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Deadly Sorority – Review

Deadly Sorority – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Deadly Sorority

Samantha and Christina, known as Sam and Chris, are entering college. They are both adjusting to college but Chris wants to join a sorority. Sam rolls her eyes at the idea of joining the Delta Nus but supports Chris. Chris is embraced by the sorority and becomes a sister. However, the sisters tell Chris to cut off all communications with Sam. Hurt by Chris’s departure, Sam delves into her school work. Especially her media class. She vlogs about her life and adjusting to college. She even makes a friend named Victor. But when Chris dies, Sam is devastated and the #1 suspect. Chris’s sorority sisters all point their finger at Sam and claims she was stalking Chris. Now with the police investigating her, she must prove her innocence and find the killer.

Deadly Sorority does provide a 2-minute intro kill, a strong lead, and several suspects. However, with so many plot twist and turns, it seems to fall into to the stereotype Lifetime movie with dumb cops, mean girl sorority, and uncomfortable frat encounters. Also with a list of possible suspects, the murderer is a bit predictable. This movie redeeming quality was the final fight scene. It’s as exciting as it is funny. This movie is something to watch if you need to kill two hours.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Oh but she is not your sister, we are now – Jubilee

Not so good – Tonya

The bills get paid, mostly – Sam

The truth will set you free, even if it pisses you off the 1st time – Victor

Oh, I have to change that – Chris

That’s generally the side effect of someone being murdered – Paul

Where’s your alibi – Bree

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Mommy’s Prison Secret – Review

Mommy’s Prison Secret – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Mommy's Prison Secret

After being in prison for 2 years, Taylor is released early. She is happy to be free and with her husband Jeff and daughter Bianca. She is ready for her new life when she bumps into her old life at the grocery store. Taylor sees Megan, her old cell mate, and tries to quickly leave the store. But Megan eases by her side and makes nice. Taylor hopes this is a one-time incident until Megan comes to their doorstep. Jeff tells her to stay because the weather is bad and she has no place to go. However, this politeness could cost Taylor her freedom or worse … her life.

Root for the crazy. This is a movie that makes you want to root for Megan. The strong, blonde mohawk having antagonist is fun. As she plants seeds in people’s minds, seduce anyone, and is always a step ahead, you envy her cunningness. Her overall appearance is a stark contrast against Taylor, but also the beautiful scenery of the idyllic suburb. You will wonder about her motive for attacking Taylor and how far she will push Taylor to get what she wants. This movie is definitely worth DVR space but you shouldn’t cancel your plans to watch it.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m gonna do something I haven’t been legally able to do in 2 years – Taylor

Your always too nice, to strangers – Megan

Wow, I didn’t know we were doing speeches – Bianca

Complicated like a relationship status on Facebook – Jeff

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Warning: This Drug May Kill You – Review

Warning: This Drug May Kill You – HBO – 1 hour and 00 minutes

Warning: This Drug May Kill You

In the 1990s, Purdue Pharma created a series of commercials that advertised opioids for daily pain management for non-critical illnesses. The number of prescriptions rose exponentially as well as the number of deaths. Ten years later, Purdue Pharma pled guilty to knowingly lying about the health risk and addiction rate in their commercials. However, these drugs are still widely prescribed today. In this 1-hour documentary, told in 6 parts, you will see the stories of recovering addicts, their children, their parents, and addicts. Each story is tough but necessary to show the progression of this addiction. Whether it started from a simple accident to childbirth, they all resulted in a prescription to an addiction. The saddest part is that no one thought it could happen to them and they were never warned of the drugs’ side effects.

This movie is great to remove the stigma from the term “drug addict”. It’s always assumed that addiction is a result of a person’s weakness. This was done by a doctor with no warning of how powerful the drug could be to their lives. Also, there are assumptions made about an addicts socio-economic class, but this movie shatters those assumptions. These are well-educated people in middle America. They are your neighbors, friends, and co-workers who took a prescription and became addicted. While some switched to heroin because it’s a cheaper and faster high, some have doctor shopped and self-harmed to get medication. As you watch Kathy (a grandmother) teach Aubrey (granddaughter) how to use Narcan to save Stephany’s (Kathy’s daughter/Aubrey’s mom) life, your heart breaks. As parent’s talk about saving their children’s lives only to watch them die later, it’s takes a toll. This movie should be watch as a teaching tool before prescribing a drug or to students in school. The one element missing is the stories of the nurses, doctors, EMTs, and police officers who confront this on a daily basis.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m going through a month prescription in 2 days – Stephany

She would say, mom, I’m too young and pretty to die – Kelly

Her eyes were different … she was just off – Britt

It just became part of our life – Preston

She is going to rehab right now, but it’s not gonna work – Harry

We had no idea that there were any dangers – Britt

It’s a different person once this addiction kicks in – Brian

What could you be thinking that love wasn’t enough – Gail

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