Riley, so she offers her marketing services to help drum up some new business.  As she works with Riley, she finds her passion.  But Kate wonders if she’s found her groove with marketing or with Riley.  As soon as Eden thinks she has things figured out, her boyfriend, Michael, comes to Lake Tahoe for a surprise visit.  Where is Eden’s heart?

This movie doesn’t get good until the end.  It tries to throw in a twist with Michael showing up after Riley realizes he has feelings for Eden.  But you know Michael is a non-factor in this story.  This movie is the typical plot of going to your old town to find yourself and finding love with an old flame.  With the predictable plotline, it doesn’t make you laugh, cry, or gasp to break up the monotony of the story.  However, Eden’s selfless act at the end is the saving grace of this movie.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Why can’t work just be work – Eden

I guess you really do like marketing – Kate

And you always got me back – Riley

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