#Fahrenheit451 – TV Review

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Fahrenheit 451 – HBO – 1 hour and 40 minutes

Fahrenheit 451

Master Trooper Guy Montag is a star fireman for District 9.  With the guidance of his Captain Beatty, he makes a public spectacle of eels and erases them for their crimes.  The crime of reading or having books, listening to or playing music, or looking at art.  In District 9, the only allowable material is the Bible, Moby Dick, and the ministries (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  All other books, music, or art will be burned at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.  The leaders believe that books are graffiti that will pollute the mind causing the person to become insane.  While Beatty strongly enforces this practice, he still keeps a paper and pencil hidden at home.  He writes his thoughts and burns them.  Montag is starting to have flashes of his childhood but when Clarisse (a convicted eel) tells him that past firemen put out fires, he doesn’t believe her.  During a bust with Clarisse information, Montag and Beatty find an old woman with hundreds of books.  Beatty tells Montag to read one.  Meanwhile, he tells Montag a 2nd civil war almost started because of too much information and not enough attention to detail.  Books were the enemy.  Montag quietly hides a book called Notes from Underground and arrest the old woman (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Later she refuses to move and sets herself on fire with her last word being OMNIS.  Montag is compelled to find out the truth about OMNIS and why a woman would kill herself over books.

Based on the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, this movie serves as a warning to the future (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With days of fake posting, headline-only reading, miscommunication, and book banning, it’s easy to see how this world is possible.  And once the books were gone, history could be re-written to hide the truth. This is the type of movie that makes you want to read the book to learn what details were removed or changed.  With strong visuals and a dynamic cast, this is a great starting point for this production company.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You too pretty anyway – Captain Beatty

You dream about hiding from me, you better wake up and apologize – Montag

How come he always makes you wait outside like a little dog – Clarisse

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#Sharknado5, #BrilloBoxMovie, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming – Review

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming – SyFy – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Fin, April, and Gil are going to speak in Great Britain about how to stop more Sharknadoes, but Nova calls from Stone Henge about some cave markings.  Fin goes to Stone Henge to see for himself.  Nova reveals that Sharknadoes have been around for ages and that humans have defeated them before.   The markings in the Stone Henge Cave prove it.  Nova also finds an artifact but it can’t be moved with a counterweight.  Finn tries to add a counterweight quickly but fails.  He unleashes a wave of sharks that becomes a Sharknado.  He instantly flies back to Great Britain to help his wife and child.  April and Fin leave Gil with Nova to fight the Sharknado.  After they have won and the storm has moved on, Nova has horrible news.  Gil was sucked into the Sharknado.  However, they can tell he is still alive in the vertex of the storm.  They are on a mission to save their son and the world.

So unlike most reviews, this is not a critique on good or bad.  But this film’s Sharknado worthiness.  This adventure, Sci-Fi, comedy is known for being over-the-top in acting and graphics.  But that’s why fans love it.  So this review will be based on #5 compared to other Sharknado movies.  Sharknado fans will not be disappointed.  It has plenty of stars from music, movies, and T.V. that make cameos and die (and yes, some of the deaths are satisfying).  Also, this movie is inspired by other great Sci-Fi films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mission Impossible, and Back To The Future (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  April not only stops a helicopter with her bare “hands” but she becomes a helicopter.  The Sharknado duo globe trots via Sharknado Portal to Sydney, Tokyo, Egypt, Brazil, and more.  While this isn’t the best Sharknado, it definitely falls into line with its predecessors.  Watch, laugh, and enjoy. And be prepared for Sharknado 6.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Finn Shepard – Nova

I’ve done everything before – Finn

When in Rome – April

Nowhere is safe – Matt

Where we’re going, you don’t need a license – Gil

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Brillo Box (3¢ off) – Review

Brillo Box (3¢ off) – HBO – 40 minutes

Brillo Box (3 off)

In 1969, Martin and Rita Skyler love to buy art.  They didn’t buy it for investments but for the love of art.  When Martin saw the Brillo Box by Andy Warhol, he was transfixed.  He didn’t want one of the 93 white boxes, he wanted one of the 17 yellow boxes.  The Yellow boxes were smaller and had the label “3¢ off” on them.  So, they were special.  At that time, the boxes were $1,000 (a large sum of money then), so Martin requested that it, unlike any of Andy’s other work, be signed by the artist.  So Andy signed it in red crayon.  They put a plexiglass around the box and turned it into the family coffee table.  Over time, as the couple made room for new art, the box was sold and forgotten.  However, their daughter Lisanne was curious about the yellow box in her baby photos and tracked it down.  She tracked it to the largest acquisition in Christies’ auction house history.

Please understand, this is not a movie about Andy Warhol. It’s, as the title implies, is about the Brillo Box and its impact on a family. While Andy’s life and his mark on the art world are discussed, it is not the movie’s focus. This movie focuses on what the box meant to its owners and the appreciation of art. Not for money but for art. Now some may consider the family to be fool’s for letting it go, but they were never the type of people to hold on to things. But is that a bigger statement on our culture today. We replace instead or restore, toss instead of keep, and remove instead of heal. You decide.  Would you have kept it, not knowing its future worth

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It was just a yellow box with some red lettering on it – Martin

It’s easier – Andy

We seem to press the delete button – Rita

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Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder – Review

Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder

After purchasing an antique surfboard at a garage sale, Jenn knows exactly who would love to have it, Steve.  Steve created an app called Re-coup with his partner and they have started a company worth millions.  Steve loves to surf every moment he gets.  His wife Anne admires her husband’s love for work and play.  She is a faithful customer to Jenn’s consignment store.  So when Steve’s body washes up on the beach, Anne calls Jenn for help.  Anne cannot believe he drowned because he was a competitive swimmer.  She believes something must have happened to him.  Jenn promises to look into his death and find out what, if anything, happened.  Jenn becomes suspicious when Steve’s car is parked in the wrong spot, tire tracks are found by his car, and the carpet in his car is wet.  Jenn decides there must be more.  By the end, Jenn will be looking down the barrel of a gun, but who will be holding it?

Based on the book Garage Sale Stalker by Suzi Weinert, this mystery is fun to watch but a little easy to solve.  It doesn’t offer enough clues to throw the watcher off of the killer’s trail.  Normally, this series has at least 3 suspects and even throws in an accomplish for fun.  The secondary plots about the divorcing couple and Logan’s play, at times, are more entertaining than the primary storyline.  While this is a fun addition to the series, it’s not the best one to date.  It’s more fun to see her find the clues and banter with Detective Lynwood and the coroner than solving the crime.  The one-liners make this movie watchable.  So DVR and save for a rainy day.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Their just lucky I didn’t catch them – Steve

And it worked – Mitch

Long live the queen – Jenn

I want to see where he drowned. Jenn, can you take me?– Anne

Oh, it’s never “nothing” with you, Jenn – Detective Lynwood

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Trapped Sisters – Review

Trapped Sisters – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Trapped Sisters

Sisters Bree and Jonna are spending some quality time together at the pool when Bree loses her ring.  Jonna spots the ring in a grate in the bottom of the pool.  Bree and Jonna dive into the water to grab it.  While attempting to get the ring, Jonna’s hair gets caught in the gate.  As Bree struggles to free her, the pool manager McGrady believes the pool is empty and closes the fiber glass lid.  Jonna gets free and the girls try to swim to the top, but the lid closes shut.  They have a 1-foot gap between the lid and the pool and the fiber glass has a small hole to provide air.  The girls know they must get out because it is a holiday weekend and no one will be back until Tuesday.  The water is cold and Bree reveals she has diabetes.  She needs a shot or she will pass out and die.  When the girls hear a janitor, they believe they are saved.  But this janitor wants to play a game.

This movie will make you feel claustrophobic.  You worry about these women and how they will get out of this situation.  You will feel an ease when Clara comes around.  But that ease last for only 5 seconds.  When she holds the girls’ lives for ransom.  You will scream at the girls’ mistakes as they try to negotiate their freedom.  They consistently give in to Carla’s demands with any proof of her assistance.  There is so much suspense and build up to an ending that falls flat.  You are just left wanting something a bit more.  You are left with the feeling, “Is that the end”.  DVR this movie and watch it when you need to kill some time.  Don’t cancel plans.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Some people need to learn how to read – McGrady

Screw your damn ring – Jonna

This isn’t my fault, you know – Bree

I’m sure you feel pretty low but trust me there is always someone lower than you – Clara

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#LoveAtTheShore and #GeorgeLopezTheWall – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Love at the Shore – Review

Love at the Shore – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love at the Shore

Jenna just needs a few days to work on her sequel.  Her daughter wants to go to summer camp and her son needs to improve his skills at swim camp.  Since her children’s camps are in the same area, she decides to rent a duplex near by.    She hopes the 5 weeks in the duplex will be productive.  But when the other occupant is a messy, unorganized, loud surfer with an even louder dog, she can’t take it.  Lucas introduces himself and listens to her ground rules but quickly breaks them all.  So she builds a fence to keep them apart.  Although the fence has an effect on their relationship, the relationship between him and her kids grow.  Maurine, Jenna’s best friend, tells her to give Lucas two weeks before deciding if she likes or dislikes him.  Jenna believes she won’t need that long and wants to move.  She calls the landlord to ask for a new accommodation, but guess who is the landlord.  On the other hand, Lucas thinks Jenna is too high strung and needs to relax, but he lets his friend Kyla know there is no future for them.  He doesn’t want to be tied down with kids.  Although, Kyla warns him, the more time he spends with the kids, the more he will become attached.  Lucas doubts it. They both will learn about themselves with one bonfire.

So, you know how this will end. At this point, you only watch Hallmark movies for the “how”, not the ending. With a tense mom and a relaxed single male, both will change. It’s just a matter of 2 hours. This is a repackaged story. It looked interesting when another female was introduced as a potential love interest. But that is quickly explained away. It does have some funny one-liners but nothing else to offer. If you need a love story or background noise, this movie is for you. Otherwise, there is nothing new.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

We’re a slow moving team – Maurine

Both of our goals rolled into one. I like the efficiency – Jenna

The furry kind is as close as I’m getting to kids – Lucas

He is a sweet guy for sure but a family man he is not. He likes his freedom way too much – Kyla

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George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C. – Review

George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C. – HBO – 1 hour and 0 minutes

George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C.

George Lopez stood in front of hundreds of fans at the Kennedy Center, took aim, and fired.  He airs his feelings for the current administration, the views on immigrants and immigration, health care, and children today.  He does this while putting the fountain in the back (inside joke).  He takes aim at a 1 or 2 celebrities but keeps the focus on current issues.  While politics has him leaning left, child care has him leaning right.  He wants children, and some adults, raised with a tougher upbringing and no coddling.  He promises fans to give a great hour of comedy.  As for everyone else, well, you know.

This not his best work, but it isn’t unwatchable.  If you are a fan of this current administration, this isn’t the comedy show for you.  If you are upset at the current state of politics, emotional support animals, and dietary restrictions, then tune it.  You will be entertained but you won’t laugh hysterically. A few chuckles here and there.  However, your biggest response will be shock and awe.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I went through the kitchen and no one ever stopped me – George Lopez

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#StoryOfAGirl and #DianaOurMother – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Story of a Girl – Review

Story of a Girl – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Story of a Girl

Three years after Deanna’s sex tape with Tommy went viral, she is still feeling the effects at home and at school. Her father Ray still belittles and judges her constantly. In addition, 3 months after the sex tape, her brother Darren got his girlfriend Stacey pregnant. Ray correlates the sex tape with the pregnancy. Her brother blames Tommy, his ex-best friend, for the tape getting out. Her mother Debbie is just trying to keep the peace at home. Deanna is trying to get her life back on track by getting a job at a Craven’s Pizza. She hopes to save enough money to move out of her parents’ home and move in with Darren, Stacey, and their baby. Johnny, the owner, thinks Deanna would be a great fit and that she will get along with her new coworker. Deanna is floored when she sees her new coworker is Tommy. The more she tries to accomplish growth from within, her family is falling apart. She has to keep it together or fall prey to her past mistakes.

Based on The Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr, this is not a typical Lifetime movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  A normal watcher will quickly hate the dad, the brother, the ex-boyfriend, the sister-in-law, and the mother.  But each character starts to grow and heal when they are honest and release their feelings.   You will be shocked by the twist and turns this movie takes as Deanna tries to gain some form of control over her life.  This is a good one to watch and discuss with your teen(s).  It will create a great foundation to discuss love, respect, manipulation, and responsibility.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Fight back – Darren

Look at you. Ms. Sunshine looking on the bright side. I can barely get through the day – Stacey

Well excuse me if I want something better for you than this – Ray

Yeah, in the biblical sense – Tommy

3 years ago. That would have made you a felony – Johnny

I can’t keep doing this – Debbie

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Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy – Review

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy – HBO – 1 hour and 9 minutes

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy
With twenty years since the Princess of Wales Diana passed away, the HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry sit and talk about their mother’s life, love, and legacy.  Her brother Earl Spencer talks about her childhood and how the absence of her mother lead her to want to take care of others, starting with him.  Also, she developed a compassion for those who have lost someone in any way.  Several childhood friends spoke about her time with them and how she was easy to tease.  Her lady in waiting Ann spoke about her life behind palace walls after her marriage to Prince Charles.  She wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of reporters during her marriage or the harassment of the paparazzi after their divorce.  HRH William and Harry talk about the how their parents’ divorce affect them and how Princess Diana did everything she could to ease their pain.  And now that she is gone, they continue her work with HIV awareness and landmine dismantling.

Since her life and death were so well documented, it’s hard to believe you will learn anything new about the People’s Princess.  But you learn more about her childhood and the impact her life had on others.  She was the first royal to be photograph shaking hands with HIV patients in the 1980s.   She went to Bosnia with two landmine victims and started a writing campaign to have landmines dismantled.  And after she died, her sons found her letters and continued her work.  This movie is about how one woman’s compassion became her legacy to help others, which continues today and will carry on in the future.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Be as naughty as you want but just don’t get caught – HRH Prince Harry

She was always caring for little people. And I guess I was the first little person she cared for – Earl

She understood there was a real life outside of palace walls – HRH Prince William

She was the first man in to give a helping hand – Carolyn

She was quite easy to tease – William Van Straubenzee

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#TheDefiantOnes – TV Reviews

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The Defiant Ones – HBO – 4 hours and 0 minutes (4 episodes, 1 hour each)

The Defiant Ones

The legacy of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Interscope Records, and Beats by Dre are not overnight success stories (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It was years of hard work, set backs, frustrations, failures, and wins. In this 4 part docu-series, you will learn about the early life of Jimmy, the son of a long shore man and a strong mother. He went to college because military life wasn’t for him. He could never stay still and when he felt stagnant in life, he made a move. You will learn about the early life of Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, the son of a single teen mom who was told he had to be great. While he may regret some career decisions, in the beginning, he recognized they were necessary for his success.  He always wanted to stay where he was comfortable, but life had other thoughts.  Each of these men gained notoriety in the industry, albeit different paths.  Jimmy Iovine produced behind the scenes of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, & Tom Petty (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While Dr. Dre produced as a member of N.W.A; and working with D.O.C, Eazy-E, JJ Fad, and Snoop Dogg (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But when these 2 men finally came together they had an impact on the music industry, the business industry, and each other that would shape the 21st century.  While some would believe they have reached the pentacle of success, they both look forward to helping others achieve greatness.

This docu-series is a good watch.  While most of Dr. Dre’s story is a retelling of Straight Outta Compton, Jimmy Iovine’s story is new and fresh (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s amazing to watch him beat the odds because he wanted to do something more, better, or different.  Jimmy is the true definition of perseverance. In addition, it’s wonderful to see the two come together and make music history.  As well as, seeing how one facebook post came so close to taking it all away.  But this movie leads you to ask, in a world of social media and Insta-Fame before art, can we have another Jimmy and Dr. Dre?  Well with these 2 investing in the future, they hope the answer will be yes and no.  Yes, they want to help the next producer and/or artist.  But no, they don’t want another Dre or Jimmy.  They want someone to continue their legacy of Defiance.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Sure I thought the deal could blow – Jimmy, Part 1

We could potentially lose this – Will.I.Am, Part 1

Ok, God. Give us a lighting strike but keep it out there – Dr. Dre, Part 1

I just thought they were annoying -Jimmy, Part 2

Anytime I felt like I was at the bottom, it’s always been because of death – Dr. Dre, Part 2

I really did love Jimmy but I just couldn’t be that person in his life – Stevie Nicks, Part 2

That should have been my 1st indication. He doesn’t want to wait for people – Vicki, Part 2

I think we broke him – Bono, Part 2

But under the skin of it, he likes blood and bones – Bono, Part 3

I was on house arrest – Dr. Dre, Part 3

He gave me that line, you know what I’m saying – Snoop, Part 3

Yes, I want to be a star – Gwen Stefani, Part 3

Ok, I got to find great producers and I got to produce them – Jimmy, Part 3

Ok, that sounds good to me – Dr. Dre, Part 3

I don’t have to be a role model, I don’t have to hold your hand – Tupac, Part 3

Dre changed my life – Jimmy, Part 4

Boom, in comes my caucasian partner – Dr. Dre, Part 4

I’m pissing myself now thinking about it – Eminem, Part 4

Remove the ego, Jimmy told me that – Kendrick, Part 4

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#TheWrongCrush and #TourDePharmacy – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

The Wrong Crush – Review

The Wrong Crush – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Wrong Crush

Two years after being rushed to a hospital after a fatal car crash, Amelia is trying hard to turn her life around. She is getting good grades in school, a star athlete, and stop drinking. She needs to stay on the straight and narrow to stay on probation and go to college. While her friend Lauren and her boyfriend Scott believe in the new Amelia, her mother Tracy does not. Tracy believes that her daughter will go back to her old ways and become self-destructive again. So when Amelia comes to Tracy’s job to report a strange person outside their home, Tracy believes she is just trying to get attention. Mr. and Mrs. Hessler also believe Amelia is a bad seed. They blame Amelia for their daughter Joy dying 2 years ago in the same car crash that sent Amelia to the hospital. Amelia tries to explain that she loved Joy and reminds them that she has a restraining order against them. The Hesslers leaves but warns they would be watching for her to slip. Now Amelia worries that they are the ones she saw outside her home. Amelia’s self-help group tells her to be strong and wait for Tracy and Mr. & Mrs. Hessler to come around. With everything going good, Amelia’s sobriety is tested when she consistently battles with her mom, her boyfriend, and Joy’s parents. But she meets a new guy in school, Jake, who also is in her support group, she makes a connection. She talks to Jake for support and tries to get a handle on things when her boyfriend is arrested for drug possession. She feels trapped, confused, alone, and watched. She will soon learn that crushes come from all directions, but who can she trust?

Great job Lifetime!!!! This suspense thriller does not follow the normal structure of stalking and leaves you with plenty of surprising moments to keep you engaged. Amelia isn’t the typical teen ignoring her mother’s warnings. And Tracy is the normal mom fighting from the beginning to the end. Amelia’s attempts at change are admirable and she never falls off the wagon even with the toughest adversity testing her resolve. Now be forewarned, you may be able to pick out who the stalker is, but not why that person is stalking Amelia. The truth will blow your mind. It is a good twist to what could have been an ordinary Lifetime stalker story. Give this movie your full attention and a glass of wine.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That would be wonderful. I could use all the support I can get – Amelia

So why are you here – Tracy

It’s fine. I was just using that as an ice breaker – Jake

Well you can always stay over – Scott

Don’t you dare cry – Mrs. Hessler

Yeah, we’re doing this – Joy

You’re allowed to be angry at her. You are not allowed to give up on her – Gwen

Crazy or not, I still think he is a total fox – Lauren

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Tour de Pharmacy – Review

Tour de Pharmacy – HBO – 45 minutes

Tour de Pharmacy

In 1982, 170 cyclists raced in the Tour de France. Everything was going well until JuJu Peppi flirted with a girl and caused a huge crash; a “fight” started on the cycle path. After the fight, the police found a water bottle containing amphetamines and needles was found. After an investigation, only 5 riders were allowed to race.  Not because they weren’t on drugs, but because they didn’t pay bribe money.

  1. JuJu – won the race last year
  2. Slim – wants to be the first black anything
  3. Gustav – gained 200 pounds of muscle in a year
  4. Adrian – hiding the fact she is a woman
  5. Marty – an African hated by Africans

This race will be the longest and most controversial in the Tour’s history.

This mockumentary follows the same humor of 7 Days in Hell.  They took a serious and real issue and give the audience something at which to laugh.  You will watch this movie with one of three reactions: Confusion, Shock, or Laughter.  This humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the actor portrayals are.  They have younger versions of the actors in “clips” and older version of the actors in the “interview”.  And the older actors either wear the same still wig or article of clothing as their younger counterparts.  The cameo from Lance Armstrong proves he can laugh at a situation that exposed him.  This is one to DVR and watch when you have the time, but not around children.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

The shaving of legs. I haven’t done this before – Adrian

I bless the rains down in Africa – Marty

It was like a pistachio nut in a dirty birds nest – Lance

Nobody asks me if I am cheating on my wife because I am – Ditmar

Yep. Excuse me for one moment, I need to see some over there – Slim

How do you beat a man on drugs if your not on drugs – JuJu

It is Gatorade. I will drink it now – Gustav

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The #WizardOfLies, #SeducedByAStranger, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Wizard of Lies – Review

The Wizard of Lies – HBO – 2 hours and 15 minutes

Wizard of Lies

After reporting on the story since the day it hit the news, Diana Henriques got the first in-jail interview with Bernie Madoff.  As they sat, he started his story with the day his sons came into his office and question the bonus check’s release dates.  Normally, it is given in February but Bernie was writing the checks in December.  Bernie stated, “He wanted to make sure everyone was ok.  He wanted to take care of everybody”.  He and his sons, Mark and Andrew, went home and sat down with their mother.  It was then that Bernie told everyone the truth.  The money was gone, the business was a Ponzi scheme, and he lost $50 billion.  Bernie wants to take some time and get things in order before turning himself in.  But after Mark and Andrew speak to a lawyer, they learn that stolen money being distributed is a crime and knowing their father was doing that was a crime.  So, they turned their father in and cut off communication with their mother.  As news of Bernie’s crimes and his victims hit the mainstream news, the family is falling apart and the world is turning against them.  The Madoff family will have to make a personal decision without their lifeguard Bernie to save them.  Once everything is said and done, Bernie only has one question, “Am I a sociopath”.  Well, is he?

Based on the book, The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust by Diana  B. Henriques, this movie sets itself apart from the others by focusing on the downfall of the family (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While another movie focused on the “how he did it”, this one focus on the family’s aftermath.  Ruth starts to question her self-worth because she didn’t know how to do things without assistance, she had no real friends, and she didn’t have a job. Mark became obsessed with the coverage and Andrew tried to get back to normalcy.  Another heart-wrenching angle was the story of Madoff’s victims.  They recounted the moment that learned their money was gone.  Some in a fax, while others got phone calls in nursing homes.  The score for this film deserves an award (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The frantic music playing, as Bernie attempts to get more money from investors when his biggest clients cash out, brings you a true sense of panic.  The downfall of The Wizard of Lies is you only watch this movie from the performances. You know the story.  You don’t learn anything new about the Madoffs in any way.  This is good for killing a few hours on great performances.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

That is his talent and his curse – Diana

I want my life back – Mark

My father’s dead to me – Andrew

Behind you is not the place to be – Frankie

We’re not rich people. We’re humble people – Bernie

Well we’re still here – Ruth

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Seduced by a Stranger – Review

Seduced by a Stranger – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Seduced By A Strange

Dana Hale is tired of constantly moving and begs her father Martin to change his life so she can be a normal kid.  She wants to go to school, participate in a community, and meet a nice guy.  Everything is going smoothly at her new school when Dana meets Charlie.  Charlie is a nice, athletic young man with a sense of humor.  When Charlie asks Dana and her father to home to his home to meet him and his mother Dana, she agrees.  Once the parents meet, Martin and Dana reveal they have met and had coffee.  At first, Dana and Charlie are confused but Charlie accepts that his mom likes Martin.  On the other hand, Dana is worried.  In the past, Martin was a con-artist that wooed ladies and stole all their money.  Dana believes Martin will fall into old habits, ruining her normal life and her relationship with Charlie.  Martin promises he has turned over a new leaf.  While on their second date, Dana and Charlie are having a good time until someone runs over Dana’s bike on purpose.  She warns her dad that someone may be onto him.  Martin knows that he left everything in the past but when Dana describes the car, it’s the same one that tried to kill him.  Martin better watch out, because his past is coming for him; it has a gun and a broken heart.

Congrats, Lifetime made a movie without any bratty teens.  Dana and Charlie are mature, funny, and the anchors of their family.  Also, this movie will have you nervous for the stalker.  As she walks around Martin’s home and almost gets caught several times, you will be on pins and needles.  And the cinematography of Sloane’s anger is magnificent.  When she sees her symbol of love being given to another woman, flames ignite from the fireplace behind her and the slowly zoom on her face as it changes.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.  Sloane is the right mixture of crazy and sweet.  You can see something is off but she is just so nice.  While the climax is a little drab, the overall movie is great.  So sit back and watch

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I tend to give compliments instead of insults. First impressions and all – Martin

Yeah, proves I didn’t steal it – Charlie

So the ice is officially broken – Dana

Straight to hell I would imagine – Andre

Ripping someone’s life apart bit by bit is a delicate process – Sloane

No regrets. Just concerns – Julie

So you’re the girl who stole Charlie’s heart – Liz

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Mommy Dead and Dearest – Review

Mommy Dead and Dearest – HBO – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Mommy Dead and Dearest

On June 15, 2015, Gypsy Rose Blanchard walks into the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office in Waukesha, WI and surprises officers by doing two things. First, she walked. Everyone in town believed she was suffering from muscular dystrophy and was wheelchair bound. Second, Gypsy conspired with Nicholas Godejohn to kill her mother Dee Dee. Dee Dee for years had been by her daughter’s side as Gypsy battled cancer, muscular dystrophy, asthma, mental retardation, and a host of other ailments. Police and everyone who knew the two didn’t understand why Gypsy would want Dee Dee killed, but once they knew Gypsy could walk, they started to investigate. They learn that Dee Dee’s deception fooled family, friends, strangers, and even Gypsy. Once the investigation is done, no one pities Dee Dee but can they trust Gypsy?

This is a sad case of long-term torture and abuse that leads to love and a murder. You will not only be astounded by the complicit doctors and nurses, but you will also be amazed by the generations of liars in this family. For years, Dee Dee scammed people for homes, trips, and money by faking her daughter’s illnesses. But the sickest part, she made Gypsy believe she was sick too. Now Gypsy knew she could walk but she believed she had cancer, along with all the other ailments, and Gypsy didn’t know her real age. But as Dee Dee doctor shopped, only one doctor saw through her lies.  But he knew he wouldn’t be believed. It is heartbreaking how many people failed Gypsy.  But after being raised by a compulsive liar, do you believe Gypsy can end her family’s legacy with murder?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Honestly, she asked me too – Nick

How do you kill your own mother – Rob

I just went on blind faith that a mother knows best – Gypsy

I had a big doubt about the whole thing from the beginning – Dr. Flasterstien

Her momma was an insane compulsive liar – Kristy

An evil person I would say – Bobby

If it didn’t go her way, she would see to it that you would pay. And did we pay a lot – Laura

Flush that in the toilet – Claude

She wants to get out. Not gonna happen. Let her dog take care of her – Dee Dee

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The Good Nanny – Review

The Good Nanny – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Good Nanny

Clint and Summer are celebrating their engagement when the carpet is pulled from under them. Summer suffers a miscarriage but never knew she was pregnant. While at their engagement party, Clint introduces Summer to his boss Travis and his wife Lily. Before the night is over, Lily ask Summer to be her interior designer and Monica (Summer’s best friend) to be her daughter Sofia’s pediatrician. Both agree to help for the sake of Clint’s job. When Summer comes over to do measurements, Lily is called away.  So Lily asks Summer to watch Sophia.  Summer, confused and surprised, says ok. Summer overhears the Sophia talking to someone named Sasha. After looking through the room, Summer surmises that Sasha is an imaginary friend. Once Lily comes home, she asks Summer to be Sophia’s nanny.  Summer says yes because she will be getting an interior designer’s paycheck to be a nanny. Summer is quickly bonding with the girl. But when Summer learns that Sophia sleeps with a knife, has burns over her arms, and says her parents don’t lover her, Summer will do anything to protect Sophia from Lily and Travis.

This movie is not what you expected. And that is awesome. Just when you think you know what’s going on, you are thrown a curve ball. This young actress takes creepy to a new, yet fun, level. It hard to know who is telling the truth, because everyone is lying about something. You want Summer to save the child, but does she really need to be saved? Or is she the dangerous one? This movie is a fun mystery with lots of twist and turns. So sit back and watch this movie with your full attention. DVR it so you can skip the commercials. It’s worth it!

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

What? Is this thing going to get more attention than me now? – Clint

I’m ok with a little untraditional here and there. But I draw the line at maternity gowns – Summer

Thanks, it was not easy coming back. Let me tell you – Lily

Sasha’s shy. She doesn’t trust you – Sophia

You interested in a nightcap – Travis

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