#PoolBoyNightmare and #DerangedGranny – TV Reviews

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Deranged Granny – Review

Deranged Granny – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After losing their child during childbirth, Ethan and Lucy’s marriage fell apart.  Ethan’s mom, Barbara, thought another child was a solution, but Lucy wouldn’t consider it.  After the divorce, Ethan cut Barbara out of his life.  He felt her overbearing ways strained his marriage.  Two years later, Ethan meets Kendall.  She has two children, Amy and Bobby, and co-parents with her ex-husband, Calvin.  During Kendall’s meeting with Ethan, Calvin drops the kids off early, and they want pizza now.  Kendall jokes about dragging Ethan along, but she is pleasantly surprised when he accepts.  After months of dating, Ethan asks Kendall to marry him.  However, she wants to know about his family.  So, Kendall finds Barbara and, without Ethan’s knowledge, invites Barbara over to their home for lunch.  Ethan decides to bury the hatchet and lets Barbara back into his life.  Barbara meets Amy and Bobby and can’t wait to be their grandmother.  She dotes on and spoils them with trips, treats, and technology.  With the kids on Barbara’s side, she will manipulate, threaten, and poison anyone who tries to take them away.

The title is 100% correct for this movie.  Barbara is truly a deranged grandma.  Covered under the guise of normal grandma activities, Barbara can infiltrate Ethan and Kendall’s life and turn the children against them.  With linguistic programming, Barbara creates secrets, drives wedges, and makes divisive comments to accomplish her goal of dominating the family.  The plot gives the viewer a glimpse of why Barbara is fixated on having children but doesn’t delve too much more.  No one can play deranged quite like Wendie Malick.  She is the best casting choice for the role of Barbara.  Be ready to be on the edge of your seat.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That’s psychotic – Kendell

You’re kidding.  Wild horses couldn’t keep her away – Ethan

I could never get enough of those little angels – Barbara

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Pool Boy Nightmare – Review

Pool Boy Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a messy divorce, Gale moves into a new home with her daughter, Becca.  Gale is doing her best, but Becca blames Gale for her father’s, Tony, infidelity.  Gale tries to reason with her daughter when they notice the pool is a mess.  Gale hands Becca the skimmer, but Becca tells Gale to hire someone with the money Tony gave her.  Gale walks outside to the pool and jumps when she sees Adam cleaning.  Adam says the realtor hired him to clean the pool but didn’t tell him someone bought the house.  Needing a pool boy, Gale hires him, and he starts cleaning immediately.  The next week, Adam comes over to clean again and hears Gale arguing with someone.  She is arguing with Tony.  He came over to flaunt his new car and younger girlfriend to her.  After Tony leaves, Gale is fuming.  She vents to Adam about the double standard of an older man dating a younger woman versus an older woman dating a younger man.  Adam agrees with her rant and starts to kiss her.  He wants her to let her inhibitions go and be with him.  They have a passionate afternoon together.  Soon after, Gale tells Adam it was a one-time thing and asks him to leave.  Adam gives her a few choice words and walks out.  Determined to make Gale his, Adam will stop at nothing, including dating Becca and going after Tony.

First, if you can get through this movie without wanting to slap Becca, pat yourself on the back.  She takes spoiled teen to the extreme.  When Adam starts manipulating her, you won’t feel bad because her character is annoying.  Second, this movie falls down the Lifetime rabbit hole and stays there.  Its redeeming quality is Adam.  Adam is so crazy it’s fun to watch.  He’s one step ahead and uses low tech ways to crawl under everyone’s skin.  To enjoy this movie, you must root for Adam.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t wanna take sides – Becca

Easy, we both suffer from low self-esteem – Jackie

I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed.  I clean up nice – Adam

I’m not afraid – Gale

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