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Boyfriends of Christmas Past – Review

Boyfriends of Christmas Past – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lauren works for Zenith Gold Media, and a baking company asked Zenith to help them rebrand.  Lauren’s boss gives the team until Christmas Eve to come up with a campaign.  Luckily Lauren only had plans with her best friend, Nate, and dinner with her dad and step-mom scheduled this holiday.  Nate plans to throw a Christmas party for the kids at his community center and wants Lauren to be his plus one.  She agrees with a smile.  She goes home to work on the campaign, and Nate sends her hot chocolate and gingerbread.  After hours of thinking with no luck, Lauren goes to bed.  She wakes up to the sound of a stir and sees a teenager in her living room.  It’s her 1st high school boyfriend, Tyler.  He tells her that she needs to learn a lesson before she makes a huge mistake.  Three ex-boyfriends will visit Lauren to help her see where all her relationships went wrong.  If she doesn’t discover the error of her ways, they will doom Lauren’s love life and holiday forever.

Based on Boyfriends of Christmas Past by Erika Marks, this cinematic twist to the Charles Dickens classic has a few funny moments, but it doesn’t require your full attention (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While she works to uncover her past holiday breakups, Lauren ignores Nate’s attraction to her.  She fears losing him like every other man in her life, so she continuously puts him in the friend zone.  When you discover that Lauren knows Nate likes her, you realize there is more to the story.  She pulls away from love during the holiday because of an unhealed wound.  And watching Lauren peel this onion will keep you viewing until the end.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

What do you have against tastebuds – Nate

We’re right on the cusp of retirement – Lauren

I love gingerbread – Tyler

Sounds like a made up excuse – Jake

I think your kinda missing the whole point here – Henry

You’re just scared – Logan

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You, Me, and The Christmas Trees – Review

You, Me, and The Christmas Trees – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Olivia, an evergreen horticulturist, wants to avoid the manufactured holidays with her parents.  So when Jack calls her with a tree emergency, she jumps at the chance to help him.  For the past 100 years, Jack’s family owned a Christmas tree lot.  But this year, the trees die within two days of cutting them.  Jack has no idea why his trees are dying so fast, so he calls Olivia, the rumored tree whisperer.  On the way to Connor’s Tree Farm, Olivia’s GPS starts to malfunction, and she slams on her brakes, causing Jack to run into her.  After an embarrassing back and forth, they realize they are headed to the same place to see each other.  They resolve to meet at the farm, but Olivia’s muffler falls off.  The mechanic tells Olivia it will be a day before he can fix it.  Much to Jack’s surprise, Olivia is happy to hear this news.  While she and Jack work on the trees, she gets to enjoy traditional Christmas festivities.  Olivia realizes how much fun she missed with her family and wants to share the joy.  But as her connection to Jack and the tree farm grow more fruitful, can she leave it behind to build new family bonds?

This plot pulls Olivia in several directions.  She does research to fix the trees while falling in love with Jack.  She becomes a part of the tree standoff between Jack and his rival, Duane.  Her parents call her daily to see when she will come home.  And the townspeople are fond of her and want her to join in the festivities.  With so many responsibilities, Olivia learns the importance of family and the holidays.  But she also discovers how to speak up for herself and her needs.  This start to the Countdown to Christmas season shows promise and lots of life lessons for the family.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m all about evergreens. I don’t do hedges – Olivia

They call her the Christmas tree whisper. It’s a bit much if you ask me – Jack

That’s a great start, Jack – Lisa

Good day – Duane

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For Love or Murder – Review

For Love or Murder – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

At her parents’ funeral, Angela gets emotional support from her fiancé, Levi, and best friend, Mia.  Across the grave, Angela spies on her estranged brother, Michael.  Since communication ceased ten years ago, she assumed Michael wasn’t coming.  Michael walks over to Angela and introduces his fiancée, Olivia.  They exchange polite greetings and agree to put the past behind them and start anew.  Later, Angela comes to Michael’s home, and they talk about their childhood.  When Angela mentions she is a wedding planner, Michael implores Olivia to hire Angela.  Olivia reluctantly says yes and berates Michael for his uncompromised suggestion.  Later, Olivia comes to Angela’s shop, and Angela works a miracle for Olivia’s wedding.  Impressed, Olivia invites Angela to have lunch with her bridesmaids, Brenda, Dani, and Morgan.  At lunch, Olivia isn’t impressed by Levi’s job and tells Angela to leave Levi for a rich man.  Angela ignores Olivia’s rude comments but notices she talks like this to all of her friends.  A few days later, Olivia inquires about Angela’s parents’ will.  So Angela and Olivia look for it.  When Olivia reads that Michael’s parents wrote him out, she panics.  Angela promises to split it 50/50.  Angela calms down and vows not to tell Michael about the will’s contents.  As the couples have dinner, they hear a bang on the window.  Brenda screams that Olivia gave her bogus heart pills for her husband, Howard, and he died.  When Olivia tries to defend herself, Brenda tells them she had the capsules tested, and they were calcium, not medicine.  Brenda promises to make Olivia pay.  With Olivia’s words and actions, Angela worries that Michael is marrying a dangerous woman.  Angela looks into Olivia’s past and finds information that she can’t ignore.  Angela must save her brother before Olivia takes his life.

First, give this movie a chance because the final 10 minutes will make every predictable moment worth it.  While the script gave you some foreshadowing for these twists, you won’t be paying attention to the smallest detail.  Second, Olivia disguises her harsh comments as helpful advice.  Each time Olivia opens her mouth, you will clutch your pearls and feel a rage within you.  But these comments have a purpose.  They let you decide if she is an ill-advising gold digger or a manipulative murderer.  Let’s say that the final recap will have you stunned and ready to watch again.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Come on, woman.  Make an honest man out of me already – Levi

Like real housewives meets investigation discovery – Angela

Suicide? She was in the middle of cooking. No one decides to kill themselves while roasting a chicken – Mia

The phone works both ways, you know – Olivia

So sis, what’s been on your mind – Michael

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Made – Review

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Made – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

As Norman and Rita prepare to close on a new home, Shane sees Oliver is more preoccupied with Norman and Rita’s mailbox than their upcoming wedding.  Back at the Dead Letter Office, Norman and Rita conduct temp interviews for someone to help out during Shane and Oliver’s honeymoon.  One of the interviewees, Phoenix, sees a clump of letters stuck together.  Norman and Rita explained that syrup spilled on the envelopes.  But with Norman’s expertise, they will pull them apart.  Before they finish the explanation, Phoenix rips the letters trying to get them apart.  The Postables look at the torn envelope and can’t make out the address, but they see a child’s drawing on the inside.  Once the letter is clean, they conclude someone wrote the letter for a boy named Owen with leukemia.  The writer wants to locate Fred, Owen’s best friend, to comfort Owen in his time of need.  Oliver is determined to find Fred, Owen, and the letter’s author, but it could already be too late for Owen.  As Shane tries to deal with her mother, Sharon, she worries that Oliver is getting cold feet and uses Owen’s case as a shield.  Before the end, Shane will feel the deep hurt in Oliver’s heart that connects him to Owen.

Be ready for brotherhood, love, and adoption in this Postables fairytale.  As you watch, you worry about Owen’s fate because the write drafted the letter years ago.  And there is a chance Owen passed away.  You wait with bated breath as the Postables look for Fred and Owen.  This story of lost love will bring a tear to your eye and expand the Postables story to the next level.  This film sheds light on Oliver’s past and guides viewers to both couples’ futures.  Fans will look forward to more stories to come.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure this mailbox meets post office regulation – Oliver

That’s about 20 years longer than my mortgage – Norman

Trust the timing – Rita

She is the kettle of crazy – Shane

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The Fight Never Ends – Review

The Fight Never Ends – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After returning home from prison, Hoover J comes to the open arms of his family and gang.  With no job prospects, he goes back to the life of crime he knows.  While filling up at a gas station, someone shoots J’s car multiple times.  He runs to Leon at the Family Helpline to get his car out of the impound lot.  Before J goes to see Leon, Beverly, the associate director, runs interference before Joanne, the new intern can intervene.  Beverly knows that Joanne is uninformed about J’s past.  So Beverly goes to Leon to get the money for Hoover J.  While waiting, Joanne talks to J and exchanges phone numbers with him.  He offers to show her an authentic look at Compton.  Joanne grew up a far cry from Compton in an affluent suburb.  While she works full-time for a game show, she wants to do something more meaningful with her time.  She saw a news article about Leon and the Family Helpline and decided to intern, but there is something about J that she can’t forget.  Joanne meets J for lunch and listens to his ideas about improving the neighborhood.  She thinks he could be an asset to Leon, but Leon won’t hire him.  Leon put the Family Helpline in a neutral location so the assistance wouldn’t be gang territory.  After turning down Joanne’s request to hire J, Leon forbids her to see J again.  She takes Leon’s advice with a grain of salt and uses it to fuel her next campaign with J by her side and in her heart.

As Shakespeare wrote, “These violent delights have violent ends,” and you wait for the impending doom to come (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As you wait, you hope that Joanne and J can get their force for good, Future N Action, going to a good start.  As the world tries to pull them apart, it pushes them into each others’ arms for safety and comfort.  With that said, the film progressed slowly and dedicated its time to justifying Joanne’s actions instead of solidifying J’s aspirations.  Hopefully, this movie and J’s words can get others to change their actions and be a beacon for hope.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

The people who call here have real problems and need real help – Leon

Do you know anyone famous – Beverly

Does it always feel this good – Joanne

You wanna save somebody, save your own people – Hoover J

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Calling for Love – Review

Calling for Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jake performs roadside assistance for Becky and works up the nerve to ask Becky for her number.  She enters it into Jake’s phone and drives away.  Unfortunately, Jake drops his phone, and a truck runs over it.  Without auto-syncing, Becky’s number is gone.  At the local podcast station, Sam’s numbers dwindle, and producers want to cancel her show.  One day, the host of Love Beats goes into labor, and Sam temporarily takes over her spot.  During a segment, Jake calls in and tells Sam about his hopes to find Becky.  Jake believes he is in love, but Sam thinks he is in lust.  Sam tells him to get over Becky and refuses to play his song request.  After the show, listeners are in love with Jake and call him Jumpstart Jake.  They decide to make Jake’s call a segment by helping him find Becky.  With her numbers climbing, Sam reluctantly takes the show on the road for Jake’s quest for love.  But this search for love will spark the cynicism and passion in Sam.

This movie is a sweet and uncomplicated watch.  While the search for Becky is fruitful, it doesn’t take long to see her social and economic motivation.  You know it’s a matter of time before Sam and Jake find their feelings for each other.  Their love does hit a snag when Jake uncovers Sam’s secret, but she sees the error in her ways when she gets her dream interview and falls flat on her face.  Sometimes it takes misfortune for someone to appreciate their blessings in front of them.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Sparks burn houses down, Greta.  Love is built – Sam

Why didn’t I turn of syncing – Jake

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Fighting for Her Family – Review

Fighting for Her Family – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Devina and Rick face disappointment when their latest embryo implant doesn’t work.  Devina wants to start IVF treatments immediately with the hopes that the 5th time will be the charm.  During dinner with her disapproving mother, Ani, Devina gets ill and runs to the bathroom.  Ani blames the illness on onions and Rick.  Ani thinks Rick makes Devina change herself for him, but Devina disagrees.  At work, Devina gets sick again.  Her co-worker, Tori, senses Devina is pregnant.  Two pregnancy tests later, Devina confirms Tori’s suspicion.  Devina tells Rick, and he beams with pride and disbelief.  Doctors gave Devina zero hope of getting pregnant on her own.  As her pregnancy progresses, Devina’s symptoms worsen.  When Devina explains her issues to her sister-in-law, Dr. Maggie, Maggie begs Devina to get a second opinion.  The second doctor diagnoses Devina with pulmonary hypertension that can lead to heart failure.  Any treatments Devina takes will put the baby at risk, but the baby is too small for delivery now.  Devina decides to withhold treatment until the baby is well enough for delivery and not to tell Ani.  The decision Devina makes will leave her in a coma and put her daughter’s life at risk.

Watch this movie from the beginning because it goes back and forth throughout the timeline to create suspense.  You see what Devina fought so hard for sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for an exam.  But Devina is nowhere to be found.  Remember, actual events inspired this movie.  During the recap, you will see that everything didn’t happen as it did in the film.  However, this should not take away from the lessons learned.  No one should ignore a mother’s instinct when it comes to her body or her unborn baby.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You are definitely our mother’s daughter – Richard

Neither for me Rick – Devina

Are you making your dad cry – Maggie

I’ve been wrong before but I don’t think I am this time – Ani

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Advice to Love By – Review

Advice to Love By – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A host for a local morning show interviews Kendall about her new book.  In her book, Kendall uses science to find love.  She believes that numbers are the basis of anything.  During the interview, they question Kendall about Dr. Lovestruck.  He is a well-known love advice columnist in the local paper.  Kendall tells the host that Dr. Lovestruck is all fluff and no substance, and this revelation leaves Nathan shocked because he is Dr. Lovestruck.  And Nathan watched her put down his work on TV.  At work, Nathan admits to his friend, Larry, that he did the column to be a team player and get a promotion.  However, he can never reveal he is Dr. Lovestruck.  Now, his boss wants to give Nathan a chance with his next assignment: an interview.  If he does a good job, Nathan will get a promotion.  But he has to interview Kendall without revealing his alter ego.  After a book signing, Ella, Kendall’s editor, tells Kendall about the interview and another book deal.  But this time, the publisher wants Kendall to get personal.  The publishers believe it’s hard to give love advice when you are single.  Kendall worries that if she includes herself, it will impede her research.  However, Elle believes the interview will be a step in the right direction.  Nathan and Kendall meet over coffee and have a productive conversation.  After coffee, Kendall decides to use her interviews as dating analysis.  However, Nathan will use it to compare techniques.  While Kendall tells Nathan her intentions for the interviews, Nathan doesn’t relinquish his.  As Kendall falls in love, will Nathan’s deception bring her back to earth?

This movie is an easy watch for date ideas and grand gesture suggestions.  Other than that, it’s a slow burn to a predictable outcome.  When your favorite and most memorable part of a movie is the comic relief, you know something isn’t vying for your attention.  You lose interest in the leading couple and the subplot couple very quickly.  While the settings and suggestions are inventive, the script leaves nothing to desire.  This movie is pure background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

That’s funny.  I feel like the interview’s already started – Kendall

It’s about time – Ella

It doesn’t surprise me that something unexpected turned into something romantic – Nathan

So basically dating – Joy

She does not deserve you – Larry

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