#LoveAtTheShore and #GeorgeLopezTheWall – TV Reviews

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Love at the Shore – Review

Love at the Shore – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love at the Shore

Jenna just needs a few days to work on her sequel.  Her daughter wants to go to summer camp and her son needs to improve his skills at swim camp.  Since her children’s camps are in the same area, she decides to rent a duplex near by.    She hopes the 5 weeks in the duplex will be productive.  But when the other occupant is a messy, unorganized, loud surfer with an even louder dog, she can’t take it.  Lucas introduces himself and listens to her ground rules but quickly breaks them all.  So she builds a fence to keep them apart.  Although the fence has an effect on their relationship, the relationship between him and her kids grow.  Maurine, Jenna’s best friend, tells her to give Lucas two weeks before deciding if she likes or dislikes him.  Jenna believes she won’t need that long and wants to move.  She calls the landlord to ask for a new accommodation, but guess who is the landlord.  On the other hand, Lucas thinks Jenna is too high strung and needs to relax, but he lets his friend Kyla know there is no future for them.  He doesn’t want to be tied down with kids.  Although, Kyla warns him, the more time he spends with the kids, the more he will become attached.  Lucas doubts it. They both will learn about themselves with one bonfire.

So, you know how this will end. At this point, you only watch Hallmark movies for the “how”, not the ending. With a tense mom and a relaxed single male, both will change. It’s just a matter of 2 hours. This is a repackaged story. It looked interesting when another female was introduced as a potential love interest. But that is quickly explained away. It does have some funny one-liners but nothing else to offer. If you need a love story or background noise, this movie is for you. Otherwise, there is nothing new.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

We’re a slow moving team – Maurine

Both of our goals rolled into one. I like the efficiency – Jenna

The furry kind is as close as I’m getting to kids – Lucas

He is a sweet guy for sure but a family man he is not. He likes his freedom way too much – Kyla

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George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C. – Review

George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C. – HBO – 1 hour and 0 minutes

George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C.

George Lopez stood in front of hundreds of fans at the Kennedy Center, took aim, and fired.  He airs his feelings for the current administration, the views on immigrants and immigration, health care, and children today.  He does this while putting the fountain in the back (inside joke).  He takes aim at a 1 or 2 celebrities but keeps the focus on current issues.  While politics has him leaning left, child care has him leaning right.  He wants children, and some adults, raised with a tougher upbringing and no coddling.  He promises fans to give a great hour of comedy.  As for everyone else, well, you know.

This not his best work, but it isn’t unwatchable.  If you are a fan of this current administration, this isn’t the comedy show for you.  If you are upset at the current state of politics, emotional support animals, and dietary restrictions, then tune it.  You will be entertained but you won’t laugh hysterically. A few chuckles here and there.  However, your biggest response will be shock and awe.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I went through the kitchen and no one ever stopped me – George Lopez

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