#TheRhythmSection – Movie Review

The Rhythm Section – Budget of $50 million – 1 hour and 49 minutes


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Lisa, an addict and prostitute, lays down the prices for her next client, Keith.  He asks her what her real name is and she responds ‘anything you want it to be’.  So he resigns to call her Stephanie.  She agrees but Keith says he isn’t there for sex.  He knows her true identity.  She is Stephanie Patrick.  Three years ago, her entire family was killed in a plane crash.  Keith is a reporter and has information for Stephanie.  The accidental crash was a cover-up.  Truthfully, there was a bomb on the plane to assassinate liberal Muslim reformer, Abdul Kaif.  Everyone else on the plane was collateral damage.  The government knows a college student named Reza created the bomb but covered up the terrorist attack.  They hope Reza can lead them to the orchestrator of the assassination, U-17.  Keith hopes to give Stephanie some answers so she can turn her life around.  He sees Stephanie as another victim of the crash, except she didn’t die.  Stephanie looks through Keith’s evidence and finds information about Reza.  She purchases drugs and a gun, then looks for him.  When she is face to face with Reza, she can’t kill him.  She runs, gets high, and heads backs to Keith’s apartment.  Once inside, she discovers Keith was murdered.  She takes his evidence and goes on a mission to find the people responsible for killing her family.  She will need training, money, and bloodlust.

Based on The Rhythm Section: A Stephanie Patrick Thriller by Mark Burnell, this movie just doesn’t capture your attention (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While realistic about Stephanie’s fighting prowess and ability to kill, Stephanie’s kills are all by accident or happenstance.  She was able to user her gift of language to find U-17 but not investigate the cover-up. This movie tries to have Kill Bill moments with a Mei Pei-like instructor but her learned skills were not used later in the fight sequences (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie tries to have Atomic Blonde moments but the fight scenes fall flat and become predictable.  It doesn’t even try to have the intelligence of Red Sparrow.  It accomplishes the sex appeal of Anna but with Blake Lively, that is to be expected.  This movie should have been available on FandangoNow or Lifetime.  As for now, it can be skipped in the theaters.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I’m just better at it – Stephanie

Your menopause will be a distant memory – B

I don’t have any opinion of you yet – Serra

That’s a relief – Keith

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