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The Broken Hearts Gallery – Review

The Broken Hearts Gallery – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 48 minutes

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Lucy works at an art gallery with her boyfriend, Max.  She helps Max with clients and their boss.  Before introducing Max to gallery party attendees, Lucy’s coworker tells her Max’s ex-girlfriend is in attendance.  Lucy feels unfazed until she starts to introduce Max.  She sees them get too close and starts to freak out on stage.  By the end of the speech, Lucy has lost her job and her boyfriend.  She calls an Uber to drive her home (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She jumps into Nick’s car and starts explaining her sad story.  Nick tries to explain that he isn’t her Uber, but Lucy doesn’t listen.  To be nice, Nick takes her home.  During the ride, her Uber driver calls, and Lucy is embarrassed and slightly afraid.  Inside, Lucy’s best friends, Nadine and Amanda, are waiting to comfort her.  They have her blanket, food, and movie ready to go.  After days of moping, Nadine and Amanda suggest Lucy purges herself of her past loves by emptying her room.  Lucy keeps mementos of every past relationship.  From Max, she has a tie.  Lucy can’t give it away, so she decides to sell them instead.  On her mission, Lucy learns her items are only valuable to her.  With a garbage bag full of memories, she sees Max walking into a restaurant with his new girlfriend (formally ex-girlfriend).  She walks inside to talk, and the maître d promptly stops her.  Nick sees her about to make a scene and pulls her out of the restaurant.  After their public display leads to a woman punching Nick, Nick takes Lucy to his hotel.  Chloe Hotel is Nick’s dream, but the funding is running out.  He hopes to get a bank loan soon, or he will have to sell the hotel before it can start.  They confide in each other and, after looking through Lucy’s garbage bag, Nick labels her a relationship hoarder and a pessimist.  He believes she keeps these items because she knows the relationship will end.  Nick grabs a nail, puts it into the drywall and tells Lucy to hang the tie.  She doesn’t have to worry because it will be there, but she won’t have it.  Lucy grabs a pin, then labels the drywall: The Heartbreak Gallery.  The next day, Nick shows Lucy an addition to the drywall.  Someone added a map with a breakup story.  Lucy posts the picture online, and it goes viral.  Soon, people are coming to the Chloe Hotel with a breakup memento and a story.  Before they leave their item, Lucy asks the heartbreak donor for a cash donation for the gallery.  She gives the money to Nick.  Nick’s friend reveals that Nick needs more help than he admits.  Since Lucy doesn’t have a job, she offers to help him set up the hotel in exchange for gallery space.  Excited, Nadine and Amanda are glad Lucy is moving on and having fun.  As Lucy and Nick fall for each other, can Lucy handle Nick’s heartbreak memento, or will their love end before it can begin?

This band of misfits plays perfectly off of each other.  With constant verbal jabs and perfectly timed in your face comedic punches, you will laugh while clutching your pearls.  Hearing women talk openly about sex and love is nothing new, but watching them support each other in a loving but honest narrative is.  Nadine and Amanda understand Lucy’s need to hold on, but they implore her to let go of the stuff for her mental health and relationship advancement.  Also, the movie goes in-depth to the root of Lucy’s hoarding issue, and it’s not what you think.  This movie is fun for an adults-only date night.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Confetti is basically trash that falls from the sky – Amanda

Fear, my dear, is inevitable.  It’s what you do with it that matters – Ava

You’re a hoarder – Nick

I better make nice with the Russians or Putin’s gonna poison me – Nadine

If you got to know me, you would be obsessed with me – Lucy

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Words on Bathroom Walls – Review

Words on Bathroom Walls – Budget of $9.3 million – 1 hour and 51 minutes

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When Adam was younger, he thought he had a problem with his eyes, then his ears.  He was seeing and hearing things that weren’t there.  One day, a girl named Rebecca appeared. Adam describes her as a mix of Dalai Lama and Coachella.  Next, Joaquin appeared.  He is every dirty thought a teenager could have in his mind.  Then, The Bodyguard.  Whenever Adam feels threaten, he shows up to protect him.  Adam hides his delusions until senior year.  In chemistry class, he hears a voice threatening him, and a black cloud starts to take over the room.  Rebecca and the Bodyguard tell him to leave.  When Adam tries to leave, he knocks hot acid on his friend’s arm.  The security guard holds Adam down.  Adam is diagnosed with schizophrenia and expelled from school.  His mother, Beth, with her boyfriend, Paul, try every drug possible, but nothing helps.  They put Adam on a drug trial and enroll him in a private catholic school.  After meeting the principal, Adam runs into the bathroom to escape a delusion.  During his bathroom break, Maya walks in with another student and talks about their deal.  She is selling papers.  Smitten, Adam wants to know more about her, but she quickly puts him in his place and tells him to keep his mouth shut about her side hustle.  As the trial starts to work, Adam continues to fail math and his hands start to shake.  So, he asks Maya to help him with math.  She offers a steep fee, but he takes her math tutoring.  As the delusions disappear and his grades get better, Adam falls for Maya. He falls so much, Adam shows her his passion: Cooking.  When Adam cooks, he is at peace.  And Adam hopes to go to culinary school someday.  However, he doesn’t disclose his diagnosis to her.  When the pills threaten his culinary future, Adam stops taking them.  Can he succeed without the drugs and keep Maya’s love while keeping his diagnosis a secret?

Based on Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton, this movie takes a real look at mental illness during the formable teenage years (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Its take on schizophrenia is similar to The Fault in Our Stars take on cancer.  The plot never villainizes Adam or his illness.  Adam states I am not the disease, I have a disease.  And he compares how society treats people with cancer compared to those with schizophrenia.  Both are illnesses with treatments and uncertain outcomes.  While kids with cancer get Make a Wish, kids with schizophrenia get labeled and discarded.  For a better understanding, the movie takes you through the trials and tribulations of the family members during diagnosis and treatment.  Also, the film doesn’t make medication the cure-all.  The plot discusses the physical and mental side effects of taking medication.  The ending is heartwarming but honest and realistic.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not going anywhere – Paul

I’m your mom.  It’s my job to help you – Beth

Oh, you want to go there – Maya

I am not the disease – Adam

Don’t get too excited down there – Joaquin

Just say the word – The Bodyguard

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