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Holiday Hideaway – Review

Holiday Hideaway – BET Her – 3 hours and 0 minutes

Carly loves and celebrates all holidays and has an organized holiday closet filled with decorations and outfits. And this Thanksgiving will not be different. Her boyfriend, Brandon, loves Carly’s enthusiasm but needs to focus on work this year. Carly’s sister, Winnie, brings her husband, Kevin, and their two kids. Winnie helps Carly in the kitchen. Then, Carly and Winnie’s mother, Judy, enters with her husband, Rufus. Winnie and Carly haven’t warmed up to Rufus even though Judy and Rufus have been together for ten years. Winnie isn’t happy to hear Judy brought their brother, Darnell. Winnie and Darnell fight like cats and dogs. Carly maintains the peace between her family while creating Moin Moin for Brandon’s surprise. Then, Carly’s father, Martin, comes to the house with his new girlfriend, Destiny. After another fight, Carly escapes to the kitchen to take a deep breath. Darnell asks her for ice, and Carly deciphers her family started eating without her. She erupts and kicks everyone out. Brandon tries to console her because he wants to propose tonight. Carly never wanted to get married because her parents’ marriage ended horribly. Brandon decides he wants to take a break. This Thanksgiving is officially the worst for Carly.

Carly meets with her boss, Angela, after a failed Zoom call. A new boutique rental property wants Angela’s team to write an article about the company after staying. If the company likes it, they will purchase ad space for a year. Angela ponders what writer to hire because most will be with their families for Christmas. Carly jumps at the opportunity to get away from hers and offers to stay for the article. Angela is confused about Carly’s holiday switch but approves the assignment. Carly gives Winnie the key to her holiday closet and leaves her family for Christmas. Will she find the peace and serenity she needs?

Carly speaks for every person when she holds nothing back from her family. Between self-diagnosed food allergies, combative siblings, and squabbling parents, it’s no wonder Carly caved. However, Brandon is the only victim of her wrath. He adores Carly and wants to build a family with her. So, her rejection breaks his heart. One stand-out in this movie is the conclusion. In other stations, Carly would return in tears apologizing for leaving her family and with renewed Christmas spirit. For BET, Carly loves her family, but the family discovers they overstepped and must make changes. It’s a refreshing twist to a holiday film.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Thank you. I do, don’t I – Judy

Thanks, everyone. I feel the love – Carly

Dad’s newly adopted daughter – Darnell

I was never good at spelling and stuff – Destiny

Just what a guy wants to hear – Brandon

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Sappy Holiday – Review

Sappy Holiday – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Joy wants her boss, Pierre, to promote her to Chief Executive Chef, so she invited an influencer, Cherrie, to rate the restaurant. Cherrie liked her scallops but hated the risotto, so she gave the restaurant a bad review. Joy’s promotion competition, Antonio, made the risotto. Joy comes home disappointed but overhears her boyfriend, Gabe, talking about proposing. She finds an engagement ring in his luggage and thinks about the future. Gabe wants Joy to come to Vermont to visit his family over the holiday and says he called her boss for the time off. Joy wants to meet Gabe’s family but feels he overstepped by requesting time off for her. She returns to work, and Pierre dismisses her and praises Antonio. She looks forward to getting away.

James welcomes his brother, David, David’s wife, Rebecca, and their children, Dillon and Riley, back to the maple syrup farm. However, David comes with a troubling financial report. James owes more money than he can pay back, and David has a buyer ready to take over. James refuses to sell because their family started the farm generations ago. James drinks hot cocoa with Riley, and they wish on a star.

Joy drives to Vermont after finding Gabe-approved clothes for visiting his family. Gabe’s mother is up for re-election, so everything has to be perfect. Joy’s car slips in the snow and burns out the transmission. She calls Gabe to pick her up, but he is too busy and tells her to call a tow truck. Joy sees a car coming and slips, flagging it for help. James checks on Joy and the vehicle. He knows the town’s only mechanic closed shop because a storm is on the horizon. He offers to let Joy stay on the farm. Joy says yes to the stranger after James calls his mom to prove he’s not a psycho. Riley sees Joy and thinks Joy is her wish fulfilled. And Riley is right.

Gabe and Joy’s relationship is doomed when he refuses to pick her up. Compared to James’s family, Gabe’s family is sterile, cold, and pompous. With James’s family, Joy gets the holiday time she craves. She cooks, decorates, and gets enriched in the syrup history. Joy falls in love with James’s family, and they love her. She is the perfect fit. This movie’s plot isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a comforting watch for the holidays.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I got everything I need right here – James

How do I know your mom’s not in on it – Joy

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The First Noelle – Review

The First Noelle – BET/BET Her – 3 hours and 0 minutes

Terrance pulls Noelle out of the pub’s quiz bowl to give her fantastic news. He got the promotion and will head the new London office. This job will keep them apart for six months, the longest they have been apart since they were kids. Terrance thinks their relationship can withstand the distance, so they promise to stay together.

One year later, Noelle works at a publishing company and meets with her highest-selling author, Vincent. She gives him the latest edit on his book when a man with flowers walks into her office. It’s Terrance. They haven’t seen each other since she ended their relationship. Vincent quietly excuses himself so they can talk. They talk, laugh, and tease each other. Then Terrance asks to go out to dinner later. Noelle goes home and starts going through her clothes with her sister, Shavana. Noelle doesn’t want to believe it’s a date, but she dresses to impress.

She meets Terrance at the restaurant and gets comfortable. Then another woman walks in and kisses Terrance. It’s his new girlfriend, Noelle, but she prefers to be called Elle. Noelle composes herself as Elle talks about her life coach, author, and influencer brand. Noelle goes to Shavana’s home and reports the night’s craziness.

Noelle tells her boss, Sabrina, about meeting Elle, and Sabrina is impressed. Sabrina is a fan of Elle’s book and wants to sign Elle for a second. Sabrina tells Noelle that if she gets Elle for a book deal, the publisher company will give Noelle an imprint. Can the first Noelle work with the second while they are both in love with the same man?

Oh, the drama in the film is second to none. Noelle walks a razor’s edge as she creates a marketing strategy for Elle’s next book while devising tactics to get Terrance. And when it hits the fan, you know Elle’s correct as she stands in her truth about the situation. And Noelle’s brother-in-law, David, has one-liners every in-law is dying to say. It’s easy to push this one aside because every holiday movie ends alike. But hang on because the ending will throw you for an honest loop. It is well worth the watch, so keep it on your DVR.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Don’t bring Janet into this – Noelle

I said what I meant to say – Shavana

There’s no such thing as a little mansion – David

I’m a hugger – Elle

No, she sacrifices for me – Terrance

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Holiday Heritage – Review

Holiday Heritage – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ella watches old videos of her grandfather, Riley, giving advice. He deemed Ella the successor of keeping the family together. Ella’s family hasn’t been the same since Riley died, but she will work tirelessly to keep his hope alive. 

As Ella prepares to visit her family, her mother, Micah, calls her. Ella tells Micah she got the building to start her company but didn’t sign the lease. Then, Micah tells Elle that Micah and Micah’s mother, Tess, haven’t gotten along since Riley’s passing. Micah is ready to leave town and move to start a new life and a new bakery. Ella begs Micah not to tell Tess until after she arrives. 

Ella walks into Chapel’s Bakery to see Tess and Micah at odds. Tess wants to stick to traditional dishes, while Micah wants to liven things up with something new. Ella can see Micah’s resentment towards Tess’s dismissive nature and wants to repair the bond like Riley. 

After Christmas tree shopping, Tess, Micah, and Ella come to Tess’s home to decorate the tree. They get the Christmas decorations and find Riley’s Kwanzaa chest. Micah and Tess barely get through decorating without arguing. She meets with her ex-boyfriend, Mayor Griffin, for guidance, and Griffin notices the wedge between the two women. And that wedge saddens him because the Chapels are his second family. Ella decides to work on their relationship. And if Christmas isn’t enough, she will stay through Kwanzaa. But Ella spends too much time focusing on them and ignores her issues. Can these ladies come together before the new year?

These three women are so worried about losing each other that they drive the others away. While Tess ignores Micah’s suggestions, she wants her around. Viewers can see that when she saves a piece of bundt cake for Micah with her name on it. Instead of opening up about her issues, Micah decides to run. Micah has fresh ideas about cooking but refuses to rock the boat to make a change. Ella has one foot at home and the other at work. She’s afraid to commit to anything because she doesn’t want to give up something. Losing their patriarch had a lasting impact on these women. It’s sublime to see White Chocolate Peppermint EclairsCranberry Brie BitesBûche de Noël, and Kwanzaa cookies bind these women to each other and their community.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

It’s my family drama – Ella

This is something that I have to do, Ella – Micah

Stop cutting your eyes at me and say wants on your mind – Tess

I know better than anyone that you can’t change what’s in a person’s heart – Griffin

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A Christmas to Treasure – Review

A Christmas to Treasure – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Riley sees Everett decorating Mrs. Marley’s front porch with Christmas garland and stops him. The town is ready to sell the home. Everett asks Riley what he has to do to save the house. Riley says Everett would have to pay the balance owed on the property taxes and the down payment. That’s roughly $200,000. Everett leaves defeated.

Riley works in his office, and his assistant, Jeannie, runs in with a letter in a red envelope. Inside is a letter from Mrs. Marley with clues to a treasure map. When Riley was young, Mrs. Marley would make treasure maps for him and his friends, Everett, Tipper, Clay, Michelle, and Austin. Mrs. Marley instructed her lawyer to send the letters one year after she died. Everett runs into Riley’s office with his letter. They call their friends to see if they got letters too.

Austin and Tipper own an event company, and they hooked a wealthy client with a wild party idea. The client likes the idea but doesn’t think they have enough people and space to pull it off. Tipper and Austin promise they are going to expand and deliver the goods. They receive their letters. Tipper is excited, but Austin worries. The last time he saw Everett, they broke up. Tipper knows he tracks Everett’s social media weekly but doesn’t want to talk to him.

Clay and Michelle are happily married with booming careers. Clay is a famous basketball player, and Michelle is the P.R. representative for half the team. They get their letters from Mrs. Marley. They don’t care about the money, but they miss their friends and the hunt. They arrive at the property and speculate how much it’s worth. Most of them believe it’s just a game. Others heard rumors that Mrs. Marley was a wealthy woman with money on the property. These six friends will honor Mrs. Marley while finding a treasure and each other.

This endearing movie is reminiscent of P.S. I Love You (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Someone from beyond the grave writes a letter to help loved ones. Mrs. Marley saw that Everett and Austin belonged together, and she created the hunt to help them see that. Also, her six letters had a ripple effect on Ricky, Clay, Michelle, Tipper, and the community. This film shines a spotlight on the different results of coming out and their impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. The movie is fun, but the pace slows down too many times.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t tempt me – Ricky

What if there really is a buried treasure out there – Austin

I still don’t like you – Michelle

Then you must be chipper – Tipper

I hope you didn’t leave Ricky high and dry in a pool of his own tears – Clay

You deserve better, especially from your best friend – Everett

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Record Breaking Christmas – Review

Record Breaking Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Leah is an adjudicator for world record breakers and goes on the yearly assignments during the holidays. This year, Jin will accompany her to learn the ropes. However, Jin has pogonophobia and a fear of large groups singing. Jin faints when Santa enters as co-workers sing carols. Leah and Jin drive into a small town that wants to break six records for the holidays. Leah worries about the bump on Jin’s head and pulls over for help. Devan sees them pull over and checks on Jin. Devan tells Leah that Jin will be fine but shouldn’t drive. Then, Devan leaves for an important meeting. Leah and Jin go to the town hall to meet the Mayor and other townspeople.

Dr. Devan left the big city after his mother got sick. He loves knowing his patients and their dreams. Main Street stores have a hard time staying afloat. Devan remembers the town had a big boom in business after they broke the record for the largest iced Christmas Cookie. He believes if they can conquer a new record, it will increase foot traffic. Since the Mayor spread the buzz on social media, business and news reports picked up. Everyone has their job, but Devan has the most important job: charming the adjudicator. 

Leah and Jin walk into the town hall, and Devan stops cold because he remembers her. Leah lays down the rules for record-breaking and some hard truths. Only 4% of record-breaking attempts succeed, and Leah hasn’t witnessed one. She hopes the town can make one of their six, but she must maintain a healthy distance and remain impartial. And she will teach Jin to do the same. But with Devan around, Leah will break all her rules and find a love for the record books.

Leah follows the rules and creates unique names for each of them. She will make sure the town follows the letter of the law by counting Christmas cards, watching a mistletoe kiss, and dating a fruitcake. However, she sacrifices her life by playing everything close to the vest. Yes, her budding love for Devan helps her see it. But it’s Jin’s actions that make her recognize the error of her ways. The resulting romance is in the opening credits. So viewers don’t worry about Devan and Leah. But your heart will break for the town when they fail. They are your motivation to watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

That is quite a bump. So was it a right hook, or is she a southpaw – Devin

It’s a lot more disappointing than it sounds – Leah

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A New Diva’s Christmas Carol – Review

A New Diva’s Christmas Carol – VH1 – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Singer Aphrodite screams at a salesperson for everything. But she loses her cool when her video comes on the TV. Her song was the love song for the ages, and fans played it at weddings, proms, and parties for 15 years. She hates the song that made her a household name. As she storms out of the boutique, the lights flicker, and her assistant, Venita, follows. 

Aphrodite arrives at her TV show, Pop the Question, and raises hell for everyone. The show’s producer tells Aphrodite to pick a contestant to sing with, or the show is over. Everyone thinks Aphrodite should pick Brianna. Viewers describe Brianna as the new Aphrodite. Brianna witnesses Aphrodite acting mean but tells her girlfriend, Kyra, that Aphrodite has a big heart. Brianna sings and asks Aphrodite to sing with her. After another tantrum and a walk-off, Aphrodite says yes. Later, Brianna wants to sing Aphrodite’s hit song together, and Aphrodite vehemently says no. She wrote a new song that discredits love and changes Brianna’s wardrobe. Brianna puts all her trust in Aphrodite because Kyra is sick. Brianna wants to make it in the industry to help Kyra. 

Aphrodite drinks and walks around confused until she doesn’t know her location. Then she sees three spirits appear in front of her. They are Bastia, Zero, and Zara. Bastia represents truth and wisdom. Zara is the embodiment of compassion, and the outspoken Zero is the incarnation of service. Together they make up pure love. Over the years, Aphrodite lost her connection with love. And without it, she will end up in the cold, lonely abyss. Aphrodite doesn’t believe them until they take her there. Bastia, Zero, and Zara will show Aphrodite her life of love. Can they save Aphrodite from the abyss?

This updated movie puts a spin on the well-known Christmas Carol. The spirits don’t represent the past, present, and future. They are the pillars of love, and love is one of the most important aspects of Christmas. Aphrodite looks like a spoiled pop princess until you meet her mother. Her mother put venom into Aphrodite’s heart from a young age. You will tear up for Aphrodite through the years. Life convinced her that she was not worthy or deserving of love. While this film makes you feel every emotion, it reminds you that Ashanti can sing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). And you will want this single ASAP.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, now that you mention it – Aphrodite

Awesome. I love my job – Venita

No angry sweat today – Brianna

You don’t wanna be here. We don’t wanna be here, so let’s not be here – Bastia

Can I lick your face – Zero

I love the intention. But no, it’s not – Zara

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The Holiday Sitter – Review

The Holiday Sitter – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kathleen and her husband, Nate, get a phone call from the hospital. Their birth mother is about to have their adoptive baby girl. They are ecstatic but panic because the baby is early. They need someone to watch Miles and Dania, their children. They don’t have family in the area and consider their neighbor, Jason. They hired Jason as a contractor for their nursery, and he watched the kids in the past. However, this would be much longer, and they believe it’s unfair to ask. So, they have no choice but to call Kathleen’s brother, Sam. The last time Sam watched the kids, they needed the fire department.

Sam packs for his trip to Hawaii for Christmas until he gets a call from Kathleen. She promises it will only be a few days, so Sam postpones his trip and drives to Kathleen and Nate’s home. They leave Sam take-out menus and a detailed schedule for the kids. Kathleen and Nate promise their children that they will be back by Christmas. Sam gets a decent night’s rest but, unfortunately, wakes up in a coffee-free house. Dania demands Christmas pancakes, but the restaurant with this item is closed. So, Sam tries to make them himself and almost causes another fire. Jason enters and makes the pancakes for Sam to feed the children, and Sam begs Jason to stay and offers to pay. Jason mentions that he wants to adopt a child, but attorney’s fees are too expensive. Sam promises to write a check for the amount Jason needs if he helps with the kids. While this isn’t the holiday Sam and Jason expected, it will give them their happily ever after together.

This movie is funny and touching at just the right moments. Sam puts his foot down about being childfree until he opens up about why. He doesn’t dislike children, but he never considered it a possibility for his life. Jason always wanted kids and tried to follow the route that society calls traditional. He has a job, home, and time, but not a partner. He decided not to wait for the fairytale to provide a child with a loving and nurturing home. Jason lives the phrase of not waiting for the seat a the table. He makes his.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

He did pay for it – Nate

That’s what she said – Kathleen

I’m feeling very Maria von Trap meets the Captain – Sam

Well, I’m tired of waiting for my happily ever after to start – Jason

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Single and Ready to Jingle – Review

Single and Ready to Jingle – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma is ready to leave Christmas behind. Once again, she designed the 2nd best toy in the country, and her competitor, Fletcher, is number one. She asks her assistant, Lucy, to book her on a non-Christmas single tropical vacation. Lucy finds a singles resort in St. John for tomorrow.

Emma boards the flight and falls asleep before the announcements. She wakes up to see snow on the tarmac. Emma disembarks and tells the customer service representative the plane didn’t go to St. John. He tells her that she is in St. John, Alaska. In sandals, a sundress, and a straw hat, Emma requests the representative book her on the next flight out. He can’t because the snow is coming down too hard. She hears a man, Connor, off to the side chuckle quietly. She confronts him about laughing at her misfortune. He offers to help, but she declines at first. The weather and lack of cabs and hotels change her mind, and she gets a ride to the only B&B in town. Connor’s sister, Callie, runs it with her wife, Anna, as the cook.

They put Emma in the Candy Cane suite, and Emma rolls her eyes. She calls Lucy and demands a new flight. However, no flights will leave Alaska for days. Connor tells Emma to make the best of the situation. Emma admits she wants nothing to do with Christmas because the holiday is spreadsheets and sales. Connor believes Emma is celebrating Christmas all wrong, and he will help her enjoy it again. But will Emma stick around when she discovers Connor’s secret?

This holiday mix-up is funny in the beginning. But Emma’s hard-headed ways make the laughter dissipate quickly. Instead of being strong and confident, Emma appears to be a know-it-all whiner. This attitude makes it less appealing when Connor reveals his secret. Emma deserves this twist for all her mean and cruel comments about the B&B. Yes, you are in the wrong St. John, but you take it out on other people. No matter how inconsiderate Emma is to them, Connor, Callie, and Anna maintain their hospitality.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

2nd place is like being the 1st place loser – Emma

Sounds like you’re in a hurry – Lucy

Are they designed for -20 – Connor

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A Prince and Pauper Christmas – Review

A Prince and Pauper Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Agent Sydney has to keep an eye on her confidential informant Patrick because he keeps trying to run away. Patrick is a petty thief but will steal for hire. Sydney heard someone wanted to hire Patrick to steal something. Sydney has proof that Vincent’s boss deals in black market goods and wants to catch him in the act. Vincent and a wired Patrick meet to discuss what Vincent’s boss wants Patrick to steal. Patrick realizes the room has a hidden camera but plays it cool. He pulls a recently illegally acquired diamond bracelet out of his pocket to prove he should get the job. Vincent agrees and says his boss will contact Patrick later.

Prince Alexander embarrassed the throne yet again with his playboy antics. His father, King Claude, threatens to pull Alexander out of succession from the throne if he doesn’t get his act together. Claude forces Alexander to change his image by attending a holiday benefit. And Alexander must take his butler, Grady, to keep an eye on him.

Patrick sees Alexander in the lobby, bumps into him, and steals Alexander’s watch. Sydney spies Alexander there and thinks it’s Patrick. She tells him to go to her room, and he believes an American woman is flirting with him. Sydney returns to her room and discovers Alexander is Patrick’s doppelgänger. Alexander informs Sydney about the missing watch, and she vows to find it and Patrick. If her boss, Agent Cushing, learns Patrick is gone, Sydney could lose her promotion and job. Alexander offers to be Patrick until they can find him. Can Sydney and Alexander pull off the switch and find Patrick before this fragile house of cards falls?

The switch movie isn’t new to this network, but it’s a fresh take on the season with a heist worthy of White Collar (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It has several layers of criminals running separate cons, including Patrick. When Patrick discovers he is a dead ringer for Alexander, he decides to take over Alexander’s life to steal the crown jewels. Mr. Stoddard gives a terrific performance of Alexander and Patrick by making their demeanor and voices distinct. It makes the change believable. So watch this when you can give your full attention, or you will miss everything.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What can I say? Stealing treasure is my pleasure – Patrick

I know. It just sounds so boring – Alexander

Try it, and I’ll jingle your bells so bad that you will never be able to ride in a one-horse open sleigh ever again – Sydney

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Santa’s Got Style – Review

Santa’s Got Style – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Madison’s boss, Andrea, calls Madison upset. Madison sent their client, Paul Grant, the department store’s numbers without creative accounting. The numbers prove that women spend more money than men, and Andrea wants Madison to think of an idea to capitalize on that fact.

Ethan is a former model who runs a talent agency. Madison put him in the friend zone years ago, but he has a crush on her. Last year, Ethan watched as Madison’s boyfriend broke up with her during her party. Ethan’s friend, make-up artist Matthew, thinks it’s time for Ethan to let down his guard. Then, Madison calls because she has an idea for an updated Santa. Instead of the big red suit, Santa can keep the classic beard but wear a stylish tuxedo. She wants Ethan to find the right Santa for the job.

During the first round of auditions, Madison, Paul, and Andrea can’t find a suitable model for Santa. Matthew tells Ethan to try out and adds a fake beard and hair to Ethan. Ethan enters the boardroom, and their jaws hit the floor. They ask Ethan his name, and he makes up Rafe Hollifield. As Ethan and Madison spend more time together promoting the store, Ethan worries Madison is falling in love with Rafe. Will Ethan tell the truth, or will Ethan lose the woman he loves to the man he made up?

This movie is a typical holiday watch until Ethan has to be in two places at once. And let’s not forget the over-enthusiastic security guard, Adam. They can call him crazy, but he’s right about Stylin’ Santa. It’s unnerving to believe make-up and hair can confuse Madison. She’s known Ethan since he was a kid. However, the script counters this belief by having his mother not recognize him. So if mom doesn’t know it’s you, no one will. This film is a 2-hour escape from the family.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t say lie. You have to get creative with the truth – Andrea

The friend zone is killing me – Ethan

So is that remotely good for the planet – Madison

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A Christmas Prayer – Review

A Christmas Prayer – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Pastor Andre runs a faithful church and inspires them with his testimony. Decades ago, Andre was an alcoholic with a rap sheet. Andre received his 25-year chip and blessed the lord for seeing him through. He stands at the pulpit and reminds the congregation the church is throwing a Christmas Benefit concert for families affected by an apartment fire.

The board members call an emergency meeting. After the previous pastor died, his estate handled his business affairs. The estate owns the building but not the land. The state sold the land to a developer who chose to bulldoze the church and build a shopping center. Andre discovers the developer is his old high school friend, Ken. Ken wants to take down the church by January 1st, meaning Andre will have to cancel the concert. Andre pleads with Ken to keep the church, but Ken says the shopping center will aid the community by eliminating the food desert. Andre tells Ken the church serves the town’s soul. Andre believes Ken owes him because Andre took the rap for Ken when Ken was the golden boy selling drugs. Ken refuses to budge.

Andre goes to the bar to talk to the owner, Monica, about an AA attendee. A woman, Roxie, approaches Andre and hugs him. Roxie was Andre’s girlfriend before he went to jail and got saved. Roxie and Andre converse until Roxie’s boyfriend, Silas, pulls her way. Monica tells Andre to ignore it, but he follows them. He catches Silas beating Roxie in the bathroom and threatens to kill Silas.

The police arrested Andre because Roxie filed a domestic abuse claim against him. The judge sets Andre’s bail at $500,000 and his trial date for January 4th. Monica comes to visit Andre because she has evidence of the bathroom assault. But Andre tells Monica to get rid of it because Roxie could go to jail for filing a false police report. He requests that Monica aid the church with keeping the land and the concert. Andre believes God has a purpose for his stint, and he will see it through.

This faith-based holiday movie packs a lot into two hours. One lesson is redemption; Ken and Roxie both need it for their wrongdoings. They believe they have the high ground or fear repercussions, but they must fix things to become whole again. The second lesson is about faith. When Andre gets his sentence, several board members want to close the church, remove Andre as the pastor, and cancel the concert. They lose their way without faith in the church, the pastor, and themselves. Be careful if you DVR this movie. You may need to add a few minutes because the conclusion happens in 5 minutes. If your DVR stops early, you will miss it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

No, Ken. They need love and compassion – Andre

Hey, I’m not here to throw stones or go down memory lane – Ken

Like I trusted you to leave it alone – Monica

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The Gift of Peace – Review

The Gift of Peace – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

It’s been years since Traci painted because she lost her muse. Her husband, Greg, would play the piano while Traci painted her masterpieces. Two years ago, Greg became ill. He kept his faith in God until he died. Traci’s friend, Jayce, tells Traci about the time she attended a support group. It allowed Jayce to hell, and she thinks it can do the same for Traci.

Traci attends her first support group with Michael leading. Michael starts to pray, but bad memories flood Traci’s mind, and she leaves. Michael goes after her, and she tells him it’s too much for her. Michael knows not to rush her process and backs away but extends an offer for Traci to return.

Michael goes to a gallery, and Traci spills paint on him. He convinces her to give the support group another try. She attends but doesn’t speak. Michael and the group members understand this is a part of healing. Michael engages Traci by mentioning they need someone to help paint the trains. She accepts and slowly begins the healing process with the group. Seeing Traci’s growth makes Michael confront his past too.

This movie has a calming presence for this holiday season. The writers created a story about faith and grieving that heals the spirit. Jayce can see that Traci is at risk of being stuck in the depression stage, so she gently suggests the support group can help Traci get to acceptance. Also, other members build each other up and lend a helpful ear, understanding tear, or a quiet place to reflect. No one says ‘move on’ or ‘get over it.’ This film teaches grief and how to help people grieve.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I don’t make the rules, but I do enforce them – Traci

The hardest part is just showing up – Michael

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A Christmas Fumble – Review

A Christmas Fumble – OWN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nicole is a highly sought-after fixer. After successfully changing a protest to a toy drive, Nicole meets with her boss, Paxton. She has holiday brochures on her desk for Turks and Caicos with her boyfriend, Greg, but Paxton tells Nicole to put them on hold. Social media is canceling former quarterback, now TV anchor Jordan. His former college teammate, Mark, says Jordan took improper benefits while attending Drake University, and more people are coming forward with information. Nicole looks up Mark’s bio and discovers he runs a homeless shelter and has a squeaky-clean image. This image makes him radioactive for Jordan. They will make her partner if she can fix Jordan’s career before Christmas Eve.

Nicole meets with Jordan to discuss a strategy to repair his image. Jordan tells Nicole that his job and scholarship are at stake. Then, Jordan’s fiancé, Lacey, comes in with a camera crew. Nicole thinks she is a reporter and tries to kick her out. But Lacey explains they are for her and Jordan’s reality show. Also, she hosts an entertainment show and keeps her fans up-to-date about every move she makes. She wants to post about Jordan and the wedding planning to get fans on his side. Nicole tells Lacey that her plan will backfire. And Lacey should postpone the wedding and cancel the reality show. Lacey refuses to do either and leaves. Jordan apologizes because he knows Nicole is good at her job. They did date in college, and he proposed at graduation. But Nicole didn’t want him to pick between her going to law school or him going pro, so she said no. Can Nicole fix Jordan’s image without Paxton finding out about their history so she can get a promotion?

Scandal fans unite (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)! Nicole comes guns blazing to any situation. And god, have mercy on anyone standing her way. She fights tooth and nail for Jordan to come out on top, but she has obstacles. Lacey won’t stop promoting herself for Jordan’s career, and Jordan doesn’t want to exploit positive aspects of his life. Also, she has to keep her past a secret from Paxton and the firm. While the romantic side of the movie will end as expected, it will take mutually assured destruction to fix Jordan’s career.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t know why this is happening. College was over 15 years ago – Jordan

Did you just compare yourself to LeBron James – Nicole

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Christmas Class Reunion – Review

Christmas Class Reunion – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In 2007, Elle worked hard to create her class’s dream winter formal while getting early admission to Stanford. Elle’s friend, Sam, marvels at Elle’s accomplishments but wonders why Elle doesn’t dare to talk to her crush, Cam. Elle wishes for a romance like her friends, Katie and Jay. They are the school’s cutest couple. Before Elle answers Sam, the principal calls Elle and Devin on stage to announce the royal court. Elle and Bryce win. And to celebrate, Devin makes its snow inside. Everything is beautiful until the snow device sparks and causes the sprinkler system to activate. Since that night, every 2007 reunion ends before it starts.

This year, Elle plans the reunion at Christmas because her classmates will be in town to celebrate the holidays with their families. While most people RSVP’ed, Cam hasn’t. Elle meticulously checks every detail to ensure the class of 2007 will break the curse. Sam is a successful anchor on a morning show. However, she still feels like Elle’s shy best friend. Sam felt overlooked throughout high school. And she never wants to feel that way again. Devin is a single father to Skylar and runs a party decor business. Elle doesn’t know she’s been working with him, and he still has a crush on her. Jay and Katie are real estate agents, but their marriage is in shambles. However, they promise to get along in front of their friends. Elle meets with her friends and assumes they have lives like hers. Then, Elle receives a call from her assistant, Alma. Her company is in legal trouble, and the CEO is on the run. Elle assures Alma everything will be ok and focuses on the reunion. She has no idea this is the first snowflake in an avalanche. 

Based on Christmas Class Reunion by Robin Paul, viewers get a detailed introduction about each of the characters (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). So when the script fast-forwards 15 years in the future, you know what they expected from their lives. Sam, Elle, and Devin have their dreams fulfilled. Nevertheless, high school drama plagues them. Jay and Katie have thriving careers, but they choose to maintain a ‘happy marriage’ lie in front of their friends. They need to be honest and lean on each other. Not only for their happiness but to bring the reunion together. This film has funny, charming, and loving moments but it won’t be the stand-out this holiday season.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I was fun back then. Still am – Devin

Like you don’t have any unfortunate photos of your high school self – Sam

Wow, definitely not how I saw this year going – Jay

They’d be disappointed. Just like we are – Katie

This Christmas class reunion will happen – Elle

Find, shop for, and watch Hallmark movies on Amazon (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

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