#ToyStory4 – Movie Review

Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 40 minutes

Toy Story 4

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Nine years ago, Woody had to make a choice.  Molly decided to give away her Bo Peep lamp.  Bo Peep invited Woody to get in the box with her but he heard Andy looking for him.  He decided to stay with Andy.  Woody stayed with Andy until Andy gave him, along with his other toys, away to Bonnie.  Now, Woody spends his days in the closet while Bonnie makes Jessie the sheriff.  Woody knows his job is to protect Bonnie but he isn’t her favorite toy.  So when Woody sees Bonnie crying about going to kindergarten orientation, he sneaks a ride in her backpack.  Heartsick watching Bonnie all alone, he grabs Bonnie constructions supplies out of the trash.  She grabs them and starts building away.  Instead of making a pencil case, she makes Forky.  She puts him in her backpack and heads home.  Woody introduces her new friend to the toys.  But Forky is freaking out.  He dreams of being thrown in the trash.  Woody knows Forky is Bonnie’s most important toy, he works all day and night to keep Forky from throwing himself away.  To make things difficult, Bonnie’s and her family are going on a trip in an RV.  At every stop, Forky tries to throw himself away.  When Woody lets his eye off the ball once, Forky throws himself out of the RV’s window when it’s speeding down the highway.  Woody follows him, finds him, and drags him back to Bonnie.  Along the way, Woody explains his past with Andy, the importance of a toy, and why Forky needs to stay for Bonnie.  Forky realizes he is comforting to Bonnie like trash is comforting to him.  So, he is Bonnie’s trash.  Just when Forky decides to become Bonnie’s toy, Woody walks past the Second Chance Antique Shop and sees a familiar glow.  It’s Bo Peep’s lamp but she isn’t there.  He goes into the shop to finds her and Forky reluctantly follows.  In the store, he runs into Gabby Gabby and her Bensons.  She offers to take Woody to Bo when she notices is pull string.  She discovers they were created at the same time and have the same voice box.  However, her voice box was defective and no child would ever buy her.  She asks Woody for his voice box, unlike her, his is sewn inside. She tries to take it when Bonnie and her mom come into the store.  Woody tries to leave with Bonnie but the owner’s granddaughter takes Woody to the park.  Woody has to get back to the store, save Forky without losing his voice box, and get them both back to Bonnie.  It’s a good thing Bo Peep, her sheep, Officer Giggle McDimples, and Duke Caboom are there to help him.

The successor of the Toy Story Trilogy has moments that will leave you in awe and laughter (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While Woody acknowledges that Forky is going through an existential crisis, Woody doesn’t see it happening within himself.  No longer the favorite toy and collecting dust bunnies, he fights for a purpose.  While Bo Peep has not had a child in 7 years, she calls Woody a lost toy.  He focuses on Forky, not for Bonnie, but for himself.  At first, children will see Gabby as the bad guy but her story and need for a child are explained with compassion and understanding.  That’s the truth of this movie.  Everyone is looking for someone to comfort and protect them.  Especially children.  There are plenty of laughs for the kids but more for adults.  While Buzz plays a bigger role in his attempt to help Woody, the other toys (Jessie, Ham, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex) are background characters.  If you are seeing this movie for more of them, you will be disappointed.  Everyone else will want to add this movie to their collection immediately after seeing it.  In addition, Buzz is his loveable self and finds new toys in the process.  There is hilarious running gags, stupendous CGI, and phenomenal voice acting for everyone to enjoy.  While the movie is offered in 3D, it’s not needed.  And stay past the end credits for an oddly satisfying moment.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

My friend? No, no. He’s an accessory – Bo Peep

I finished kindergarten – Bonnie

But, its money – Ham

Big Girl scary – Forky

Fascinating. So, your inner voice, it advises you – Buzz

Benson, be careful with our new friends – Gabby Gabby

The panic is attacking me – Rex

We’re not going anywhere. If you get my point – Jessie

Billy, Goat, Gruff. There’s my girls – Duke Caboom

To infinity and my foot – Duckie


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