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Mission Impossible: Fallout – Review

Mission Impossible: Fallout – Budget of $178 million – 2 hours and 47 minutes

Mission Impossible: Fallout
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Ethan has a choice, complete the mission or save his friend.  He chooses Luther and loses the plutonium.  Now, the Apostles are going to use the plutonium to make three nuclear weapons.  Ethan feels horrible for losing the plutonium but he knows he did it for the right reason.  Alan sees the good in Ethan and decides to give him another chance.  A broker called the White Widow wants to trade the plutonium with a man name John Lark.  They plan to get Lark, scan his face, and become him to intercept the trade.  But Erica has other plans.  She doesn’t see the need for IMF and wants one of her people to go.  Alan is furious at the news but Erica clearly states, if her guy Walker doesn’t go, then no one goes.  Now, Ethan and his team, while being watched by Walker, have to get the plutonium before it can be weaponized.  But, of course, it won’t be that easy. This is his mission and he chose to accept it.

This movie is pure adrenaline from beginning to end.  Just when you think you have an idea of what is going on, something is flipped.  This movie is a complete fit for the Mission Impossible series (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Each choreographed fight scene is done with such precision, you feel each punch and kick.  It’s astonishing to see the team stick together even as Erica is doubting Ethan’s loyalty.  As Ethan hangs off a cliff, as Luther explains Ethan’s team devotion, or as Ilsa go toe to toe with the face of evil, you will hang on every second not knowing which way is up or down.  This is the thrill ride only Mission Impossible can pull off.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

IMF is just Halloween. A bunch of grown men in masks playing trick or treat – Erica

Sorry, Luther – Ethan

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Review

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Budget of $75 million – 1 hour and 54 minutes

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
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Sophie has finally finished her mother’s biggest project: to redo and update the hotel.  She decides to name it Hotel Bella Donna.  And she invites everyone to the grand re-opening.  While she is happy that her mom’s best friends, Rosie and Tanya, can come.  She is disappointed that only one of her three dads can come.  Also, her relationship is in a tough place.  Sky has been offered a job at a New York hotel and he wants Sophie to come.  Sophie believes her place is in Greece and she doesn’t want to leave it or the hotel.  Just when Sophie doesn’t think things can get harder, a storm rolls through that stops boats and planes from traveling and leaves a huge mess of her new hotel.  And what keeps her strong is memories of her mother and how she came to Greece.  This is the untold story that will unfold in front of your eyes.

While it’s pretty obvious the path for Sophie’s storyline, it’s Donna’s storyline that is the most interesting.  Seeing Donna’s first encounter with Harry in France the day before she went to Greece.   And how she met Bill because she missed the ferry to Greece.   And the chance meeting she had on a rainy road with Sam to help a horse.  Even though, each time Donna met them she said she wasn’t “that kind of girl”, she left in her inhibitions behind her and made some memories.  This movie has the songs, choreography, and laughs you know from the prequel (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). But it doesn’t spark a moment with you.  If you are a fan of first, see the second matinee.  Otherwise, wait for Redbox.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Be still my beating vagina – Tanya

He has a boat – Rosie

I disappointed her – Sam

That’s a strange name – Ruby

Focus greatest motivator is the last minute – Sophie

It’s not a punishment – Donna

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Blindspotting – Review

Blindspotting – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 35 minutes

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Collin has 3 days left on his year-long parole after serving time in jail and he is doing everything possible to stay out of trouble.  He works as a mover with his best friend Miles in their hometown of Oakland, California.  He keeps is 11 pm curfew at a halfway house.  In addition to staying out of any kind of trouble.  As he is driving home one night after work, he sees a man running.  Moments later, that man is shot 4 times by an officer right in front of Collin.  Collin goes home but can’t shake a sick feeling as the news reports come out.  The next 2 days will leave test him in love, friendship, culture, and perception.

This movie proves that everyone has a blind spot.  Miles and Collin see the world around them changing.  With gentrification, Miles and Collin don’t know where they belong.  However, the biggest question is about their friendship.  Miles believe Collin’s parole is changing him into a water down version of himself.  Collin believes that Miles is so busy being a tough guy that he isn’t growing up.  And Val, Collins’s ex, believe Miles will be Collin’s downfall.  This movie gives a spectacular narrative to a white guy growing up in a predominately black neighborhood and a black male growing up trying to not be a stereotype in a black neighborhood.  With each of them growing up together, they still have a blind spot for each other’s pain and pressure.  And during one scene, you will hold your breath and silently hope everything doesn’t fall apart.  See this movie today.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

They have really great produce – Collin

He already biracial, why does he need to be bilingual – Miles

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Eighth Grade – Review

Eighth Grade – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes

Eighth Grade
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With one week left in the 8th-grade, Kayla is still a social media introvert.   She posts vlogs giving advice, like pics on Instagram, and put on makeup to be “flawless, I woke up like this” on Snapchat.  But when she goes out in the world, she can’t talk to people, keeps her head down, and was voted quietest in the class.  Later, she is handed her 6th grade Time Capsule and becomes disappointed.  She realizes that in 2 short years, she has not lived up to any of her hopes and dreams.  So in 7 days, Kayla hopes to turn things around by going to a party, making friends, and trying new things.  She just wants to put herself out there.  And with this choice, she will find her true self and prepare for high school.

With an honest looking at 8th-grade life today, Kayla tells the tale of being a tween in today’s generation.  She doesn’t feel like a child however she is just becoming a teenager.  She has become a slave to her screens and doesn’t know how to interact with the real world around her.  She sees others around her with friends but she never notices that they are always looking at their phones. Each time you see this sincere portrayal, it becomes even sadder.  With every way kids have to connect to the world, Eight Grade shows us that they still don’t know how to communicate.  Watch this movie with your tween and start a conversation today.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Do I make you sad – Kayla

Eighth grade is the worst. I was a mess then – Olivia

You don’t think I’m funny – Mark

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#RomanIsraelMovie and #WonderTheMovie – Review Repost – In Stores Now

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Table of Reviews


Roman J. Israel, Esq. – Review

Roman J. Israel, Esq. – Budget of $22 million – 2 hours and 9 minutes

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Roman J. Israel, Esq.
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best BuyiTunes, Target, Vudu, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

Roman J. Israel is a partner and the “man behind the curtain” at Willam Henry Jackson Law Firm for 26 years.  Roman his happy to stay behind his desk and draw up briefs while William fights in court.  When William has a heart attack and takes a turn for the worst, Roman learns that the law firm will be dismantled and absorbed into George Pierce’s Law Firm.  Roman had no clue of Williams plans.  George offers him a job with his firm, but Roman is not comfortable being an attorney focused on profit.  Roman has always focused on activism and civil liberties.  But when the job market turns cold, Roman takes George’s offer.  During his first case, Roman gets information from his client to give to the DA in exchange for a lesser charge.  When negotiations go bad, his client dies.  Then Roman has an altercation that leads Roman to stop “doing the impossible for the ungrateful” and think of himself.  This one action takes him down a path of self-judgment that will force him to his ultimate goal.

Roman had the savant abilities of Monk and Sheldon Cooper; however, he has their social graces too (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If you can get past his inability to “know when he reached other’s limit” and see to his genius, you can see the beauty in this film.  Now be forewarned, this movie has a slow build up to help you understand Roman’s struggle with everyday life.  He has a mind and clothes set in the 70’s, technology set 2001, but dealing in a 2017 world.  It’s hard for him to adapt.  But when he does, he goes so far off the path, he doesn’t recognize himself.  This is one you have to see but be prepared for a slow build and a shocking but satisfying ending.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You stand on his soldiers – Mia

Like the flag pin on your lapel – Roman

I disbelieve that – Mrs. Jackson

I’ll talk to him – George

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Wonder – Review

Wonder – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 53 minutes

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August “Auggie” Pullman is your typical 10-year-old.  He likes Minecraft, sports, his family, and outer space.  He has a sister and best friend named Olivia (also called Via).  She is loving, strong, and self-sufficient.  With school starting, she is concerned about her brother and that her best friend Miranda is pulling away.  On her 4th birthday, she wished for a baby brother; but she had no idea how it would change her life and relationship with her parents.  Nate is Auggie and Via “cool” dad.  He can always provide a quick laugh to his family but worries about Auggie’s next phase in life.  Isabel Pullman is a confident mom who homeschooled Auggie but believes he is ready for a change.  The change is Auggie’s first day of middle school.  While most students would blend in, Auggie will always stand out.  He was born with a genetic facial deformity.  After 27 surgeries, he can hear, see, breathe, and look better but he will always be different.  This day will have a ripple effect on his family and classmates.

Based on the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio, this story is beautifully adapted to film (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It starts by giving several different points of view of Auggie’s first day.  First, Auggie.  The young, scared boy met with a few students before the first day and they left a bad taste in his mouth.  Second, Via.  She whispers words of encouragement to Auggie, then leaves for school. She feels ignored but must continue to be understanding. So Miranda ignoring her; leaves her alone. Third, Jack Will. He is a scholarship kid who is asked by the principal and his mom to be nice to the new kid. Finally, Miranda. With divorcing parents, she escapes at summer camp. But her escape keeps her away from Via. In the second half of the movie, all these stories come together to tell a moving story about choosing kindness and strength. It is a movie that will draw you in and make you wonder. Just wonder. See this with your children and ignore the PG rating. All kids should see this film with their parents and discuss.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

It’s like leading a lamb to the slaughter and you know it – Nate

It will be fine – Isabel

It’s ok to laugh. I know – Mr. Tushman

The family revolved around the son, not the daughter – Via

You know you can call me anytime – Miranda

You can tell a lot about somebody from their shoes – Auggie

I like this school. I have friends here – Julian

If I looked like him, I would kill myself – Jack

I don’t like being accused of things – Summer

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#TheWrongCrush and #TourDePharmacy – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

The Wrong Crush – Review

The Wrong Crush – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Wrong Crush

Two years after being rushed to a hospital after a fatal car crash, Amelia is trying hard to turn her life around. She is getting good grades in school, a star athlete, and stop drinking. She needs to stay on the straight and narrow to stay on probation and go to college. While her friend Lauren and her boyfriend Scott believe in the new Amelia, her mother Tracy does not. Tracy believes that her daughter will go back to her old ways and become self-destructive again. So when Amelia comes to Tracy’s job to report a strange person outside their home, Tracy believes she is just trying to get attention. Mr. and Mrs. Hessler also believe Amelia is a bad seed. They blame Amelia for their daughter Joy dying 2 years ago in the same car crash that sent Amelia to the hospital. Amelia tries to explain that she loved Joy and reminds them that she has a restraining order against them. The Hesslers leaves but warns they would be watching for her to slip. Now Amelia worries that they are the ones she saw outside her home. Amelia’s self-help group tells her to be strong and wait for Tracy and Mr. & Mrs. Hessler to come around. With everything going good, Amelia’s sobriety is tested when she consistently battles with her mom, her boyfriend, and Joy’s parents. But she meets a new guy in school, Jake, who also is in her support group, she makes a connection. She talks to Jake for support and tries to get a handle on things when her boyfriend is arrested for drug possession. She feels trapped, confused, alone, and watched. She will soon learn that crushes come from all directions, but who can she trust?

Great job Lifetime!!!! This suspense thriller does not follow the normal structure of stalking and leaves you with plenty of surprising moments to keep you engaged. Amelia isn’t the typical teen ignoring her mother’s warnings. And Tracy is the normal mom fighting from the beginning to the end. Amelia’s attempts at change are admirable and she never falls off the wagon even with the toughest adversity testing her resolve. Now be forewarned, you may be able to pick out who the stalker is, but not why that person is stalking Amelia. The truth will blow your mind. It is a good twist to what could have been an ordinary Lifetime stalker story. Give this movie your full attention and a glass of wine.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That would be wonderful. I could use all the support I can get – Amelia

So why are you here – Tracy

It’s fine. I was just using that as an ice breaker – Jake

Well you can always stay over – Scott

Don’t you dare cry – Mrs. Hessler

Yeah, we’re doing this – Joy

You’re allowed to be angry at her. You are not allowed to give up on her – Gwen

Crazy or not, I still think he is a total fox – Lauren

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Tour de Pharmacy – Review

Tour de Pharmacy – HBO – 45 minutes

Tour de Pharmacy

In 1982, 170 cyclists raced in the Tour de France. Everything was going well until JuJu Peppi flirted with a girl and caused a huge crash; a “fight” started on the cycle path. After the fight, the police found a water bottle containing amphetamines and needles was found. After an investigation, only 5 riders were allowed to race.  Not because they weren’t on drugs, but because they didn’t pay bribe money.

  1. JuJu – won the race last year
  2. Slim – wants to be the first black anything
  3. Gustav – gained 200 pounds of muscle in a year
  4. Adrian – hiding the fact she is a woman
  5. Marty – an African hated by Africans

This race will be the longest and most controversial in the Tour’s history.

This mockumentary follows the same humor of 7 Days in Hell.  They took a serious and real issue and give the audience something at which to laugh.  You will watch this movie with one of three reactions: Confusion, Shock, or Laughter.  This humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the actor portrayals are.  They have younger versions of the actors in “clips” and older version of the actors in the “interview”.  And the older actors either wear the same still wig or article of clothing as their younger counterparts.  The cameo from Lance Armstrong proves he can laugh at a situation that exposed him.  This is one to DVR and watch when you have the time, but not around children.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

The shaving of legs. I haven’t done this before – Adrian

I bless the rains down in Africa – Marty

It was like a pistachio nut in a dirty birds nest – Lance

Nobody asks me if I am cheating on my wife because I am – Ditmar

Yep. Excuse me for one moment, I need to see some over there – Slim

How do you beat a man on drugs if your not on drugs – JuJu

It is Gatorade. I will drink it now – Gustav

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