Manson’s Lost Girls – Review

Manson’s Lost Girls – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Manson's Lost Girls

In August 1969, Linda ran away from the Spahn Ranch after a string murders.  But she was compelled to go back because she had to left her daughter.  On her trip back, she thinks back on how she met, fell in love with, and killed for Charles ‘Charlie’ Manson.  On the ranch, each person is running from or running towards something.  They are truly lost when they find Charles.  Linda was alone, with a child, and very little money when she was invited to the ranch.  And in just a few weeks, she was high daily, separated from her child, and stole for her ‘family’.  It isn’t long before Charlie’s ‘disappointments in is everyday life, causes him to turn on his ‘family’ and society.  The Family decides to kill to start a race war called Helter Skelter.  Charlie believed the black would win the war and he would rule over them like Moses.  Like falling dominoes, every action has a reaction and all will fall.

Even though you know the end, you don’t know how easy it was for these girls to all into this trap.  Consistently high and driven to prove their love, they would do anything to stay in Charlie’s good graces and keep their ‘family’.  This movie does not glorify the violence nor does it glamorize the killers.  It shows the pure sickness of Charles Manson and the sad, blind devotion of this cult.  In today’s society, cults still exist; and we need to understand how and why people fall into them and when they turn dark.  This movie is a must see.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I finally found a home, a family who loved me.  I wanted it to last forever – Linda

They’ll find their way home – Charles

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