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A Lover Betrayed – Review

A Lover Betrayed – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Lover Betrayed

Six years ago, a young woman walked into Tess’s office and accused her principal of rape.  Tess reported the incident and felt good about her decision.  Until she got home and discovered Principal Blake sitting in her living room with a gun.  Within minutes Principal Blake and Tess’s son Mason are dead.  Now, Tess stands in front of fans doing a reading for her book on grief and loss.  After her reading, she meets Officer Connell.  And with one Hot Toddy, Tess takes Connell home.  The next morning, Tess’s ex-husband Roger knocks at the door.  Tess leaves Connell on the bed to talk to Roger.  He tells her he wants to give their relationship another try and bond over their son. Connell overhears Tess agree to reconciliation and becomes enraged.  He believes that he and Tess have a connection and he will do anything to get her back.

Now Lifetime fans will get the formula very quickly.  One night stand + tragic back story = crazy stalker.  But the lengths that Connell will go to in order to make people think Tess is crazy is deliciously satisfying.  He uses spray paint, boxing gloves, and blood to get the police on his side.  Tess starts to look more and more like a criminal with each accusation.  Now, this movie does lose points for predictability but makes up for it in acting ability.  Each actor changes from sweet to strong to manic in a few commercial breaks.  It’s fun to watch and analysis what you see.  At the end, which lover was truly betrayed?

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m about to lose everything, Tess. How much worse can it get – Blake

Grieve your loss but don’t ever let it become you – Tess

You’re my hero – Susan

We’re connected – Connell

I told you I would never stop fighting for him – Roger

Either find my crime scene or find a body – Officer Knowles

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My Baby is Gone! – Review

My Baby is Gone! – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

My Baby is Gone!

After suffering a miscarriage in her last month of pregnancy, Emily went into a deep depression which leads to psychosis.  She became a hermit, accused her husband Pete of cheating with her best friend Susan, and ran off without a trace.  Later, she came home and started taking medication.  Now, she is 8 months pregnant but in constant fear of losing her baby.  But Pete and Susan are by her side to help her through this difficult time.  Then, Emily notices her new neighbor, Kelly, is very pregnant and decides to introduce herself.  The two quickly hit it off by sharing pregnancy stories and having the same doctor.  They become belly buddies.  In a short time, Kelly is helping with the baby’s room, giving shower ideas, and becoming a bird in Emily’s ear.  However as the two become closer, Emily drifts from Pete and Susan.  This drift is all a part of Kelly’s plan to get Emily’s baby.

The best way to enjoy this film is to cheer for the crazy girl.  The connection between Emily and Kelly happens too fast.  Emily’s trusting nature and change of moods are explained away by using a “lack of medication” and “history of psychosis” as an excuse.  Emily is so trusting, it’s hard to like her.  After kicking Pete out because she believes he is having an affair, she gives Pete a horrible ultimatum.  “Tell the truth about the affair or I am leaving you.”  So if he tells the truth (about a non-existent affair), she will leave and if he lies (about a non-existent affair), she will leave.  It’s hard to find this protagonist as likeable.  So watch this movie and cheer for Kelly.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Calling him the client from hell would be accurate but unfair to hell – Pete

I told you to mind your own business – Kelly

She’s nice, super nice. And you know how I feel about nice – Susan

You think I’m crazy – Emily

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Psycho Wedding Crasher – Review

Psycho Wedding Crasher – LMN – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Psycho Wedding Crasher

Jenna sits with the guest at a wedding and fantasizes about Glen.  A few weeks ago, as she was leaving her aunt’s tailor shop, Jenna almost fell to the ground.  But she was caught by Glen.  Now, she sits at his wedding, uninvited, watching him marry Marcy.  She dreams that it could be her.  But those dreams were dashed when Aunt Daisy reminds her that she is worthless, pathetic, and ugly, just like her mother.  Daisy wishes her brother never married Jenna’s mother and doesn’t hold back her feelings to Jenna about it.  This constant badgering makes Jenna’s daydreams stronger.  She is determined to prove her Aunt wrong and marry Glen.  She just has to get rid of Marcy.

To enjoy this movie, you have to cheer for Jenna.  While it’s typical to see Jenna’s tricks like Catfishing in Lifetime movies, it’s believable that everyday people can do this.  So, the story doesn’t feel like its too impossible.  And Jenna easily takes advantage of Marcy and Glen’s good nature, all the while doing everything to tear their relationship apart.  This is fun to watch but doesn’t require your full attention.  And expect a Lifetime ending.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Stay Safe – Glen

Answer the question – Marcy

Maybe your husband has a panty fetish. Maybe he is a thief – Chelsey

Ashes to ashes, flush to flush. Bye daddy – Jenna

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