#IAmWatchingYou – Review

I Am Watching You – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes

I Am Watching You

Nora is a romance blogger trying to get her writing noticed, when she finds (while being a peeping tom) a new muse living right next door … Lucas. Lucas is a sexy photographer that tries to captures life’s one true moment. Nora feels a common ground with him, because she tries to write about the same one true moment. With this connection, a fling sparks between the two. This spark is exactly what Nora needs to set her writing ablaze. She is soon discovered by a publisher that puts her on a strict deadline. In order to make the deadline to accomplish her dream of becoming a published author, Nora must keep her fling with Lucas casual. Soon, Nora is pushing him to the side … unless she needs more “inspiration”. Lucas does not take kindly to used or being ignore for anything or anyone. And he will make is feelings known. In this movie, everyone is being watch … but who is the last one standing (at the peep hole)?

PUT THE KIDS TO BED!!!! This movie is … 30 Shades of Grey. It is very hot and steamy with passionate montages of sex scenes in every room and in every position. If you are using this movie to create your own spark, stop watching after 1 hour. That’s when it starts to get crazy. You will have “Are you stupid”, “Really!?!?”, and “Come on!!!” eye roll moments because of Nora’s naivete. Also, be prepared for LMN foreshadowing of events to come, but that’s what make these movies fun to watch. You know what will happen, who will do it, and why it happens but how and when are a mystery. So sit back and bring fan with a cold drink of water. This one is fun to watch.

I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars

No, I’m writing – Nora

Nora, I want you to have something … someone real in your life – Scotty

Cause its a journey. You’re searching for that 1 perfect moment and you capture it forever – Lucas

You know we love you and you deserve to have your fun too … just you know … be careful – Margaret

I had writer’s block – Nora

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