#Irresistible – Movie Review

Irresistible – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 42 minutes


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Democratic strategist, Gary Zimmer is reeling from Hilary Clinton’s loss in 2016.  He decides they need a new rural friendly message.  He has found his guy.  One of his aides played Gary a viral video of Colonel Jack Hastings arguing in a town hall meeting in Deerlaken, Wisconsin.  Jack argues against showing IDs to receive public assistance.  If they don’t have to show ID to help in Deerlaken, they shouldn’t have to show ID to get help from the Deerlaken.  Gary thinks he can turn Jack into a Democrat, then change the community by getting Jack elected mayor of Deerlaken.  Gary wants Jack to be a fresh face of the Democratic Party with his gruff exterior and left ideas.  When Gary comes to Deerlaken, he sticks out like a sore thumb while trying to blend.  He goes to Jack’s farm and tries to talk him into running.  Jack politely says, “All things being equal, I’d rather not.”  Gary leaves but not before making some passionate comments.  The next morning, Jack startles Gary because he is sitting at Gary’s hotel bedside.  Jack has decided to run for mayor. Gary thinks this will be an easy win, but one semicolon will strike fear in his heart.  Republican strategist, Faith Brewster, is in town.

This movie shows the dirty side of politics on both sides.  It poignantly describes how one party leads with fear while the other leads with shame.  While both argue they are morally right, it all comes down to money.  With focus groups, statisticians, and super PACs, the money is the only focus and concern.  Also, the media is fueling the scary change in politics. Instead of issues, it’s entertainment.  This movie provides plenty of laughs, satirical undertones of the horrible nature of both parties, and false endings like Vice.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You checking IDs when they bring food to the church potluck – Jack

I don’t make the rules – Mayor Braun

Why does he need 3 guns – Gary

Because crushing the last hope in your eyes gets me off – Faith

To flatter them, you have to condonsend to us.  I get it – Diana


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