How Sarah Got Her Wings – Review

How Sarah Got Her Wings – ION – 2 hours

How Sarah Got Her Wings

Sarah, a successful real estate agent, is doing work for the church when she it hit by a bus and killed.  In limbo, she is greeted by Daphne, an Grand Arch Angel.  Daphne tells Sarah she is not on the list to get into heaven but she is not destine for hell either.  To get on the list, she must complete an act of unselfish love in 12 days or Christmas Eve.  Then, she will be allowed into heaven.  She is sent back to earth; and to her surprise, the person she is suppose to help and the only one who can see her, is her ex boyfriend, Jordan.  Jordan is a bartender with dreams for bigger things.  He is dating an executive of a software company and single mom named Amanda.  Amanda’s son Mason is a caring kid with bullying issues.  While helping Jordan, Sarah soon discovers how selfish she was and how little people truly knew about her.  She helps Jordan get the bar of his dreams and heads back to heaven.  Daphne shocks Sarah by telling her that her name is still not on the list.  She begs Daphne for one more chance to make it right.  With only 1 day to make a change, Sarah comes back to earth and realizes its 1 year later and Jordan can’t see her.  You won’t believe who can.

This story has a predictable “act of true love” but the journey and destination is far from predictable.   ION is a new network but has done a great job of not falling into the holiday movie trap.   This story is unique in its delivery and its ending.  The characters are likable and funny.  It won’t be a classic but a good movie to sit down with the family and watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Dead, yes. I’m afraid so sweetie and your little dog too.  I just always waned do that. – Daphne

Sometimes it takes dying to realize you want to live – Daphne

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