#TheWrongCrush and #TourDePharmacy – TV Reviews

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The Wrong Crush – Review

The Wrong Crush – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Wrong Crush

Two years after being rushed to a hospital after a fatal car crash, Amelia is trying hard to turn her life around. She is getting good grades in school, a star athlete, and stop drinking. She needs to stay on the straight and narrow to stay on probation and go to college. While her friend Lauren and her boyfriend Scott believe in the new Amelia, her mother Tracy does not. Tracy believes that her daughter will go back to her old ways and become self-destructive again. So when Amelia comes to Tracy’s job to report a strange person outside their home, Tracy believes she is just trying to get attention. Mr. and Mrs. Hessler also believe Amelia is a bad seed. They blame Amelia for their daughter Joy dying 2 years ago in the same car crash that sent Amelia to the hospital. Amelia tries to explain that she loved Joy and reminds them that she has a restraining order against them.  The Hesslers family leaves but warns they would be watching for her to slip. Now Amelia worries that they are the ones she saw outside her home. Amelia’s self-help group tells her to be strong and wait for Tracy and Mr. & Mrs. Hessler to come around. With everything going good, Amelia’s sobriety is tested when she consistently battles with her mom, her boyfriend, and Joy’s parents. But she meets a new guy in school, Jake, who also is in her support group, she makes a connection. She talks to Jake for support and tries to get a handle on things when her boyfriend is arrested for drug possession. She feels trapped, confused, alone, and watched. She will soon learn that crushes come from all directions, but who can she trust?

Great job Lifetime!!!! This suspense thriller does not follow the normal structure of stalking and leaves you with plenty of surprising moments to keep you engaged. Amelia isn’t the typical teen ignoring her mother’s warnings. And Tracy is the normal mom fighting from the beginning to the end. Amelia’s attempts at change are admirable and she never falls off the wagon even with the toughest adversity testing her resolve. Now be forewarned, you may be able to pick out who the stalker is, but not why that person is stalking Amelia. The truth will blow your mind. It is a good twist to what could have been an ordinary Lifetime stalker story. Give this movie your full attention and a glass of wine.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That would be wonderful. I could use all the support I can get – Amelia

So why are you here – Tracy

It’s fine. I was just using that as an ice breaker – Jake

Well you can always stay over – Scott

Don’t you dare cry – Mrs. Hessler

Yeah, we’re doing this – Joy

You’re allowed to be angry at her. You are not allowed to give up on her – Gwen

Crazy or not, I still think he is a total fox – Lauren

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Tour de Pharmacy – Review

Tour de Pharmacy – HBO – 45 minutes

Tour de Pharmacy

In 1982, 170 cyclists raced in the Tour de France. Everything was going well until JuJu Peppi flirted with a girl and caused a huge crash; a “fight” started on the cycle path. After the fight, the police found a water bottle containing amphetamines and needles was found. After an investigation, only 5 riders were allowed to race.  Not because they weren’t on drugs, but because they didn’t pay bribe money.

  1. JuJu – won the race last year
  2. Slim – wants to be the first black anything
  3. Gustav – gained 200 pounds of muscle in a year
  4. Adrian – hiding the fact she is a woman
  5. Marty – an African hated by Africans

This race will be the longest and most controversial in the Tour’s history.

This mockumentary follows the same humor of 7 Days in Hell.  They took a serious and real issue and give the audience something at which to laugh.  You will watch this movie with one of three reactions: Confusion, Shock, or Laughter.  This humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the actor portrayals are.  They have younger versions of the actors in “clips” and older version of the actors in the “interview”.  And the older actors either wear the same still wig or article of clothing as their younger counterparts.  The cameo from Lance Armstrong proves he can laugh at a situation that exposed him.  This is one to DVR and watch when you have the time, but not around children.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

The shaving of legs. I haven’t done this before – Adrian

I bless the rains down in Africa – Marty

It was like a pistachio nut in a dirty birds nest – Lance

Nobody asks me if I am cheating on my wife because I am – Ditmar

Yep. Excuse me for one moment, I need to see some over there – Slim

How do you beat a man on drugs if you’re not on drugs – JuJu

It is Gatorade. I will drink it now – Gustav

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