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The Outpost – Review

The Outpost – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 3 minutes


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A new but experienced group of soldiers deploy to PRT Kamdesh in 2006.  When they land, they see the dire situation in the terrain.  In a valley, three mountains surround the men.  At any moment, the Taliban can perch on a hill and strike.  Every day they are met with attacks and wonder when the big one will come.  While defending themselves, the men must convince the locals to put down their weapons and fight against the Taliban.  The locals worry about their safety after the soldiers leave, the soldiers ensure the locals they will be safe.  With little supplies, no plumbing, and worried family members at home, these men keep their orders and country in their hearts.  They understand their job is to win the minds and hearts of people who want their blood and guts.  They deal with spies, customs, and an alarmist interpreter before the Battle of Kamdesh.  

Based on The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor by Jake Tapper, The Outpost is a gripping movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It uses the first hour to get to know the men and their camaraderie.  The second hour is the battle with no relief.  Also, the commanders’ names break the movie into chapters, including Captain Keating, Captain Broward, Captain Bundermann, and Captain Portis.  You will be on edge with every move these soldiers make on known and unknown terrain.  If you or a loved one has war-induced PTSD, The Outpost may be a trigger.  Otherwise, this movie is worth the rental money.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Risk life and limb, just not his own – Martin

As far as I’m concerned, we all stay alive out here, we win – Romesha

Hello? Is this thing working – Keating

We can both be wrong – Carter

I’ve done my job – Mohamed

God’s plan is our chaos – Hardt

I know. Justice will be served sergeant – Broward

No gun necessary. Chuck Norris – Bundermann

I’m glad they’re on our side – Portis

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The Banker – Review

The Banker – Budget of $11 million – 2 hours and 0 minutes


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After listening and taking notes while shining shoes outside of a bank, Bernard Garrett has learned a lot about finance.  Now, the married father of one wants to take his knowledge to the world of investment real estate.  His father warns him that Texas is not the place for that kind of change.  So, Bernard moves his family to Los Angeles.  He finds a property but doesn’t have enough for the renovations.  His wife, Eunice, suggests he find a black investor to get the money.  She introduces Bernard to her old boss, Joe Morris.  Joe owns several bars and juke joints around Los Angeles.  After one meeting, Bernard wants no part of Joe, so he meets with Patrick Barker.  After seeing Bernard go against standard business customs, Barker decides to work with Bernard.  To guarantee success, Barker becomes the face of the business while Bernard stays in the background.  They will share the profits 50/50.  Things are going well.  And as the race of ownership changes, the tenants will change too.  When Barker dies, his widow does not want to work with the likes of Bernard. With only a verbal agreement, Bernard has nothing to back him up.  When he fails to get a bank loan to help, Bernard gets an idea.  He should buy the bank’s building.  Then, Bernard can give bank loans to blacks and let them build wealth through homeownership and establishing businesses.  But he needs money.  So, he goes to Joe.  Joe agrees to work with him, but they both know their skin color will be a problem. They hire Matt.  Matt is a young white man who is willing to play the part of an intelligent investor and experienced golfer.  Soon, Joe and Bernard are the most successful real estate investors in Los Angeles.  Bernard takes a break from business and visits his family in Texas.  He wants to take this Los Angeles idea to Texas.  Joe warns Bernard this move isn’t business, its social activism.  This decision will have Bernard and Joe on the right side of history but the wrong side of the law.

Because the United States didn’t feel the impact of Bernard and Joe for several years after, we can easily forget their history and how it impacted the housing market.  The Banker tells the story of how two men used an unjust system and bent it to their will.  By out conning a con, Bernard and Joe owned the largest building in Los Angeles for years.  It’s their downfall that can be nauseating.  They put their trust into someone with perceived knowledge of the business world but a naive notion of business politics to run a bank.  When Bernard and Joe challenged nepotism, racism will play a part in continuing the world order.  Sit back and enjoy this history lesson with your teenagers.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That won’t be for him to decide – Eunice

I also know that you’re angry but don’t show it. That’s the best kind of angry.  It fuels you without making you a target – Joe

Normal business customs were placed to screw people like you Mr. Garrett – Barker

I’m not angry – Bernard

Money’s green. That’s the only concern for ‘color’ I got – Matt

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