Lila & Eve – Review

Lila & Eve – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Lila & Eve

Stephan is walking down the streets when shots ring out; and later he dies.  His death sets of a string of events that will alter the course of his mother’s life.  Lila, Stephan’s mother, is falling apart and losing her strong connection to her 2nd son, Justin.  She decides to attend a support group for mothers who have lost their children to cope.  While looking for a sponsor, Lila meets Eve, a mother who have suffered the lost of her daughter.  After feeling ignored and alone, Lila is convinced by Eve that all she needs to heal from her loss … is revenge.  Lila and Eve set out to find who killed Stephan and get justice, with the gun Lila finds in Justin’s back pack.  This path of revenge leads to blood shed, tears, and self examination (come on … what did you expect … it’s Lifetime).

This movie is Thelma and Louise meets Fight Club.  It starts with a great premise and allows you to feel Lila’s love for and pain of losing her son.  But Eve comes in and leaves nothing but confusion.  If you are a fan of Criminal Minds, this movie will feel like 2 episodes mashed together.  It is obvious to see how this movie didn’t bode well in theaters and was sent to Lifetime.  The great acting of Davis and Lopez cannot help this movie.  Also the foreshadowing is highly obvious and ruins the twist ending.  This is a good movie to have playing in the background while doing anything else.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I’m telling you, talk is meaningless – Eve

I felt forgotten – Lila

I guess I’ll get my Tina on – Eve

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