#IDidntKillMySister – Review

I Didn’t Kill My Sister – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

I Didn't Kill My Sister

Mason and Carmen, soon to be divorced, are working together as news anchors. Dispite their constant arguing, the put on a brave face for their viewers during the news. Their nasty divorce involves a bitter custody battle over their only daughter Brooke. The custody battle and her friendship with Mason has Heather, Carmen’s sister, stuck in the middle of these embattled spouses. Just as the divorce is coming to a close, Carmen dies. At first it looks like she drank too much and slipped in the pool. But upon further investigation, police discover that her wine was spiked. Now this accidental death is a murder investigation. The police soon discover that everyone in Carmen’s life had a reason to cause her death.

  • Heather was suspisously close to Mason and always wanted to be a reporter like her sister
  • Brooke is upset that her mother wanted to ship her to Switzerland and kept her from her father
  • Mason would have to pay $5000 a month in child support and would be written out of Carmen’s will within a week

An agonizing death in the opening scene makes you feel compassion for Carmen, but within 10 minutes, you will feel that she deserved to die. This Lifetime movie goes for the typical misdirection and drops of clues along the way before the big reveal. This movie only needs your 1st 30 minutes of full attention and the last 30 minutes of your attention. The rest is just white noise. Save it for a day that you need background noise or have nothing better to do. Nothing new here.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Well, on that note … it’s showtime – Carmen

Well, you were born on her side – Mason

There’s a whole world out there you can’t control – Heather

Who’s that cow kidding – Brooke

She throws me a bone every now and then – Wayne

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