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Trolls World Tour – Budget of $90 million – 1 hour and 31 minutes


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Poppy is enjoying her reign as a queen with dignity and song.  Branch still lives in his bunker.  Not to hide from other trolls but to hide his feelings.  He has fallen in love with Poppy and doesn’t know how to tell her.  As the trolls celebrate the birth of Tiny Diamond, Poppy gets a letter from a rock star.  Queen Barb of the Rock Trolls plans to come to Pop Village and create one nation under Rock.  Poppy sees this invitation as one big party.  But King Peppy knows its something different and reveals the Troll’s history to Poppy.  Many years ago, there were six strings that played different types of music: Pop, Country, Classical, Rock, Techno, and Funk.  Over time, they became intolerant of each other’s music and started to fight.  Each troll musical faction took their string and left.  King Peppy wants to run before Queen Barb finds them and destroys their music.  Poppy refuses to run and wants to protect her kingdom.  She fires up a hot air balloon to find Queen Barb and the other factions.  Then, have a party to unite all the trolls with her pop sound.  Branch sees it differently.  He believes that Queen Barb is ready for a fight and prepares to fight back.  He can’t bear to let Poppy leave alone and head into danger.  So, he reluctantly joins her with weapons.  Queen Poppy throws Branch’s weapons overboard and they head to Symphony Ville.  Meanwhile, Queen Barb has gotten Poppy’s reply of friendship and she is disgusted.  She thinks Pop music is repetitive non-music with empty lyrics only fit to create earworms.  She wants to unite the strings to make all the trolls Rock Zombies by playing the Ultimate Power Chord.  When every troll is the same, no one will fight.  Queen Barb decides to hire bounty hunter trolls to find Queen Poppy.  These bounty hunters are Smooth Jazz, K-Pop, Reggae, and Yodelling Trolls.  If they bring Queen Poppy to her, she will let one of them keep their music.  As both Queens start their mission, they will learn the beauty of individuality, respect, and how history is written.

Based on Good Luck Trolls and the sequel to Trolls, this rainbow blast includes music for all ages and genres like Dee-Lite, Cyndi Lauper, Beethoven, Spice Girls, George Clinton, Baha Men, PSY, Chic, Scorpions, Daft Punk, and more (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will be entertained by a strong storyline with an expansive and Billboard-worthy soundtrack.  Even the original songs, like Born to Die will be stuck with you.  Unlike other movies that teach children togetherness, it praises individuality through a groove, a riff, or a yodel.  With this storyline, you get 2 subplots.  The first subplot, Branch is finding a way to express his love for Poppy.  The second subplot, Cooper is finding his real family and music faction.  As a strong spectacle of entertainment, it surpasses the first movie and leaves you wanting more movies in the future.  DreamWorks has just scratch the surface with Trolls World Tour.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

No way. If we lose our string, we lose our music – King Trollex

I never knew my heart could be so full – Guy Diamond

This is gonna take a lot of hugs – Branch

We are all trolls. Differences don’t matter – Queen Peppy

Hold me, daddy – Tiny Diamond

It’s just junk mail – King Peppy

This one even looks like me. We even have the same hat – Cooper

I did what in the who now – Biggie

Hating things takes a lot of energy – Queen Barb

I feel bad for them. It looks like they got beat up by a rainbow – Delta Dawn

Denying our differences is denying the truth of who we are – King Quincy

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In Theater Movie. At Home.

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  1. Hi, Tiff

    Happy Wednesday! Or happy hump day!

    Speaking of “hump”, I did see some two-humped camels/Bactrian in a zoo days ago. They were quiet and docile standing by the fence. You can even touch them as long as you bring them some weeds. Big cat – tigers, lions, threw themselves upon their back and wallowed on the grassland. Bears gathered and rolled in a small pond indolently, with the tongue sticking out, smelling the passing visitors sometimes when they stood at the upper land. Ostriches and wolves kept running back and forth in their respective enclosures. Peacocks had no interest flaunting their tails and swans wouldn’t like to swim in the hot water. Deer and rodent were as timorous as before. While zebras and wild horses seemed a bit impatient and irritable. Monkeys flocked together under trees or some shady place of walls delousing each other. The cruel vultures, eagles remained cool and clear-minded on branches of high trees and watched every inch of land of this zoo, in case there are dead bodies possibly die of heat (certainly they can’t feed on carrion because they lived in a big cage of a zoo).

    With thick fur or feather, most mammals and birds endured the heat of mid-summer. They don’t have air-conditioning system as another mammal does. Some mysterious animals hid in caves or dens. Maybe they are tired of watching back the people who were always coming to watch them every day.

    #Trolls World Tour

    This movie is kind of an alternative genre, or a bit of “otherness”. The animation style is different and creative. The story is visually knitted by a variety of (animated) colorful wool/yarn, literally as made of real yarns. One of the funniest scenes of the movie is the “pursue and attack” part, when the country music Queen and her “muscles” hunt the pop music Queen and her friends who just escape from the jail with the help of the “Yodel” duo/brothers.

    Lot of songs are attentively performed in this cartoon musical movie. The most unforgettable song, the melody of which that dwells long in ears is Kelly Clarkson’s “born to die”. The lyric of it is a bit funny, nonsensical and hopeless though. It tells what it is, about life. But it performs in a tone of jocose raillery. You can’t change many things in life, at least you can bring it a sense of humor and self-mockery. This is a wiser way to treat the helplessness and hopelessness. The “唱功, singing skill” from this one is a different level in those many songs of the movie, I believe.

    Can’t recall much more about this movie besides these parts/pieces. Too many colors and songs for old viewers, especially too much pink color/series makes this cartoon a suitable one for little and young ladies. Depth is one of my rules of evaluating/judging a movie. Apparently, this movie is not trying to relate itself to “depth”. Hence, I give it 4 out of 5 stars from this point of view.

    BTW, A kind review of 3 rules in writing a re-review, 1) no politics; 2) no conflict of interest; 3) no serious judgment. Since it is reviews, it unfortunately belongs to critique writing. Which means it inevitably involves personal opinions and judgments. But it is not serious, and mostly, is nonsensical. So, the third rule is “No SERIOUS Judgment”.

    This story tells the “splitting and integrating” of a music kingdom/land/world. A reminiscent of a quote “话说天下大势,分久必合,合久必分” from the well-known Chinese novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The literal meaning is “In a land/country’s history, a long-time division ends up with a long-time unite, while a long-time unite ends up with a long-time division/splitting ”. So does this story tell.

    The conclusion of this story, about the essence of music, is a bit close to something described in “#The Beat don’t Stop” of my last essay. Music is some pace/tempo resonates with the beat deep down. Like many other things of life, it is an amazing thing that is not amazing actually, or vice versa, it is not an amazing thing that is amazing actually, -depends on perspective of different people in different occasions.

    In that zoo, the coziest animal seems the cool-headed eagles perch on the high place of tall trees. Hope a man can fly and take a rest as an eagle in this hot season.

    Keep cool and carry on.

    See you next week,



    王鹏 Wang Peng


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