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Every Breath She Takes – Review

Every Breath She Takes – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jules runs from her husband, Billy, and hides in the bedroom. She has bruises on her wrist and blood dripping from her forehead. He begs for Jules to come out, and she does. Billy’s furious that Jules filed for divorce. He promises not to let her leave, and the fire alarm goes off. She tells Billy to leave the house, but he sits on the bed as she runs out. Billy dies in the fire.

Six months later, Jules’s contractor, Kenny, rebuilds the home in Jules’s image. Jules runs an art school, sees her therapist, Ron, biweekly, and works out with her best friend, Dana. Jules has nightmares about Billy but has coping mechanisms to subdue the terror. Before class, a student, Paul, helps set up and asks Jules out on a date. Jules considers it until she looks out the window and sees Billy. Jules looks again, but Billy is gone, and she turns Paul down.

Jules returns home to find the thermostat turned down to 58. But she set it at 75. Kenny offers to fix it, but Jules remembers that Billy liked the house cold. Before Jules can relax, Detectives Walker and Young rudely enter Jules’s home. Walker and Young believe Jules killed Billy, but Jules isn’t surprised. The entire town believes she did it too. They think she murdered him for insurance money, but Jules denies their claims. Jules’s neighbor, Naomi, comes with food, and Young pulls a gun on her. So Jules kicks the detectives out of her home. Naomi encourages Jules to go out with Paul, and Jules texts Paul, ‘Yes.’

Paul and Jules go on a date and eat street-side tacos. She admits that Billy never let her eat them because he didn’t like them. Then she sees Billy in the distance and jumps. Paul tries to calm her, but Jules wants to leave. Paul agrees but suggests Jules takes a self-defense class to regain her sense of safety. Paul takes Jules home and kisses her good night. However, Jules notices a light, which she remembers leaving on, is off. Jules falls asleep dreaming of kissing Paul but wakes up after having a nightmare about Billy stabbing her. She wakes with bruises on her arm and has a panic attack. She texts Ron for a session at dawn, but Ron wants to run in the morning. So he asks Jules to come to his office at 9 am.

Jules enters Ron’s office complex and learns he was in a hit-and-run accident. Jules crosses paths with Detective Walker as Jules leaves Ron’s office. Detective Walker informs Jules that Ron died, and Jules is visibly upset. However, Detective Walker asks Jules for her whereabouts during Ron’s accident. Furious, Jules retreats because the detective suspects she killed Ron, a man that guided her out of the darkness. Nevertheless, Jules knows the person who killed Ron is Billy. Now, she has to make everyone believe he is alive and trying to finish the job.

If you are an experienced Lifetimer, the beginning will feel like the end. A cliché in these films is to show the viewers the last 10 minutes and rewind a few months before. However, the start of the movie is the origin. The plot feels like a simple abuse and revenge story, but the storyline has much more to offer. Billy was upset about the impending divorce and was abusive, but the implications of the divorce set Billy off. This added twist makes the plot enjoyable and gives the officers more reasons to suspect Jules. The final scene puts a nail in Billy’s coffin. While this movie is entertaining, it offers therapy and self-defense techniques. So watch with a pen and pad.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Strength, when it’s discovered – Jules

I can handle complicated – Paul

You know me. Butting in is kinda my jam – Naomi

Consider sitting down, Jules – Ron

He makes you smile. It’s a good look on you – Dana

Where were you this morning – Detective Walker

I want her back – Billy

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Twisted Sister – Review

Twisted Sister – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily finishes a successful marriage counseling session with her estranged husband, Kyle. Their daughter, Nina, interrupts during a breakthrough, but they plan to keep the conversation going later. Emily heads the PR firm her parents started, and Kyle works there. Since her parents’ death, Emily wonders if she ever made decisions for herself or to please them. During a meeting, Emily informs her employees that she will complete a valued partnership her parents started before their death. Kyle clears his throat and asks why Emily didn’t include him in the decision. She tells Kyle that the meeting is her way of incorporating him. Emily’s second-in-command, Cassie, agrees with Emily.

Emily drives home with Nina and almost hits a woman, Lily, in her driveway. Emily jumps out of the car and apologizes. Lily states that she came for the nanny position. Kyle comes to Emily’s house and feels excluded from the decision to hire a nanny too. He wishes Emily had let him find someone if she wanted help with childcare. He doesn’t trust Lily. Lily jumps into the conversation and admits she has a reason to be there. She is Emily’s sister. Emily’s parents gave Lily away when Emily was two years old. Lily produces her birth certificate as proof. Kyle calls Lily a liar and demands Lily leave. Emily tells Lily they can discuss it after Lily takes a DNA test, and Lily agrees. Emily travels to her parents’ old storage unit to look through their things. She sees a newspaper clipping about a fatal car crash. Then, someone attacks her, but she fights the perpetrator off. The cops can’t help because the storage unit doesn’t have cameras or a sign-in log.

Emily and Lily spend more time together, waiting for the results. Kyle barges into the backyard with proof. He intercepted the DNA letter, and it says Emily and Lily aren’t sisters. Lily swears she isn’t lying, but Emily tells Lily to leave. She invites Kyle to return to their home and into her bed. They travel together in the morning, and Emily waits in the car for Kyle. Cassie calls Emily, but Emily’s phone chimes with a low-battery alert. Emily looks for a charging cable but finds a letter from the DNA office. This document says Emily and Lily are sisters. Emily rages and demands an explanation. Kyle says Lily is a liar and a wedge in their marriage. He falsified the document, but it was to save Emily from Lily’s manipulation and influence. Emily tells Kyle to leave and calls Lily to apologize. Emily informs Lily they are sisters and wants to spend more time with her. Sadly Lily has to go because she is out of money. Emily offers Lily a job and a place to stay. Lily agrees. Emily decides to relax in her hot tub to soak away the day. However, she ends up with paramedics checking her vitals because a wire in the bottom of the tub electrocuted her. Someone is out to hurt Emily physically, emotionally, and financially. And Emily has to get to the bottom of it before she loses everything.

Emily skips 95% of Lifetime mistakes by requesting a DNA test and a birth certificate in the first 10 minutes. Also, she doesn’t immediately accept Lily into her life. And Emily admits that she is latching on to Lily because she misses her parents. Viewers will be in the dark for most of the movie. And that’s by design, but the audience can’t ignore obvious plot holes in the film. The final monologue brings a slew of lies, transgressions, and jealousy, so keep watching. Emily will lose bonds to gain herself.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I think my heart literally fell out of my body – Lily

I’m not following – Emily

Em, sometimes you are too trusting. You can’t just let anyone in – Kyle

I’m really worried, Em. Who’s doing all of this – Cassie

I’m sorry, mommy – Nina

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Imani – Review

Imani – BET Her – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Faith wakes up after having another nightmare. She tells her husband, Bryce, that her bad dream was about drowning. Bryce tells Faith to take her medication, but it makes her sluggish. Faith pretends to take the pills after Bryce mentions her previous panic attack. Faith goes to the bathroom and drops the pills down the drain.

Faith prepares breakfast for Bryce and their daughter, Jada. Faith sees a news report on the TV and asks Bryce to turn it up. The report talks about General Dupree and the murder of the first democratically elected president of Afghanistan. Faith thinks General Dupree looks familiar. Bryce thinks Faith remembers Dupree because Dupree is on the news daily. Then, Bryce turns off the TV to get attention from Faith.

Faith runs a high-end shoe store off the freeway. She makes arrangements for Jada to have a babysitter and closes her store. After locking up, Faith goes to the back of the store to get her car, and several men with guns jump out of the darkness. A man tells her to get on the ground and points a gun at her head. Faith turns around, grabs the gun, and kills all the men. She doesn’t remember training but sees visions of herself as a soldier. She runs down the alley for help but gets hit by a car. A man grabs Faith and puts her in his trunk.

Bryce makes his way to the police station and demands help. At first, the police believe Faith purposely left. Then Bryce mentions the location of her store. The attending officer yells for detectives to question Bryce about the murders. The word murder makes Bryce double-take as he walks into the interrogation room. The detectives show Bryce a video of Faith taking down several men before being hit by a car and kidnapped. They ask Bryce if that’s Faith. Bryce answers their questions and returns home. He opens a secret compartment and exposes a private computer room. He hacks into the police server and deletes the back alley video footage from evidence. Bryce must get Faith back to stabilize her. If not, she may have a total recall of Imani and go full metal jacket on the operation.

This movie starts by leaving the viewers as confused as Faith. She is the working mom and then The Protégé out of nowhere. Faith understands that she has issues with nightmares and acute agoraphobia, but she doesn’t remember how it started. She has dreams about drowning but has no recollection of it happening. The viewer sees the truth as the script follows Bryce, Supreme, and the General. They all have a hand in keeping Faith in the dark about Imani. However, viewers get the final reveal as Faith meets the mastermind face to face. The fight scenes are well-choreographed, but the editing isn’t smooth. At times, the backing track drowns out pivotal conversations. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You can’t be every woman all the time, babe – Bryce

But this is impossible – Dupree

For your sake, I hope it is – Supreme 

I’m vexed. I’m quite vexed – Senator

They’re people – Imani

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House of Deadly Lies – Review

House of Deadly Lies – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Paige waves goodbye to her guest as they leave her family’s BBQ. Her husband, Michael, tried to get his friends to stay, but they had to go. Michael resolves to play with his son, Tanner, instead. As Paige puts the food away, she hears Michael arguing with someone outside. She investigates and sees Michael cornering her friend, Joslyn. Paige confronts Michael’s hostile attitude towards Joslyn, and Michael demands Paige makes Joslyn leave. Joslyn is pregnant with her first child, and her boyfriend, Rex, wants nothing to do with Joslyn or the baby. Joslyn doesn’t have money and no place to go. So, Paige offered assistance with no end date. Michael doesn’t care and wants Joslyn out now. Paige counters and begs for another week. Michael stomps out of the room without agreeing. Michael’s anger and resentment grow daily, although he tells Paige that work is excellent. This statement is one of Michael’s many lies. Paige doesn’t know that Michael is a psychopath who will kill.

The first hour sets up all of Michael’s lies and abusive behavior. Paige constantly defends him until she wises up and looks into his statements. One lie leads to another, and the entire house of cards falls. Soon she can’t deny his evildoings and goes on the run with Joslyn. However, they make a lot of mistakes. They use their cell phone and credit card and return for a teddy bear. The best character in this film is Paige’s mom, Dolly. She is the true definition of a gangster. She doesn’t ask for details, keeps her mouth shut, and packs a gun. Don’t mess with Dolly.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t know why you brought her here – Michael

Give him back – Joslyn

No, I don’t want to hear you – Paige

How’s my tone know, Mikey – Dolly

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The Cases of Mystery Lane – Review

The Cases of Mystery Lane – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Birdie Case is a lawyer at her mother’s practice. Her mother, Eleonore, wants Birdie to be a partner, but Birdie doesn’t have the killer instinct Eleonore desires to head the law firm. Birdie’s co-workers, Tim and Kyle, celebrate Birdie for being fair to her clients and the opposition. Birdie likes Tim despite him being on his mother’s shortlist to make law partner. Kyle is Birdie’s work husband. He knows everything about her. However, Birdie comes home to her actual husband, Alden Case. After countless jobs, Alden attends night school to become a CPA. Birdie will be happy when Alden makes a stable income. Until then, she secretly gambles online to deal with stress. 

Alden loves night school but isn’t studying to become a CPA. He started with account classes, but boredom took over. Alden saw a flyer to obtain his private eye license and started taking those classes instead. He plans on hiding it from Birdie until he graduates the class. Alden’s next assignment is to surveil someone without getting caught. However, the students can’t follow spouses, bosses, or ex-spouses. Alden decides to follow Kyle. He hears Birdie talking about Kyle daily and worries Birdie could be having an affair. 

Alden follows Kyle back to Eleonore’s office building and sees Kyle frantically run out. Alden goes inside the building to discover what spooked Kyle. He enters Birdie’s office and finds divorce papers in her desk drawer. Sadden, Alden leaves but sees something in Tim’s office. He walks inside and sees Tim hanging from the roof. Alden picks up the phone to call the police, but the police arrive before the call connects. 

The coroner declared Tim’s death a suicide but Birdie doesn’t believe it. Neither does Tim’s wife, Penelope, or Tim’s assistant, Paula. Tim helped troubled people and spoke positive thoughts. Birdie talks about Tim with Kyle. But as she leaves, Kyle lies about his whereabouts that night. Birdie tells Alden, and they come to the same conclusion. They think Kyle killed Tim, but they must find out why and gather the evidence. 

Unlike other HMM mysteries, Alden and Birdie are a couple. They aren’t two people who fall in love after solving a crime. Also, they have issues in their marriage. This mystery reaches a broader audience because the main couple has real-world struggles. Birdie hides her gambling and divorce papers. And Alden doesn’t talk about his PI classes. This case and working together forces them to be honest about their issues and open up about their vulnerabilities. Solving the case is a bonus that gives them a foothold for their next mystery. This film is a mix of Psych and Murder She Wrote (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It packs plenty of humor and charm into one script. It will be your new favorite.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I know. I can taste it – Birdie

I don’t appreciate your liberal use of air quotes – Alden

How do you know what I think – Officer Newton

I’ve learned people often show us only what they want us to see – Eleonore

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God Bless the Broken Road – Review

God Bless the Broken Road – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amber plays the guitar while leading the church choir as two soldiers enter. Amber gets the news every military spouse dreads. Her husband, Darren, died in combat. Amber and her daughter, Bree, break down while the choir comforts them. Amber can’t enter the church two years later but drops her daughter off at Sunday School. She works seven days a week at Rosie’s diner to stay afloat but falls short on her house payments every month. Her mother-in-law, Patti, wants Amber to spend more time with Bree, quit her job, and start working for an MLM. Amber reaches into her drawer and pulls out Darren’s last letter to her and Bree. But she can’t bring herself to open it. Before dropping Bree off at church again, a man serves Amber with legal papers. The bank wants to foreclose on her house. Amber wants to save her home because it’s the last thing Darren left her.

Cody is a race car driver who can’t follow his coach’s directions. So his coach sent Cody to Kentucky to work with John, a former driver. John knows Cody likes to go fast but refuses to slow down during turns. John will work with Cody but makes Cody go to church first. At church, Cody sees Amber, but John tells Cody to back off. Later, John signs Cody up for soapbox racing with the kids. Bree loves the idea of building and racing a car. Cody trains Bree and the other kids and gets closer to Amber. However, Amber has walls between Cody, Bree, and God to protect herself. Her world must fall apart before Amber seeks God to find his vision for her life.

This uplifting tale of your path versus God’s takes an intense spin. Amber’s loss starts while praising the lord in church. For two years, she refuses to sing his praises. Her friends are understanding and never turn their backs on her. They continue to lend a helping hand, and Amber never has to ask. Adding to her problems, Amber battles with Patti over Bree. Many single parents will understand Amber’s struggle. She must maintain a balance between work and home. And Amber falls short in both categories. She learns that God’s path isn’t what she expected. But it’s what she needs.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You heard me coming, right – Cody

I wish you would stay – Bree

She’s out of your league – Joe

If he wants me, he knows where to find me – Amber

Start with a prayer – Karena

It’s still there, Amber. Buried but sprouting – Bridgette

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Why Can’t My Life Be a ROM-COM? – Review

Why Can’t My Life Be a ROM-COM? – E! – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Eliza lost her boyfriend and ideal job on the same day. She goes to her bartender friend, Sophie, to vent. Sophie tells Eliza that Eliza dates the same broke losers and gets the same results. Sophie thinks Eliza should use her advice book to find a wealthy husband. Sophie quits her job on the spot, and they head to Zane Hotel for Labor Day. They got their room for free, but Eliza thinks they should get jobs to pay for food. Sophie says the book states men should buy them food and drinks. So, they head to the pool, and Sophie scouts the men around. She knows every wealthy man there and their net worth. Sophie stages a meet cute and falls into John’s lap. He is a trust fund kid with a high-paying job. Eliza rolls her eyes and sees a supervisor, Eric, berating a handsome hotel employee, Doug. Eliza wants to talk to him, but Sophie says no because Doug is a towel boy.

Sophie points out an attractive man, Rich. Rich is a surgeon and friends with John. Eliza wants to walk over, but the book states the first meeting should be memorable. Sophie tells Eliza to fake drowning on the beach to get their attention and take her bikini top off too. Eliza begrudgingly goes into the water and pretends to drown, but Doug comes to help. Disappointed, Eliza tells Doug Sophie’s plan. He laughs and gets John and Rich to save her. Eliza convinces Sophie to get a job at a restaurant as a waitress. The cook, Ryan, recognizes Sophie as a model, and she hooks up with him while dating John. Doug comes to Eliza’s window and orders food while they bond over 16 Candles and Pretty in Pink (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Sophie cuts Eliza off because she worries that Eliza is falling for Doug.

Later, Sophie and Eliza go to a local bar, and Eliza spots Rich there. Eliza sparks a meaningful conversation with Rich, but Sophie pulls Eliza away. Sophie says the book states to leave men wanting more. Eliza begs to say a quick goodbye, but Rich is gone. Rich finds their home in the morning and takes her for a drive. Eliza learns that Rich has never seen her favorite rom-com movies. Otherwise, he is a great guy. As Sophie works her magic on John while using Ryan for physical pleasure, Eliza has to choose between Rich and Doug.

This movie is a quick laugh at antiquated and modern society. Eliza and Sophie want to be strong, confident women but use a book from the 60s to land a rich man. The plot tries to ground itself by the women finding love, but the tricks in the book work for one of them. Eliza dreams of having a rom-com life, and she unknowingly gets it. She finds a guy with a meet-cute, tries to avoid him, realizes she loves him and runs back to him to discover a secret. This movie does point out issues with cult classics, but it doesn’t make viewers feel bad for loving them. While this film won’t be your favorite, it will give you a few good chuckles.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Yeah, so is the Bible – Sophia

Dabbled in the dairy distribution business – Eliza

I want my friend back – Doug

Have you ever heard of consent  – Ryan

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A Winning Team – Review

A Winning Team – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily’s coach, Avila, calls Emily to her office. She decided to put Emily on an indefinite suspension. Although Emily is the highest scorer on the soccer team, she gets the most ejections for attacking referees. Emily hugs her friend and tries to figure out what to do next. Then she gets a call from Brandon and Ava. Brandon married Emily’s best friend, Caroline, after Emily introduced them. Brandon and Caroline later had Ava before Caroline passed away. Ava plays soccer and wants to go pro like Emily and her mother to make them proud. Brandon heard on the news that the team suspended Emily, and he wants her to visit Southern Pines. Emily avoided Southern Pines because thinking about Caroline hurt too much. After Ava pleads and Brandon buys an economy plane ticket, Emily says yes.

Emily spends a day training at the local soccer field and sees a group playing. Ian lets her join in and jokingly steals the ball away from her. Emily’s competitive streak rises. She gets the ball and scores a goal. Unfortunately, she hurts Ian’s ankle. Emily didn’t know this was a pickup game for fun. Later, Brandon and Ava take Emily to the local diner for a quick breakfast before going to Ava’s game. Brandon gets a call. Ava’s coach got hurt and can’t make it to the game. Brandon tells them Emily can coach the team. Emily is unsure until they tell Emily the stakes. If Ava’s team wins this game, they will make it to the playoffs for the first time. But without a coach, they must forfeit. Emily says yes.

Emily rearranges the players, and they win. As the players celebrate, their coach, Ian, hobbles onto the field. He is happy the team won, but he wants them to understand winning isn’t everything. A soccer mom approaches Emily and Ian. The parents ask Emily to stay as the coach while Ian heals. He offers to let her assist, and she says yes. Ian will teach Emily teamwork, and she will show him how to get back in the game.

This film is a sweet movie about two very competitive people. The only difference is Ian knows how to control it. He understands that some games are for fun, not competition. For Emily, everything is a competition: eating, walking, and soccer. The movie delves into her competitive spirit, but the script examines Ian’s too. Ian pulled back from competing after his divorce. It was the first battle he couldn’t win. They both have to fix their external issues while falling in love. The conclusion is predictable, but this couple has chemistry.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I can do better – Emily

Thank you for an amazing season – Avila

I’m gonna forget you just said that – Brandon

It doesn’t have to make sense. People want what people want – Ian

Their job is to teach. Not to be right all the time – Ava

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Game of Deceit – Review

Game of Deceit – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

A year after her husband’s death, Maya goes on a date with Ian. They make a connection and become an official couple after three months. A year later, Maya regrets falling for Ian. He has a gambling and drinking problem. And he can’t pay bills. Maya calls Rachel and asks if she and her two kids can stay. Before Maya can leave, Ian begs her not to go and promises to get help. Then, he proposes. She accepts his proposal but swears she will leave if he drinks and gambles again.

Today, they are married, and Ian adopted her two daughters, Grace and Noelle. Ian is in the final stages of his lieutenant promotion, and Maya will start her new job soon. She decided to hire a nanny, Elle, to help while they both work, and Maya has been tired a lot lately. Ian comes home and sees Maya installing nanny cameras. He thinks they are creepy and politely demands Maya take them down. Maya obliges but secretly puts the camera in a plant when Ian takes his shower. Maya introduces Ella to her family, and the girls show Ella their room. Ian kisses Maya, and she can taste the alcohol on his breath. Maya refuses to kiss him and talks about work. Ian says she doesn’t need to work now that he is getting a raise with his promotion. He wants Maya to stay with the kids and have a son for him. Ian’s father told Ian, “It takes raising a man to be a man.” Maya told Ian at the beginning of their relationship that she didn’t want any more children. And Maya drops the conversation, and they kiss. They start to make love, but she hears a gambling notification on his phone and cuts him off.

Maya wants to go out with work friends, and Ian demands she stays home and starts working on having a son. When she rejects him, Ian gets physical and threatens her. She decides to go out with her friends but wakes up in bed with Ian. Later, Maya checks the nanny cams and makes a horrifying discovery. Ian drugged her wine, brought her to bed, and raped her. She knows she must escape him but has no idea who to run to in the town. She is on edge with two kids and is now pregnant.

This movie takes viewers through the cycle of an abusive relationship. Maya meets Ian in a vulnerable state, and he helps her through her depression. Then, she discovers his inner demons but forgives him multiple times. Ian’s abuse grows, and he has a badge to back him up with each pardon. Maya encounters physical, emotional, sexual, and reproductive abuse. Before Ian can use financial abuse, Maya gets help from Detective Liz. Liz is one of the few intelligent cops in movies. She sees the signs and does her job. In this film, everyone is playing a game of deception, and the script will keep you guessing who is playing who.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Baby, I am no good without you. I’m no good alone – Ian

Ian, don’t make me regret this. One more chance – Mia

I’m planning a surprise for your mommy and daddy – Elle

You’re welcome – Liz

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