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The Cheerleader Escort – Review

The Cheerleader Escort – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

The Cheerleader Escort

Cassie is heading to college with her best friend Alyssa.  Before she can leave, she notices her mother’s stressed.  Her father is 1 month behind child support, 3 months behind on alimony, and dropped off the grid months ago.  Before he ghosted everyone, Cassie’s dad paid for her 1st college semester. She has no idea where the 2nd semester will get paid.  But her mother promises to handle it.  As Cassie and Alyssa walk through campus, they see Gabby.   Gabby used to go to their high school, now she had attended their college for a year and joined the cheerleading team.  Alyssa tells Gabby that Cassie was on the dance team and has some moves.  Gabby invites her to try out for the team.  Three team members are graduating and 1 was kicked off.  Cassie makes the team and heads home to tell her mom.  Her mom is happy for her but has more bad news.  Her dad abandoned his apartment months ago with 2 months of rent due.  No one knows where he is located.  Her mom promises to get a 2nd job or a 2nd mortgage to help Cassie pay but Cassie decides to take another offer.  Gabby’s offer.  The male alumni donate money to the team but they make donations to individual girls they like.  But Gabby doesn’t tell Cassie she is an escort.  At first, Cassie loves seeing surprise money in her tuition account or her mom’s dance studio account.  But when the reality of what she is doing hits home, Cassie digs deeper to find the truth.

With so many Lifetime movies about ‘a small-town girl accidentally falling into escorting’, it’s hard to believe it can still happen.  Cassie’s naivete at the beginning is disturbing and unsettling.  Not until someone is murdered does her college education kick into full gear.  Guys don’t worry, not every male is a jerk.  And the pimp is closer than Cassie thinks.  Although this isn’t the best out of the “Cheerleader” Lifetime series, we still have another movie before determining if its the worst.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I just don’t really think I would fit it – Cassie

You are so doing this – Alyssa

You ready for your mind-blowing, new life – Gabby

Yeah and I lied – John

Don’t do this.  I care about you a lot – Terry

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Dating a Sociopath – Review

Dating a Sociopath – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dating a Sociopath

Jane wakes up in a hospital bed wondering what happened to her father. Last moment she remembers, her father was on a business call while driving.  He slowing speed up and went through a stop sign.  A car T-boned them on her side.  Her leg will take weeks to recover but she suffered a bad infection during her hospital stay that almost took her life.  On the way home, Jane constantly asks her mother Samantha about her dad Paul.  When Jane sees the interaction between Samantha and Samantha’s friend Brian, Jane puts the pieces together.  Jane figures out her parents have split up.  While Samantha says the breakup was a long time coming, Jane’s injury was the final straw.  Now, Jane is dating Brian and constantly ambushes Jane with surprise visits to get to know Brian better.  Jane tries to help her parents reconcile but a fight breaks out between Paul and Brian.  Then, Paul is served with a restraining order. Jane tries to get along with Brian but her recovery is going backward.  She increases the dosage of her medication until she falls out.  After days of her medication not working, she suspects Brian changed them to placebo at one point.  Then, he switched her back so she would overdose.  Now,  Jane is determined to find the truth.  It will require a FitBit, a magazine, and a fake id (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

This movies crazy plotline is grounded with technology and tricks everyone understands. It’s easy to see how Samantha fell for Brian, he is hot.  She doesn’t see the sneaky, underhanded things he says to Paul, the jeweler, or Jane.  While the interaction with Paul makes you think Brian is a jerk, his interaction with the jeweler will scare you.  You will understand he is a complete sociopath.  He doesn’t display all the classic traits but he has a few.  DVR this movie and get ready to learn some amateur sleuthing tricks.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You mean they sucked – Tilly

You weren’t the only one affected – Samantha

Mission accomplished – Jane

There’s nothing I can do about it – Paul

Yes and I am so nervous I can’t breath – Karli

Tilly say hi to Jane – Brian

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Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery – Review

Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery

When Claire is called to meet a new client, she has no idea it’s Casey.  Casey was once Joanna’s, Claire’s mother, mentee.  However, Casey made false allegations against Joanna to help their firm fire Joanna and blacklist her in every firm in New York. Months ago, Casey discovered legal improprieties at the firm but kept it quiet to keep her job.  When they went too far, Casey became a whistleblower.  The firm learned of Casey’s intentions and had her arrested for insider trading.  Casey is in the middle of a blistering custody case.  If Casey is found guilty, her ex could take their child.  Casey believes Darrow and Darrow is the only firm that can help her.  Claire and Joanna decide to think over the case and come to a decision about whether or not to take it over a few days. They want to take that time to interview Brian, the CEO of Casey’s old firm, and Brian’s paralegal assistant Jason.  After the interview, Joanna and Claire decide to take Casey’s case and leave.  While the women stand at their car, another car drives up and starts shooting.  Joanna and Claire witness Brian get shot in the arm and Jason murdered.  Before the dust settles, Brian is pointing his finger at Casey.  He noticed that she and the shooter drive the same car.  Now, Claire and Joanna’s insider trading case has become a capital murder case.  It will take some spilled milk to figure this all out.

Set your DVRs because you will need to watch this movie 3 times to get the story straight.  This movie wraps up a lot of the series plot holes in 2 hours.  The story of what happened to Joanna in New York: Answered.  The story of what will happen between Claire and Miles: Answered.  The question of who is Lou more like – her mom Claire or her grandmother Joanna: Answered.  This the episode no Darrow fan should miss.  Even the subplots have a true purpose to the main storyline.  This is the episode that will blow your mind.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Ok, who are you and what have you done with my real mother? – Claire

Don’t pay attention to your mother, I’ll help you with this – Joanna

Simple but brilliant. That’s how I roll – Miles

I really am sorry, Joanna – Casey

I’m sure you weren’t humiliated – Brian

Well, what is important? – Lou

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The Wrong Cheerleader – Review

The Wrong Cheerleader – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

The Wrong Cheerleader

It’s the senior year and Jen has convinced her best friend Becky to try out for the cheerleading team.  Becky is nervous because the coach, Ms. Flynn is tough.  During tryouts, no one notices Rob watching in the shadows.  A few days later, the list is posted.  Becky is over the moon because she got a spot on the team.  Then, Rob approaches her.  He knows she made the team because of the smile on her face.  He politely introduces himself and walks away.  Later, Jen and her boyfriend Chris set Becky up on a blind date with Rob.  Becky and Rob laugh because they met early that day.  Rob transferred to their school this year and plans to try out for the football team.  After a few great dates, the two are inseparable.  However, Chris and Jen are starting to see that something is off about Rob.  He is quick to anger and possessive of Becky.  When their warnings of Rob fall on deaf ears, Jen and Chris decide to get some evidence.  Will it be enough to make Becky leave?

While this is another Lifetime movie about teen abuse, it doesn’t make Rob a villain without cause.  You see his home life and hear his struggles with addiction.  Abuse is usually more centered around controlling a partner which morphs itself into violence.  Since Rob feels out of control with every other aspect of his life, he controls Becky and her life.  Understanding this side to Rob puts this movie into a more realistic perspective.  Also, Becky doesn’t see the signs of abuse until it gets physical.  Before that, she believes Rob is being sweet and protective. Since this is her first relationship, she doesn’t understand the thin line between charming and domineering.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Don’t worry, she’s just prickly – Jen

This isn’t just a team, Ms. Snyder.  This is a family. And when you are a part of a family, you are part of something bigger than yourself – Ms. Flynn

Nobody talks about my girlfriend like that. Nobody. – Rob

I think you’re just a bit jealous of me – Becky

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