#Oceans8 – Movie Review

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Ocean’s 8 – Budget of $70 million – 1 hour and 50 minutes

Ocean's 8
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Debbie is out on parole after 5 years, 8 months, and 12 days in prison.  She convinces the parole board that she wants to live on the straight and narrow path.  However, the moment her feet touch the ground, she is back to her old ways.  After “shopping” and “finding a hotel room”, she calls Lou.  Lou was her partner in crime and looks forward to hearing Debbie’s new plan.  Debbie wants to rob the Met Gala for a Cartier Necklace priced at $150 million.  Lou believes they will need dozens of people and millions of dollars.  Debbie assures Lou that she only needs 7 people and $20,000 for her plan.  So they recruit:

  1. Nine Ball – master hacker
  2. Tammy – a fence
  3. Constance – pickpocket
  4. Rose – fashion designer
  5. Amita – jewelry maker

With these people by their side, Debbie and Lou will attempt to give and get the Cartier necklace from Daphane (Hollywood starlet) and replace them with a fake.  Everything is going as designed until Lou finds Debbie’s true motivation for pulling off this heist.

As an extension to The Ocean’s Trilogy, this movie creates a good story with dashes of the past, lots of jewels, and some con-artist’s tricks of the trade (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While viewing the old movies isn’t necessary, it helps fill in some of the blanks about the Ocean’s past and family ties.  And fret not, you will learn why Debbie was arrested and who put her there.  Also, they explain why they chose an all women crew.  Plus using the Met Gala as a background, it provides you a look at the exclusive star-studded party while giving the viewers lots of stars from different walks of life.  This movie has plenty of close calls, nail-biting moments, and slick moves.  You will see these women use their wits to take control of the situation at any time.  It has a few funny lines but it never gets sappy or emotional.  Movies with an all-female cast can easily fall into the “Lifetime” or “Hallmark” trap.  This does not.  This movie is all about the heist and a different type of female empowerment.  See it matinee and Dolby is not necessary.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Holy Crap – Daphne

You gotta clean up your footprint – 9 ball

Ebay – Tammy

How did I get here – Rose

Well I got 45 dollars, I can go anywhere I want – Debbie

She needs to see it in the light – Amita

Because when you’re drunk, it tastes like Vodka – Lou


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