#Confirmation – Review

Confirmation – HBO – 2 hours


As the Senate Committee vote to appoint Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, Anita Hill, a professor at the University of Oklahoma, was contacted about her past with him. She informed that person of her dealings with him, and that’s when it all hit the fan. Within days, Anita and Clarence were sitting in front of the Judiciary Committee pleading their case. It wasn’t long before a sexual harassment case turned into a smear campaign that covered race, mental disorders, and pornography. This case slowly took over Washington, the media, and then the United States.

This “true life” movie takes you behind the scenes of the trial to see all the back room dealings, unethical changes in order, and slander that was orchestrated. This was a dogfight that everyone was determined to win. This movie might change your mind about Anita or Clarence, but it will definitely change your mind about the Judiciary Committee process. On the heels of the O.J. Simpson mini-series, you will learn that the person who wins is the one who can tell the most convincing story.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars

This was a mistake. This is why I never came forward. – Anita Hill

Lots of people will fight this nomination. It doesn’t have to be me – Anita Hill

Can we just let it go – Joe Biden

Forget the Senate Committee nomination, you could lose your current job – Keith

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