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Drunk, Driving, and 17 – Review

Drunk, Driving, and 17 – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dan got his basketball team to the playoffs. His parents, Tim and Martha, beam with joy, and Dan’s girlfriend, Kim, can’t wait to celebrate. Dan and Kim go to a party with their friends. Kim’s friends, Nikki and Lisa, see Kim is unhappy. She still hasn’t heard from Stanford. Lisa takes a video of the guys getting drunk and posts it to social media. Dan and Kim go to Tim and Martha’s house. Dan got a partial athletic scholarship to attend Stanford, and he wants to have a party to celebrate. He asks his parents to get beers. Martha has reservations, but Tim wants to get a keg. Kim and Dan say they are responsible when drinking and always have a designated driver at the parties. Tim says it’s not a big deal because other parents do it. Martha agrees but with conditions. They must confiscate everyone’s keys, and everyone must stay the night.

Martha meets with friends to talk about hosting a teen party with alcohol. Joey’s mother thinks it’s a bad idea, but the other mom thinks it’s okay. Dan tells his friends about the party at school. Everyone is excited except Joey. Joey works at the pizza shop every weekend, so he never gets to go. Lisa, Kim, and Nikki will be there, along with people who invite themselves. Kim comes home and tells her mom, Robin, about her plans to go to Stanford with Dan. Robin informs Kim that she and Dan may not last, so Kim should make other plans. Kim gets waitlisted, and it breaks her heart. She tells Dan she will get a job near Stanford and save money until she gets accepted.

Before the party, Lisa slips that someone saw Heather and Dan flirting. Kim gets upset. They go to the party and see Dan with Heather. Lisa offers Kim a beer, and Nikki tells Kim not to drink it. Kim looks for Dan at the party and finds him making out with Heather. Dan tells Kim it’s over. Kim goes to the living room and gets drunk. Rick takes Kim upstairs and tries to coerce her into sex. Kim jumps up and grabs a bat. She calls Robin and Nikki for help. Kim finds spare keys in the garage and drives away in Martha’s SUV. Nikki gets Joey on the phone and asks him to pick them up. Joey promises to get there while Nikki looks for Kim. Nikki realizes Kim is not in the house and calls Kim on her phone. Nikki hears that Kim is in distress and then a crash.

Police officers arrive at Martha and Tim’s home. They assume it’s due to the noise and assure the officers the party is over. However, the officers tell them their SUV was in an accident, and someone is injured. They never knew Martha’s car was missing. Kim wakes up in the hospital with Robin by her side. Robin informs Kim that she hit Joey on the way to the party to pick her and her friends up. Joey is still in surgery and may not make it. Kim’s blood-alcohol test was over the legal limit. So, the police arrest her. This entire town will have a ripple effect of blame, court cases, and forgiveness.

If you followed the Murdaugh trial, you know this movie holds a sad reality. This tragedy wasn’t one girl’s poor decision. It was an avalanche of mistakes. Joey had the moral high ground because he didn’t attend the party or drink. Tim was too busy trying to be the ‘cool parent’ and raised a son with zero compassion and no responsibilities. And Dan’s sister, Emily, quickly points out their double standard. Martha keeps Emily away from the party but doesn’t keep a watchful eye on the other females there. Then they provide kegs to underage teens. Also, Kim bases her life and self-esteem around one guy. Then falls apart when she doesn’t get what she ‘deserves.’ Lisa is the only person who doesn’t get a lesson in this movie. She posted videos that destroyed others’ reputations. Lisa is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and her jealousy rages off the screen. This movie will leave you angry but provides valuable and realistic lessons about drunk driving.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Mom, I love him, ok – Kim

I think we should see other people – Dan

You’re just doing that because I’m a girl – Emily

I don’t want her on the receiving end of the boys-will-be-boys stuff – Martha

Back off, Rick. She’s my friend – Nikki

If you don’t want stuff posted on the socials, you probably shouldn’t do it – Lisa

I can’t win. I give up – Tim

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A Nurse To Die For – Review

A Nurse To Die For – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Corrine tries to blow out the candles on her birthday cake, passes out, and goes to the hospital. Her cystic fibrosis caused mucus to clog her lungs and restricts her breathing. Dr. Caldwell tells Corrine’s dad, Liam, that Corrine can go home, but Corrine shouldn’t go outside or do too much. Dr. Caldwell knows Liam has a demanding work schedule, and his wife, Amy, died in a car accident. So, she suggests Liam hire a home-care nurse for Corrine until her lungs clear. Dr. Caldwell believes Corrine will be housebound for a few months. Corrine’s maternal grandmother, Miriam, is opposed to having a nurse. However, Liam contacts the agency because he and Miriam don’t get along.

After several bad candidates, Liam interviews Victoria. She has excellent schooling and experience working with lung issues. Corrine comes downstairs for Victoria’s interview and has a coughing fit. Victoria steps in and helps by drumming on Corrine’s back. Corrine likes Victoria, so Liam calls Victoria’s references. Everyone gives Victoria glowing reviews, and Liam hires her. Liam begrudgingly refocuses on work and gives Victoria the reigns. But when Victoria’s story falls apart, and Corrine doesn’t get better, will Liam and Corrine survive looking behind Victoria’s mask?

This movie doesn’t deliver a body count but amplifies the creepy factor. The audience has no idea why Victoria stalks this family until the first hour. And you must pay attention because the why is in a news article. However, this isn’t a revenge story. Victoria wants Liam and Corrine to feel whole again. Her new low is making Corrine sicker. Trying on Corrine’s deceased mother’s clothes is one thing, but making Corrine ill is another. Of course, the protagonists make obvious Lifetime mistakes. They don’t double-check with the agency and leave cryptic voice messages. However, Victoria’s sneaky ways make this movie watchable if you like yelling at the TV.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Please, don’t shut me out – Mariam

Mom wouldn’t like this – Corrine

What visit? – Victoria

Sometimes, I can not stand that woman – Liam

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If I Can’t Have You – Review

If I Can’t Have You – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Michelle works late nights on her radio show with her producer, Lily, and sound engineer, Keith. Michelle advises on people’s love problems and plays their requests. Michelle got a call during her broadcast from a caller with unrequited love. Michelle tells him to be upfront about his feelings because women like strong, confident men. After the show, Michelle and Lily talk about the ratings. Their station manager, Stan, sees their numbers rising more in some demographics than others and desires for them to research why. Michelle leaves her meeting with Lily to spend time with her boyfriend, Aiden. He wants quality time with her because they are on different schedules and don’t have time for each other. Aiden tries to get physical, but Michelle pushes him away and falls asleep.

Michelle leaves for work to find a rose with a note attached. Her neighbor, Mr. Sklar, returns misdelivered mail opened. Michelle warily returns to her home and calls Aiden to show her appreciation for the rose. But he didn’t give it to her. Michelle starts her show, and the caller with unrequited love phones again. He took Michelle’s advice by leaving a rose at her door. And asks her to play ‘If I Can’t Have You.’ Lily hangs up the call and reports it to Stan. Stan can’t do anything about it and tells her it’s good for ratings. He wants Michelle to change from late night to morning. Michelle and Lily think that idea will tank their show, but Stan wants them to sleep on it. Michelle finds Robert on her doorstep. Robert is a neighbor and owns the rival radio station. Michelle refused his offer in the past, but now Robert is sweetening the deal. He will allow her staff to move with her because his station is number one in every time slot but hers. Her show dominates. Michelle tries to escape to work, but the caller phones again. Lily tells Michelle to call the police, Keith says to get a gun, and Aiden thinks marriage is the way. Someone is stalking Michelle but who and why.

Even with Lifetime veterans, nothing can save this movie. The plot is boring, slow, and overdone. The lead character is unlikeable and garners zero compassion. She beats around the bush with the police but gets frustrated when they don’t immediately help. She picks fights and gaslights Aiden. And asks her friend to participate in illegal activities. She is asinine, and it will irritate you to your core. This film is one of Lifetime’s worst stalker movies. You will beg for a body count that never happens. This tragedy is a waste of talent.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

I’m not a doctor. I just play one on the radio – Michelle

Can I join? Please – Aiden

Don’t call me kiddo. It’s not 1985 – Lily

Contracts are made to be broken – Robert

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Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story – Review

Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ni’Cola Mitchell finishes another successful signing but tells her sister, Nene, that she isn’t happy (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She walks around the building and finds a young girl, Keisha, reading. Ni’Cola sparks a conversation, and Keisha can’t believe Ni’Cola is a writer. She inspires Keisha to become a writer too. Ni’Cola sits with Nene and Ni’Cola’s daughter, Destani, to discuss what Ni’Cola wants to do next. The impact she had on Keisha inspired Ni’Cola. She wants to start a speaking engagement to make girls feel worthy while offering mentorship. Ni’Cola knows she must maintain a constant presence in these girls’ lives to make a difference. Ni’Cola decides to call her event Girls Who Brunch. It will give underprivileged girls a path to financial literacy, counseling, and other resources, starting with a brunch. Ni’Cola uses her finances to cover the first event.

While shopping for swag, Ni’Cola sees a young teen crying outside the supermarket. She argued with her boyfriend, so he kicked her out of the car. She would go home, but home is worse. Ni’Cola invites the young teen to brunch. After her first brunch, Ni’Cola sees the girls’ self-esteem rise. And people are begging for more. Ni’Cola goes full steam ahead with her vision. But she learns it will impact her health, wealth, and patience. As Ni’Cola knows, nothing worth having comes easy.

Ni’Cola suffers from imposter syndrome after having her books on the best sellers list. She examines her life and doesn’t feel worthy or deserving of her success. As Ni’Cola helps these girls, she looks back on her childhood of bullying and abuse. Her testimony allows the girls to connect with her. Ni’Cola must learn to ask for help as she struggles with finding funding for the event and being diagnosed with cancer. Yes, Ni’Cola helped so many girls grow, but the foundation gave her purpose beyond her wildest dreams. And her story will inspire you, too.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

No. I know you can – Ni’Cola

Oh, good for you – Mr. Sullivan

You’re always helping everyone else. Why can’t you let us help you – Destani

Are you ok – Diamond

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The Blessing Bracelet – Review

The Blessing Bracelet – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Justin convinces his mom, Dawn, to celebrate Galentine’s Day with her friends. Dawn has been having money problems and doesn’t want to be a burden on them. Three years ago, Dawn’s husband made bad crypto investments. It put their family deep in debt. They got a divorce, and he hasn’t returned since. Dawn could lose her house and car if she doesn’t find a second job. Cassie offers to pay and won’t take no for an answer. Before they go out, Dawn goes through her jewelry box to find accessories. She finds the old Blessing Bracelets she made in high school (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Dawn would use the beads to count her blessings in times of stress or worry. The bracelet reminds her that faith, family, and coffee are gifts. Dawn puts on the bracelet, counts her blessings, and gives one to Cassie. Before their Galentine’s dinner, Cassie and Dawn see a ‘help wanted’ sign on the door. Dawn talks to a man about the job. And by coincidence, he is the owner and gives the position to her. Cassie thinks Dawn’s blessing bracelet worked. On Dawn’s first day, Flancy shows Dawn the ropes. Flancy tells Dawn that she gets more tips by handing out candy. So Dawn decides to give customers blessing bracelets. A customer suggests selling the bracelets and Dawn thinks the bracelets may save her home. Will the bank have faith in her?

Ben works at the local bank but hates his job. He is the final word for foreclosures. For months, a client has been financially stumbling. Ben thinks it’s time to draw up and mail the paperwork. His co-worker, Jordana, calls him benevolent Ben. He believed his job would help people achieve their dreams. Not destroy their lives. At the vet, Ben’s dog runs up to a woman, Dawn, and he is impressed with her connection to the animal. Ben asks Dawn on a date, but she says no. Later Ben goes to Dawn’s 2nd job, and she serves him and his parents. They encourage him to give Dawn another shot. She accepts, and they go on a park date. He tells Dawn he works in finance but not at her bank. Later, Jordana comes into Ben’s office to discuss Dawn’s idea to sell bracelets, but it’s too late. He doesn’t listen and decides to foreclose on her home if she can’t catch up on the payment soon. Dawn has no idea that Ben makes the financial decisions. Since Dawn’s paperwork is in her married name, Ben has no idea she is the client. As they date, Dawn keeps counting her blessings. Will this relationship be a blessing in disguise?

This movie, like the bracelets, remind people to acknowledge God for the small miracles. No matter how tiny or insignificant, they could lead to something bigger. Dawn hands the bracelet to a widow. Later, she shows Dawn gratitude. Although, she could only think of one thing. But it’s a start to a new beginning and a smile. It’s so easy to focus on the negative. So having a trinket to refocus and repurpose that energy is helpful. This film has a touch of spirituality everyone can use to see the beauty in the world during stressful times. And it reminds you to count your blessings in good times and bad.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

No, you’re great. It’s just the situation. You know what I mean – Ben

You’re a blessing, my friend – Dawn

Why is that amazing – Justin

Don’t try. Do – Greta

Don’t say no just yet – Cassie

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Southern Gospel – Review

Southern Gospel – UPtv – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Pastor Joe leads his church under strict oversight. During Sunday school, Joe’s son, Sam, learned that cursing is a sin worthy of hell. Joe vows to talk to the teacher but offers Sam comfort. Then he gives Sam an electric guitar for Sam’s birthday. The church teaches that electric instruments and secular music is a gateway to poor behavior, but Joe recognizes Sam’s musical gift. So does Sam’s best friend, Barry, that plays with him after school.

Sam gets older and plays at the church meetings. The overseer’s son, TL Whittmore, dislikes it. But the audience applauses until the pastor says stop. Approval is for God, not man. After the services, Angie invites Sam for a barbecue, and Julie congratulates Sam on his performance. Angie and Sam hang out at the local river after the cookout. She jumps into the river to pretend she is drowning. However, the current sweeps her away, and she dies. Angie’s father and TL blame Sam because devil music led him astray. Sam chooses to leave the church and form a band with Barry.

Sam, Barry, and their bandmate, James, play nightclubs while high. James falls asleep while driving to their next gig, and his cigarette falls out of his mouth. They crash into a tree. Barry flies out of the windshield, and Sam climbs out of the backseat before the car explodes into flames. However, James doesn’t make it. Sam stands in a courtroom to hear the judge’s verdict on Sam’s drug possession charges. The judge gives Sam community service and a drug prevention program. Sam leaves with a smile and returns to his father’s church. However, Joe is stepping down. Sam makes an impassioned speech in front of the congregation, and several people choose salvation. To TL’s chagrin, the elders see this display and decide Sam should be the new pastor. TL says Sam is a wrong choice because he drank, did drugs, and played the devil’s music. TL’s father, Bishop Bannister Whittmore, thinks Sam is the new blood the church needs. Sam marries Julie and believes it’s the fresh start they need. However, Sam and Julie will fight for their family, life, and church.

Sam’s path to faith isn’t straight and has plenty of detours. However, he uses his downfalls to guide his parishioners. But the holier-than-thou can’t see the beauty in Sam’s struggle. Instead, they judge him for not being perfect. While Joe understands that everything can’t be evil, the church keeps a tight watch over the flock. Based on a true story, this film covers depression, abuse, suicide, and drugs. While the plot is gritty, it never loses its core value of faith as it examines the inner workings of churches. This story is inspirational but too much for children.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

God will never fail. Hallelujah – Joe

Your people? They’re my people. My daddy ain’t gonna live forever – TL

Oh, you’re gonna have to save me – Angie

Sinner, time to go to church – Sam

They say I’m dressed like some kind of darkness – Barry

Our life was stolen from us – Julie

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The Professional Bridesmaid – Review

The Professional Bridesmaid – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maggie is a professional bridesmaid who wants to take her company global. However, banks won’t back her because her company doesn’t have a social media presence and has zero recommendations. She doesn’t advertise because it would expose the brides. Her friend, wedding planner Nora, thinks Maggie should expand and has a plan. Mayor Evan’s daughter, Alexis, is marrying hockey player Dylan. Evan fired the wedding planner because she got kickbacks from the vendors. And Evan can’t have any improprieties because there is a special election soon. So they hired Nora to replace her. However, Nora can see that Alexis is a people pleaser and needs a bridesmaid in her corner. So she told Alexis about Maggie’s company, and now Alexis wants to hire her. Maggie meets with Evan, and Evan’s assistant, Thomas. If Maggie can quietly assist Alexis, then he will introduce Maggie to Emma. She loves assisting women-led businesses and is willing to help Maggie. Maggie meets Alexis, and Alexis provides her with a cover story. She told her bridesmaids – Ruthie, Shannon, and Chloe – that Maggie’s name was Maisie. And Maisie is a wine dealer.

Henry got a job with Columbus Digital but is not on staff yet. Henry’s boss, Kay, tells Henry to write a series on Alexis’s wedding. A daily column of 500 to 800 words about the dresses, bridesmaids, and food. Henry doesn’t want to do puff pieces, but they get views. He wants to cover city hall. Henry wants to know Evan’s stances on keeping Evergreen Park. Kay promises to put him on staff, covering city hall, if he writes about the wedding. Henry agrees and goes to the mayor’s home. On his first visit, he meets Maggie and remembers her from their run-in at the park. They never exchanged names, so now Maggie keeps up the lie. When Thomas sees Henry getting too close to Evan, he puts Maggie on double duty. Thomas tells Maggie to keep Henry busy and focused on the nuptials. Or her meeting with Emma is over. Can Maggie keep up the lie while falling in love with Henry?

This movie is what 27 Dresses should be for its viewers (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It has a stellar cast with lovable characters, a strong plot, and a brief history lesson on wedding traditions. Maggie takes her job seriously with chalk and an Epipen in her purse. She is ready for all catastrophes. And this wedding is no different. The bride doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so she agrees with everyone. The maid of honor is absent-minded, and another bridesmaid is obsessed with social media. Also, the bride is doing everything without her mom. So having Maggie to lean on is crucial. Maggie never dismisses the bride’s emotions and quickly apologizes for her mistakes. So when Maggie’s dream falls apart in front of her eyes, you will be sympathetic. This film is the typical setup, but it’s entertaining and worth a watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I always count groomsmen. They’re never where they are supposed to be – Maggie

Oh, and they will. As my wife would say – Evan

I knew they would see your value – Nora

Sure were a lot of evil spirits back then – Henry

Isn’t it – Thomas

It means that you can do anything. Including stepping into the spotlight and letting yourself be seen – Alexis

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