The Wrong Car – Review

The Wrong Car – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

The Wrong Car

Overworked criminology student, Trudy, is an avid user of NetCar.  NetCar, like Uber, is an app that uses your phone to track you location and get you a ride.  After Gretchen, Trudy’s roommate, sees that Trudy isn’t having any fun, she invites Trudy to go dancing.  Trudy decides to leave early and dispatches a NetCar pick her up.  She wakes up in a motel room with no memory of how she go there.  She starts to get flashes of what happened; and her criminology knowledge stops her from wash away important evidence.   She goes through a grueling rape kit but knows that find and convicting her rapist will be near impossible.  So, Trudy and Gretchen decided to investigate on their own.  This path will lead to a new job, bloody gang-bangers, and stalking.

This movie could easily be a “based on a true story” movie.  It is a bit predictable when determining the criminal but not the apprehension.  It does give a lot of good tips with the new dangers we face in the world of ride sharing, app usage, and providing information to those we assume to trust.  This movie should be watched as a cautionary tale, and not just for entertainment.   There are few plot twist but they are good ones.  Lifetime is still keeping its “fight back and be strong” methods, but updating the stories for what we face today.  This is a good movie to sit back, watch, and take notes.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Unfortunately, I do know what you have been through.  I’ve been through it myself – Det. Jackson

We’re all damaged goods – Donovan

Who was your driver – Gretchen

I just hopped into a black car and assumed it was my ride – Trudy

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