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#Descendants2, #SleepwalkingInSuburbia, and more – TV Reviews

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Disney Descendants 2 – Review

Disney Descendants 2 – Disney Channel – 2 hours and 0 minutes

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Disney Descendants 2
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Mal (daughter of Maleficent) is now the center of attention at Auradon Prep.  She and Ben (Son of Beast & Belle) are attending the Royal Cotillion together; there he will announce her as the lady of the court.   Jane (daughter of Fairy Godmother) tells Mal this is a pre, pre, pre engagement.  This news sends Mal into a panic.  Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen) and Carlos (son of Cruella DeVil) try to calm her but nothing works.  Mal decides that Auradon isn’t the place for her, she wants to go back to the Isle.  She leaves a note and heads back to the one place she feels she can be herself.  When Evie finds the note, she tells Ben; he wants to go to the Isle and find her.   Evie, Carlos, and Jay (son of Jafar) are happy to help.  But before the night is done, Ben will be kidnapped by Uma (daughter of Ursala).  In order to get Ben back, Uma wants to trade Ben for something that could free the Isle of the Lost and be the end of Auradon.

While most would believe Descendants 2 is a sequel for Disney Descendants, it’s not. It’s a sequel to the second book, Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie, by far, surpasses the first movie.  With several jaw-dropping moments and original music, it’s hard to only watch it once.   You will dance, tear up, and cheer for the anti-heroes and some of the villains.  Dizzy (daughter of Drizella) will quickly become a fan favorite.  It’s obvious she doesn’t belong on the Isle and should be given a chance at Auradon Prep.  And while Uma is the bad guy, you will fall in love because of her musical intros and great dance numbers.  You will look forward to seeing her in the 3rd film.  (Yes, there will be a third movie to follow the third book).  This movie has wonderful dancing and fighting choreography along with unforgettable music and amazing costumes.  Parents, be ready to see this movie in school auditoriums everywhere.  Descendants 2 is marvelous entertainment for the whole family with a few life lessons given.  Some of the graphics are a bit underwhelming but don’t let that take away from this superb family film.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ha ha ha. We’re done here – Ben

Yeah but she can be so much more – Evie

All you gotta do is look like me – Jay

That is me. I am perfect – Mal

If my mother thought that way, she would have lost the war – Lonnie

It’s so nice to have a friend on the same wavelength – Jane

Sounds like an improvement – Carlos

I need you to stop talking – Uma

I could hurt you – Harry

You can take the girl out of the Isle, but you can’t take the Isle out to the girl – Dizzy

Tell your dad that my dad said ‘hi’ and Gaston wishes he would have finished him off when he had the chance – Gil

I have a scout badge and s’mores. How could you go camping with me – Doug

This is still a school. So if you are here, you are either skipping or trespassing – Fairy Godmother

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Sleepwalking in Suburbia – Review

Sleepwalking in Suburbia – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sleepwalking in Suburbia

Michelle sleepwalks at night with no memory of what she did or where she went. So three weeks later, when Michelle tells her husband Danny she is pregnant; he is elated at the news. He starts to tell a few of his friends. One, in particular, is Luke. Luke smiles at Danny’s news but he is holding a secret. A few weeks ago, Michelle sleepwalked into his home and had sex with him. She then walked out and went back home. So, when Luke confronts her about the baby she is shocked and confused. He starts to follow her and even leaves his wife Nancy for her. Michelle wants to stay as far away from Luke as possible. And her feelings are solidified after she is almost run over and shot while sleepwalking. And to make matters worse, she wakes up next to Luke’s dead body with a knife in her hand. She is the number one suspect with a motive and no alibi.

This movie definitely has its WTF moments. As Michelle sleepwalks out of the house time and time again. She climbs into different beds with a different person or people and does anything she wants. All the while, her long suffering husband is understanding of her issues and excited for her pregnancy, you start to feel bad for him. Now seasoned Lifetimers will be able to spot the killer but you will be left with another question: Was the sleepwalking real or an excuse.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Can we talk about this – Luke

You want me to file a restraining order against her – Tyler

Not yet but I will let you know if she gets out of hand – Danny

You can dish it but you can’t take it – Kate

It’s gonna be amazing – Michelle

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Home for Christmas Day – Review

Home for Christmas Day – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Home for Christmas Day

Jane, a realtor, is working hard to help her daughter Betsy pay for veterinary school.  She is looking forward to having her daughter close to home and being a part of her life.  However, Betsy dreams about going to college but leaving her small town.  She has applied to 2 colleges out of state without telling her mother.  Betsy has decided not to tell Jane because she knows her mother will be hurt.  Her mother lost her father after his deployment.  Jane was left broken hearted and never loved anyone, besides her daughter, again.  Betsy is having a hard enough time tell Jane about college, but when a handsome soldier walks into her diner, Betsy will have to keep another secret from her mother.

This is a heartfelt movie about love, loss, and grief.  Bring out the tissues.  Before watching this movie you should know it is a very slow build to the plot.  In fact, the build takes a 75% of the movie and 25% is the plot.  You need to hang in there long enough for the tear jerker.  Also, don’t be too hard on Jane’s character.  It may seem selfish, but she means well by wanting to keep her daughter home.  Being a parent doesn’t come with a manual.  Also, don’t be hard on Betsy either.  She lies by omission but it is to protect her mother.  Both women are more similar than they are different, even in the way they love and protect each other.  Both need to go through this to grow.  Sit back, be patient, and enjoy

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I should probably push that thing over a cliff – Jane

There is nothing wrong with “fine”. But it’s not the same as happy – Meg

One of these days you are going to say yes and I am going to surprise you – Jackson

Getting hurt is a part of life, whether you like it or not – Adelaide

I’m going to tell Jacks you said that – Betsy

I was going to call you but – Tyler

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The Christmas Cure – Review

The Christmas Cure – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Christmas Cure

Finally, Dr. Nessa gets the holidays off from her E.R. rotation.  But before she leaves, she was given great news.  She is up for the job as head of trauma.  This is a wonderful opportunity and she can’t wait to interview after she comes back from visiting her family.  When she lands, she is shocked to be picked up by her ex-boyfriend Mitch.  Mitch explained that her father Bruce was busy with his clinic with his patients.  So Nessa’s first stop is her father’s clinic.  She falls right in to step, helping patients and work alongside her dad.  Later, Nessa sits with her family and her father gives them the big news.  He is retiring and closing the clinic. Nessa and her brother Kyle are shocked but her mother is happy.  Nessa learns her father will close the clinic on December 23 and she will do all she can to help.  However, she gets a call from her job.  Her interview was moved to December 23.  She had to decide to leave her family for her dream job or help her father put an end to his legacy.  With this hard decision, she has love in the back of her mind.

This movie is a sweet story with a predictable ending.  The moment she lays her eyes on Mitch, you know where the relationship will go.  However, the closing of her father’s practice is unpredictable.  While this movie is a rehashing of other Hallmark Christmas movies, it gives you a bit of nostalgia for the neighborhood doctor.  As they make the rounds, they know every patient by name.  This is nearly unheard of today.   Don’t cancel plans to watch this movie.  Just DVR and watch on a rainy day.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Hey, dad. I’m coming home – Nessa

I take my job seriously – Kyle

It is not spiked. Did you spike it? – Martha

She made an impression – Mitch

She dies – Shelly

There are many different ways to save a life – Bruce

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#DeadlyDaycare – Review

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Deadly Daycare – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Deadly Daycare

Rachel reluctantly put her daughter, Mia, in daycare because her soon-to-be ex-husband, Daniel, says he can’t afford the divorce and their old home (where Rachel and Mia live now). Rachel wants to keep her home, so she decides to get back to working full time. Little Ones Day Care is given a glowing recommendation by Rachel’s friend. And after Rachel tours the facility, with a little separation anxiety, she decides to let Mia attend. Gabby, Mia’s teacher, recognizes Rachel but not vice versa. It’s not long before Gabby starts paying special attention to Mia and calling her another name. Gabby’s credentials are questioned when her care of Mia becomes to weird to ignore. What are Gabby’s real intentions? Will Gabby’s nefarious plans succeed?

This movie does not follow the the typical Lifetime formation. Gabby’s reason are explained within the first hour, instead of a long monologue at the end. This change in dynamic makes it enjoyable because you are “in on the crazy”. You may find yourself rooting for the bad guy because the parents, Gabby’s husband, and school employees are so naive. Sometimes be bad, or watching someone be bad, is more fun than being good. So let’s be bad together.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

I am not naive – Rachel

God has a plan for us. She is going to be ours soon – Gabby

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#GetOutAlive – Review

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Get Out Alive – LMN – 2 hours

Get Out Alive

Lucy and Greg Foresters marriage is crumbling after Lucy, a lawyer, caught Greg,  history professor, kissing another woman.  Seeing their friends become increasingly unhappy, James and Serena invite Lucy and Greg to go to an off-grid couple’s retreat called 2nd Chance Retreat.  James and Serena feel that this retreat will help the Foresters as much has it has helped them.  The moment they arrive, Lucy questions their extreme security, intrusive medical examines, and horrifying psychological test.  Her intuition only grows when she has accidents, guests disappear, and surveillance cameras are discovered.  Soon, she and Greg are on the same page and must Get Out Alive.

You watch this movie completely in hindsight.  You know Lucy’s suspicions are correct because of the first 5 minutes,  but you don’t what is wrong.  It’s not a who-done-it, but why-do-they-do-it.  This makes this movie fun to watch.  Don’t miss one minute of this movie or you will be lost.  Of course, this can be a little cheesy at times, but that is to be expected.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars

Something tells me this is not going to be an ordinary trip – Lucy Forester

You’re worth more dead than alive – Female Shooter

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The Stepchild – Review

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The Stepchild – LMN – 2 hours 2 minutes

The Step Child

Ashley has spent sometime in a mental hospital because she was unresponsive after finding her father’s dead body. The police believe Ashley’s father interrupted a home invasion and was killed. However, Ashley is feeling better and her therapist gives her the “OK” to go home. With both biological parents dead, Ashley tries to adjust to life at home, but her dreams and memories make her uneasy. Ashley is worried that her father’s business partner, John, is less than honest with shady business dealings, angry outburst, and a suspicious past. Ashley tries to warn her stepmother, Beth, and boyfriend, Mike, that John killed her father. Beth, John, and Ashley’s therapist believe that stress and post traumatic stress disorder has triggered her genetic predisposition for paranoid schizophrenia. Soon Ashley is back in the hospital trying to convince everyone that she is not crazy. Only time will tell.

LMN gives a familiar story with a different but Lifetime twist. LMN fans have come to learn that the obvious answer is 100% wrong. This movie is a slow build with a quick paced ending. The 1st hour can be skipped without missing the full jest of the movie. This is a good movie to DVR or have in the background while you are accomplishing another task. Its not a must see, but a good-to-see movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Guilty. I feel guilty when it breaks – Ashley

Don’t sit there. That’s my dad’s chair – Ashley

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Manson’s Lost Girls – Review

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Manson’s Lost Girls – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Manson's Lost Girls

In August 1969, Linda ran away from the Spahn Ranch after a string murders.  But she was compelled to go back because she had to left her daughter.  On her trip back, she thinks back on how she met, fell in love with, and killed for Charles ‘Charlie’ Manson.  On the ranch, each person is running from or running towards something.  They are truly lost when they find Charles.  Linda was alone, with a child, and very little money when she was invited to the ranch.  And in just a few weeks, she was high daily, separated from her child, and stole for her ‘family’.  It isn’t long before Charlie’s ‘disappointments in is everyday life, causes him to turn on his ‘family’ and society.  The Family decides to kill to start a race war called Helter Skelter.  Charlie believed the black would win the war and he would rule over them like Moses.  Like falling dominoes, every action has a reaction and all will fall.

Even though you know the end, you don’t know how easy it was for these girls to all into this trap.  Consistently high and driven to prove their love, they would do anything to stay in Charlie’s good graces and keep their ‘family’.  This movie does not glorify the violence nor does it glamorize the killers.  It shows the pure sickness of Charles Manson and the sad, blind devotion of this cult.  In today’s society, cults still exist; and we need to understand how and why people fall into them and when they turn dark.  This movie is a must see.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I finally found a home, a family who loved me.  I wanted it to last forever – Linda

They’ll find their way home – Charles

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Grease: Live – Review

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Grease: Live – Fox – 3 hours

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Grease: Live
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Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko have a summer romance while on vacation. They think they will never see each other again.  Then Sandy moves from Salt Lake City, Utah and attend Rydell High School.  On her first day she meets the Pink Ladies, headed by Betty Rizo.  Sandy tell the Pink Ladies about her summer romance, but unbeknownst to her, Zuko is Rizo’s ex.  Rizo decides to keep her friends close, and Sandy closer while trying to make Zuko jealous.  Will Sandy and Danny’s romance outlast high school drama, drop outs, and pregnancy? Only a song and hand jive will tell.

This televised musical was a gigantic feat with 600 cast and crew, 14 sets, and 20 acres to perform.  And if that wasn’t enough … it’s LIVE!!! The close-up costume changes, large dance numbers, and set changes will make everyone appreciate the theater.  This production gives viewers hope for young Hollywood.  Young Hollywood has talent, not just selfies, clubbing, and wardrobe malfunctions.   Viewers will see a mix of the stage version of grease and the film version.  Both version are wonderfully good and this adaptation is great!!!  The time will fly by and make you want more.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars

We girls gotta be our own people.  That’s what they tell us in Home Ec – Frenchy

If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter – Principal McGee

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Lila & Eve – Review

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Lila & Eve – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Lila & Eve

Stephan is walking down the streets when shots ring out; and later he dies.  His death sets of a string of events that will alter the course of his mother’s life.  Lila, Stephan’s mother, is falling apart and losing her strong connection to her 2nd son, Justin.  She decides to attend a support group for mothers who have lost their children to cope.  While looking for a sponsor, Lila meets Eve, a mother who have suffered the lost of her daughter.  After feeling ignored and alone, Lila is convinced by Eve that all she needs to heal from her loss … is revenge.  Lila and Eve set out to find who killed Stephan and get justice, with the gun Lila finds in Justin’s back pack.  This path of revenge leads to blood shed, tears, and self examination (come on … what did you expect … it’s Lifetime).

This movie is Thelma and Louise meets Fight Club.  It starts with a great premise and allows you to feel Lila’s love for and pain of losing her son.  But Eve comes in and leaves nothing but confusion.  If you are a fan of Criminal Minds, this movie will feel like 2 episodes mashed together.  It is obvious to see how this movie didn’t bode well in theaters and was sent to Lifetime.  The great acting of Davis and Lopez cannot help this movie.  Also the foreshadowing is highly obvious and ruins the twist ending.  This is a good movie to have playing in the background while doing anything else.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I’m telling you, talk is meaningless – Eve

I felt forgotten – Lila

I guess I’ll get my Tina on – Eve

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