#AutumnInTheVineyard – Review

Autumn In The Vineyard – Hallmark Channel – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Autumn In The Vineyard

One day Frankie Baudouin life goes topsy turvy. Charles, her father, passes her up for a promotion on the family vineyard and Nate DeLuca, her ex-boyfriend, has moved back into town for good. Frankie decides she needs to take control over her life and make a change; and so she decides to buy her own vineyard. She buys the vineyard from Flo, a close friend of the family. Flo, in the middle of a divorce, quickly says yes. Flo doesn’t want any ties to her ex and the vineyard was that last bond. The day Frankie moves into the big house, Nate shows up. Turns out he also bought the vineyard … from Flo’s ex husband. In shock, Nate and Frankie sit with a lawyer that says both documents are legal and will take time to sort out. Neither wants to leave so they make a wager. Who ever has the biggest grape harvest, by weight, will get the vineyard. It’s Nate “Mr. Science” Deluca versus Frankie “The Grape Whisper” Baudouin. Who will be left with the Vineyard.

Based on the novel, Autumn In The Vineyard (A St. Helena Vineyard Novel) by Marina Adair, this is a fun and quirky film that is sure to delight (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It has crime tape, a grape picking competition, betting parents, meddling friends, and one big fire. You can see the thin line between annoyance and love between the 2 main characters. You root for their love but laugh at their ups and downs. It’s great to see a real relationship played on TV without technology. BTW, have a glass of wine next to you, you will need it.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Why don’t you listen this time – Frankie

Hey sis anytime you need me I am here for you. Just don’t make me bring the tape – Jonah

It took 20 years for my ex and I to get to were they are now. Cats and dogs. Oil and Water. – Flo

You got me running scared – Nate

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