#NewMutants – Movie Reviews

The New Mutants – Budget of $67 million – 1 hour and 34 minutes

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Dani’s father wakes her up because a tornado is attacking their reservation.  He tells Dani to hide in the woods and stay there until he comes back.  Moments later, his dead body flies past her, and she runs.  Only to stumble, fall, and hit her head.  She wakes up handcuffed to a hospital bed and locked in a room.  She screams for help, then Dr. Reyes appears.  She promises to remove the handcuffs if Dani takes a seat.  Dr. Reyes tells Dani her entire reservation died, but she survived because she’s a mutant.  While Dr. Reyes doesn’t know her powers, the doctor hopes to find them soon.  The doctor explains that during Dani’s hospital stay, she will discover and learn to control her powers.  When she is not a threat to society or herself, Dani will leave the hospital and meet the higher-ups.  During a group session, Dani meets the other mutants.  Rahne can shapeshift into a wolf and have their heightened senses in her human form. However, she was branded, outcasted, and beaten after she displayed her powers to the local priest.  Illyana plays with a puppet she named Lockheed.  As a child, Illyana conjured a world to protect herself.  Now, she can teleport and manifest the Soulsword through her arm.  Roberto’s wealthy Brazilian family sent him to the hospital after a terrible accident caused by his pyrokinesis.  Sam, a coal miner from Kentucky, can propel himself in the air, but he has a hard time landing.  Each teenage mutant hides a dark secret about their past and wants out of the hospital.  Dani believes if she follows the regimen, she will be released.  And all the mutants hope they will leave the hospital and become X-Men.  But during a session, Dani sees Dr. Reyes’s secrets.  She and the other mutants are in danger.  They have to find a way out of the hospital, past Dr. Reyes and her force field, and past their most dangerous enemy: their fears.

The direction of this superhero movie starts as a horror movie.  It is engaging and riveting for the viewer.  You are not sure what Dani’s powers are in the beginning, and they unravel throughout the story.  It allows you to wonder about what Dani can do and how it affects others.  The CGI is better than most, and the cast plays the heroes/villains dynamically.  However, The New Mutants ends like a Disney movie.  For all the intense drama and character development throughout the storyline, the ending is very disappointing.  This movie has such promise and leaves you with nothing.  By the way, there is no post-credit scene.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Until I decide you are not a danger – Dr. Reyes

Oh, I hate her too – Illyana

There are two people up here.  So, you called me a nobody – Rahne

There’s no fence – Dani

I got too hot – Roberto

I never had a choice – Sam

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