#KnivesOut – Movie Review

Knives Out – Budget of $40 million – 2 hours and 10 minutes


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After having a horrifying nightmare of discovering her boss’s dead body, Marta wakes up to a phone call from Detective Lieutenant Elliot.  He has a few more questions to ask her about Harlan Thrombey’s suicide.  At the Thrombey estate, the patrol officers mistake her for the help.  Meg, Harlan’s granddaughter, fiercely stands up for Marta.  Elliot and Trooper Wagner sit each family member, Marta, and Fran down to talk about what happened last week.  Each person recounts what they were doing and what they saw at Harlan’s 85th birthday party.

  • Marta: Harlan’s nurse, played a game of Go and left at midnight (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She can’t lie without getting physically ill
  • Fran: Harlan’s housekeeper, talked to everyone about everything
  • Linda Thrombey-Drysdale: Harlan’s eldest child, who built a company from the ground up, woke up several times the night of the suicide.
  • Richard Drysdale: Married to Linda, was seen having a private conversation with Harlan before the party
  • Ransom Thrombey-Drysdale: Linda and Richard’s son, Harlan’s grandson, left the party early after a conversation with Harlan
  • Walter “Walt” Thrombey: Harlan’s son, seen having an argument with his father at the party
  • Donna Thrombey: Walt’s wife, tried to keep the fighting at bay during a political argument
  • Jacob Thrombey: Walt and Donna’s son, Harlan’s grandson, heard 2 people arguing the night of the party
  • Joni Thrombey: married the late Neil Thrombey, the caterers saw her talking to Harlan before the party
  • Meg Thrombey: Neil and Joni’s daughter, Harlan’s granddaughter, she has a big heart for Marta and Fran

During each interview, the all notice a man sitting in the back of the room.  It’s private investigator Benoit Blanc.  One day, an envelope was slipped under his door.  It had a newspaper clipping on Harlan’s suicide and money.  Blanc doesn’t know who hired him but when he gets the alibi’s he knows why.  He suspects foul play and will get to the bottom of it.  It will take mud, security tapes, and Watson (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

This ‘whodunit’ will throw you for a loop.  It laughs at the fun in dysfunctional families while giving you clues to solve the crime.  Several family members have a reason to kill Harlan but they all had a reason for him to live as well.  The element that makes this movie so special is that you aren’t just figuring out who, you are figuring out how.  You will be 100% engaged and while peeling back the onion of this family’s dynamic.  This movie touches on the current political climate without being mean-spirited to opposing sides.  It touches on class, inheritance, and nepotism.  It has something for everyone.  It even makes fun of itself for being Clue (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will want to see this movie twice.  It is comedic and mystery gold.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I don’t know why I said that – Richard

My presence will only be ornamental – Blanc

They are not our books, they’re my books – Harlan

He needed a friend – Marta

Who’s gonna open a clock – Meg

CSI, KFC? – Ransom

Liberal snowflake – Jacob

You had to play his game – Linda

The man lives in the game of clue – Elliot

She can’t be a murder. Have you seen her Insta? She’s an influencer -Trooper


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