#BirdsOfPrey – Movie Review

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn – Budget of $97.1 million – 1 hour and 49 minutes


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Harley Quinn quietly broke up with the Joker, got a job, and got a place.  While she seems fine, she parties and drinks to excess every night.  But Gotham doesn’t know the volatile couple has ended their relationship.  She has kept it quiet because being the Joker’s girlfriend has given her protection.  After hearing friends say she will always go back, Harley decides to make the break-up public by blowing up the Ace Chemical plant leaving her J chain behind.  While investigating another murder scene committed by the Crossbow Killer, Detective Renee hears about the plant’s explosion.  She know exactly what Harley wanted to say to the world and the trouble that will follow.  With the plant in ruins, Roman wants his crew to bring Harley Quinn to him.  He gives his second-in-command, Victor, and his newly appointed driver Black Canary orders to get Cassandra Cain from lockup.  Cassandra Cain is a young pickpocket; she picked Victor’s pocket.  Inside his pocket was a 30+ carat diamond.  But Roman doesn’t want the diamond, he wants the information etched inside.  It has the banking numbers to Gotham’s wealthiest crime family.  Once captured by Roman’s goons, Harley offers to find Cassandra and get the diamond back for protection.  Roman agrees to give her a chance but he won’t make it easy.  He put a bounty on Cassandra’s head for 1/2 a million dollars, giving Harley plenty of competition.  Before the dust settles, Harley will be elbow deep in laxatives, will protect her sentimental objects, and will form the Birds of Prey.

This movie picks up a few months after the Suicide Squad movie ended (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Most of the history between Harley and Joker is explained.  But if you haven’t seen the Suicide Squad, most of the subtle jokes will go over your head.  You will have to keep your eyes and ears open for these jokes, some clever ones throw in the dialog and scenes.  Jokes like Harley feeding her Hyena, recognizing a man on the wanted sign, and Renee’s T-shirt (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   While watching these women kill, maim, and disfigure, they still have conversations about shoes, hair ties, and nail polish.  But DC fans shouldn’t worry, Harley Quinn hasn’t gone soft.  Quite the opposite.  She is claiming her strength and intelligence as her own.   This movie continues the darkness of DC comics, with a world of guns, drugs, and blood.  See this movie in theaters to enjoy the choreography of the fight scene.  And be on time.  Harley narrates her early life before the Joker, leading you to a deeper understanding of her flawed relationships.  In case you were wondering, the Joker nor Suicide Squad will make an appearance in this movie.  And if you stay to the end, Harley will give you a secret.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I stole your ring – Cassandra Cain

She just publicly updated her relationship status – Renee Montoya

Welcome to the club – Black Canary

Do you know who I am – Huntress

Peel it off – Roman

Luckily, I have the best ideas when I’m drunk – Harley Quinn

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