#SeparatedAtBirth and #MySecretValentine – TV Reviews

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Separated at Birth – Review

Separated at Birth – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Separated at Birth

In 1990, Elizabeth’s daughter Victoria was kidnapped from the hospital.  Now, Elizabeth is running for Governor with a 7 point deficit.  She wants something to boost her “tough on crime” campaign against her constituent’s “family values” campaign.  Then Elizabeth notices a woman sitting in her office who only wants to speak to her.  The woman is Lucy and believes she is Elizabeth stolen daughter Victoria.  While Lucy has Victoria’s birthmark, Elizabeth and her daughter Terri want more proof: A DNA test.  When Lucy is proven to be Victoria, Elizabeth is swayed to put her in front of the cameras to boost her campaign.  Lucy is now a national darling while Terri is the black sheep.  With shoplifting and drunk driving arrest, Terri was never an angel but her past actions are brought to life with her perfect sister discovered.  Terri’s jealousy will lead to a sex tape, statutory rape charges, and a sister on the run.

This psychological twister will leave you guessing with each plot twist.  No character is innocent and no character is completely guilty.   You wonder who to root for during the movie.  Elizabeth is quick to dismiss her daughters for her campaign.  Lucy acts like an angel but has the smile of the devil.  And Terri’s past doesn’t breed confidence.  At the end, you will be shocked at the turn of events and yet oddly satisfied.  This is a movie to watch for its devious ways, great storyline, and Terri’s hair goals.   Record and watch this movie twice.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

There’s a chance that I might be your daughter – Lucy

So did the last woman – Terri

You were good for my campaign and now you’re not – Elizabeth

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My Secret Valentine – Review

My Secret Valentine – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

My Secret Valentine

Just days before the Valentine’s Day Wine Fest, Chloe Grange has returned home to consider a job offer and visit her dad to hear his big news.   Seth has been given a deadline from his company.  They want to become legitimate in the wine industry by moving away from trendy wines and working with an established vineyard.  The vineyard they want is Grange Family Vineyards.  Chloe has no idea her father wants to sell the vineyard but when she finds out, she wants to be part of the process to ensure her father gets a good deal.  So she watches Seth like a hawk.  She believes he is just another corporate leach.  And he believes she is an annoyance.  Chloe’s only escape is the renter in her family’s cabin.  To make ends meet, the vineyard’s manager Leanne rented the cabin noting it needs repairs.  Chloe writes a message for the renter stating repairs would be made and to make themselves at home.  The renter writes back.  After some time, the messages become flirty.  She wants to meet but will he infatuation last when Chloe learns her secret valentine is Seth?

A kind story with a good message about first impressions not being the best.  However, when the two find out who their valentine is, this movie falls out the Hallmark format.  The attraction between Chloe and Seth is believable.  And the father-daughter connection is undeniable.  This is a good movie to DVR and view later.  But watch it with a good glass of wine on hand.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Taylor, I got this – Seth

Maybe I’ll see you in the popcorn aisle some other time – Chloe

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