#MySpyMovie – Movie Review

My Spy – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 42 minutes


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After killing everyone but Azar, before the C.I.A could obtain pertinent information about the plans for using stolen plutonium, J.J. is in the hot seat.  His boss, David Kim, doesn’t believe J.J. is cut out for the C.I.A.  J.J. has one more chance to prove him wrong.  David’s intel discovered that Victor has been meeting with Azar about the plutonium.  Victor’s brother created a miniature nuclear bomb and Victor killed him for the plans.  However, Victor’s brother hid the plans before Victor could find them.  While Agent Christine’s being sent to Paris to surveillance Victor, J.J. is given another task.  Victor’s sister-in-law and his niece left Paris and moved to Chicago, J.J. and Bobbi – the tech – have to watch the widow and her child, in case Victor comes for them or they have information.  J.J. wants action, so watching from the sidelines with Bobbi is painful.  In Chicago, Sophie is a 9-year-old girl who is too smart for her own good.  Her mother Kate works as a nurse.  She is often called for double shifts and has to cancel family time often.  Sophie notices the new neighbors but doesn’t speak to them.  One day, her dog gives her a weird ball.  Sophie opens the ball and finds a computer chip.  She uses the internet to discover the ball is a wireless camera.  She traces the wireless connection to an apartment and finds Bobbi and J.J. arguing.  She starts to record them and sees their monitors spying on their department.  Sophie’s father was Victor’s brother.  Sophie offers to keep their secret if J.J. helps her.  Being the new girl has been hard, she hopes J.J. can help her gain friends by driving her to an ice skating party.  If J.J. doesn’t do it, she will upload the video of them and their surveillance to the internet.  This will end J.J. and Bobbi’s career in the C.I.A.  J.J. pinky promises to help Sophie gain friends.  Over time, he will become her tutor, mentor, confidant, and protector.  And she will show J.J. there is more to life than working alone.

This movie has all the feels.  J.J. gives the strong tough-guy image but he loves his fish Blueberry, sings Britney Spears, and wants soothing music to go to sleep.  Sophie is 9-years-old but she is a 2020’s 9-year-old girl.  She can track WIFI connections, pass lie detectors, and use her street smarts to get in anywhere.  These two create a new buddy-kid-cop movie for this generation.  Like Kindergarten Cop, Cop and a Half, and The Pacifier, this movie shines with lots of jokes for kids and adults (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But unlike the aforementioned movies, Sophie isn’t a helpless child.  She understands what is going on and why it’s happening.   She knows what her father and uncle have done.  Her intelligence and acceptance is a refreshing twist on this genre.    Because of the violence – albeit mild – this movie is better suited for ages 8 and up.  For parents, this movie makes reference to Notting Hill and Shrek (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). And no need to stay after the end credits.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m just a guy, standing in front of another guy, asking him not to shoot me – JJ

What is my face saying – David

It was 50 shades of awesome – Bobbi

Tear it up. Now, swallow it – Sophie

I saw that going differently – Katie

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