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Britney Ever After – Review

Britney Ever After – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Britney Spears was a girl from Louisiana set to go on her first tour and tour bus as an opening act for ‘NSync. She was instructed by her mom and manager to keep her boyfriend, Reggie, a secret for her image and brand. Britney is riding high on her success and loves being on tour with her friends. However, she makes a love connection with Justin Timberlake. With love in her heart, he helps her get through the hard times of her parents fighting and her dad’s drinking. But when they are both on tour, they question each other fidelity and their relationship falls apart. She tries to go on but it still hurts. She reaches out to Justin when her parents’ divorce but gets nowhere. She then has a string of failed marriages, 2 children, and an epic breakdown … all in front of the camera.

Sigh. If they don’t let you use the artist’s music, it’s a bad movie. The actors did what they could but nothing could save it. The actress does a great job getting Britney’s iconic voice but the story is lacking … everything. This biopic can be skipped and you will learn nothing from it. It’s based on nothing but tabloids and rumors. Watch The New Edition Story instead. This movie is a waste of time for you, the actors, and Lifetime.

I give it 0 out of 5 stars

Someone who loves me because I am Britney Jean, not Britney Spears – Britney

If it’s nobody’s business in the first place, it’s not really lying – Simone

I wasn’t talking to you – Jamie

I’m dreaming about boys but saving myself for Jesus – Larry

Their both adults, you’re not responsible – Justin

I think we need to humor this guy, Jamie. If he is willing to let me in, then we should play ball – Lynne

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Love At First Glance – Review

Love At First Glance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love At First Glance

Mary has a safe and comfortable life; but she tries to push for more in her job by pitching ideas to her boss,  Wally, and her boss’s boss, Mr. Chambers, of potential stories she can write for the magazine.  After another rejection, she meets her boyfriend, Carl, for dinner.  Carl breaks up with Mary because he wants more excitement and suggests she move out of the building they share.  Sadden, Mary rides the train home and eats cheesecake.  While eating she sees a stranger on the train and he helps her from a distance.  When he leaves, she notices he left his phone.  She decides to find him and return it; but … of course … after she looks through his pictures.  She sees that he is adventurous and decides to write about him.  The stranger, James, text Mary and gives her permission to do the story while he is in Paris until Valentine’s Day.  So she goes through his contacts and interviews them about James.  This one assignment will change her life and his forever and ever.

This is a well-written story about loving your life but striving for something new.  Often stories about finding yourself have you hate yourself in the beginning, but this movie has Mary expand not destroy her old life.  Learning about how James has affected the lives of others, slowly makes Mary more outgoing, stronger, funnier, and more compassionate.  Just a few seconds of a wordless encounter has changed everything for Mary and James.  These stories about James and his life will inspire you and open your heart.  The only downfall is the lag.  The story does have a very slow pace at times but you should hang in there.  And yes … you can guess the ending, but DVR for the journey.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You interviewed squirrels? – Mr. Chambers

Well at least he knows who I am – Mary

I think we’re going to get that to go, thanks – Carl

Predictably wonderful – Victor

Go for it – James

It just seems to me in your happily ever after, you lose – Mom

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While You Were Dating – Review

While You Were Dating – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Nick and Julia divorced years ago after their marriage couldn’t withstand the distance of Julia’s job. However, both are in a big shock. Nick and Julia, have been conversing over a photo sharing site but have not exchanged pictures of themselves. When they make a date, at a friend’s restaurant, they attempt to leave. But their friend “encourages” them to stay and eat. During dinner, Nick tells Julia he knows a guy for her and wants to set up a date. But Julia will only agree if she can set Nick up too. Both dates go horribly for different reasons. Their family and friends hope they will get back together, but when Julia’s ex, Dylan, comes back & Nick starts dating Elsa, their relationship seems lost forever.

Weeeelllll. It’s cute … predicable … but cute. This movie has been done before. Nothing is really original. The actors even seem uninspired by the writing. The jokes are flat, the subplot is forgettable, and you don’t really connect to the characters. Hallmark has done better with less. This one can be skipped unless you have 2 hours you want to kill … and have nothing better to do.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

I’m afraid I’m in the girlfriend zone – Nick

He had an opening and he didn’t take it – Julia

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An Uncommon Grace – Review

An Uncommon Grace – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

An Uncommon Grace

Levi comes home to see the front lawn in disarray.  He runs inside to find his stepfather, Abraham, dead and his pregnant mother, Claire, clinging to life.  Since they are Amish, he rides on a horse to Elizabeth’s home.  Levi knows Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Grace, is a military medic.  Grace makes it in time to save Claire and her unborn baby.  Once Grace is home, she learns more about Levi’s family from her grandmother and her sister, Becky.   Claire’s sister was shunned because she married an outsider and they have not spoken in 10 years.   Claire becomes more curious about the family, the murder, and Levi; and starts to visit more.  With a killer on the loose, strange things start happening to Grace: footprints are found on her property, items are missing, the shed is constantly left open, and her sister is constantly disappearing.  And things go too bad to worst quickly for Levi and Grace. Grace is forced out of the small Amish community by the Bishop and his daughter, Zillah.  Levi is told he will be shunned if he doesn’t marry Zillah.  With so many distractions, can Levi and Grace work together, find the murder, and each other.  Or will Levi stay with his community and marry Zillah, while Grace re-enlists and go back to war.

Get ready to get whiplash from all the misdirects.  Just when you think you have a handle on who did it, another clue comes into play.  You cannot miss a second or you will be lost.  DVR and watch twice if you can.  And the shade from Zillah is one for the record books.  You will love to hate her.  Now, it does feel like the love story was a bit rushed, but it’s for the sake of a good wrap up.  More emphasis was put on the mystery than the love story … and that’s a beautiful thing.   With less lighting and a cheating husband, this could have been a Lifetime movie.  However, HMM hit a home run with this mystery.  So, get some wine, sit back, and keep notes.  Did you figure out the killer?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s good to have family in these times – Levi

I just think I never really felt a connection – Grace

Do you ever get scared – Becky

Do you think I am afraid to stay alone in my own home, Grace – Elizabeth

I can have anyone in our church. Any man would be happy to be with me – Zillah

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Deadly Ex – Review

Deadly Ex – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Gary meets his ex-girlfriend, Valerie, at a high school reunion and sparks up a conversation about family, career, and frustrations. Gary is worried his wife, Jess will ask for a divorce when he gets home, Valerie offers to “comfort” him. Days later, Valerie sends sexy pictures to Gary, but he turns her down to work on his marriage. Big Mistake! Valerie sends gifts to Gary’s daughter, Carissa, and text his son, Zach, about their relationship. Also, Valerie leaves hints for Jess to find in order to break up their marriage. Valerie is willing to do anything, to anyone, at any cost to get Gary.

The watcher may get confused because this story is not told in a linear fashion. It goes from now, to 5 days earlier, to the reunion, to 4 days earlier, etc. So pay attention to what each person is wearing to keep up with the timeline. The timeline is choppy in order to add mystery to Valerie and Gary’s first encounter at the reunion. You may be able to guess the end, but not the lengths Valorie will take to keep her man. And don’t worry about the texting scenes, they are voiced over, so you can look away. This is a great background movie. So DVR and watch at your convenience.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s not a threat – Valerie

When you want something, nothing stops you from going after it – Gary

What don’t you want me to see – Jess

I think this is going to be a bright future for both of us – Walt

Are you screwing around on mom – Zach

What do you think I think it is – Carissa

Winner takes all – Valerie

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A Dash of Love – Review

A Dash of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Dash of Love

Nikki is a hardworking cook, but she is having a tough time finding a new job because she didn’t go to culinary school. Her best friend, Ang, suggests Nikki swings by her job for a drink and some support. While tasting the cassoulet at Ang’s job, Nikki meets Paul. She tells Paul that the cassoulet is bland and the executive chef should be fired, but she doesn’t know that Paul is the executive chef. Paul is upset but never tells Nikki his job title. Later, Nikki meets the restaurant’s owner, Holly. Holly is a famous chef that Nikki idolizes. Nikki overhears that Holly needs an assistant (although Nikki didn’t understand that was office work not cooking work) and offers to do the job. One night while working, Nikki is locked in, sets off the alarm, and starts to cook a meal. Holly sees Nikki (after checking on the alarm) and tries her cooking. Secretly, Holly loves Nikki’s food but tells her it’s amateur and allows Nikki to cook at night when everyone is gone. But what Nikki doesn’t know: Holly is covertly filming her and taking notes. After Nikki and Paul get caught eating dinner together to at Holly’s restaurant, Holly fires them both. Nikki is so devastated, she forgot her purse and sneaks in the next day to get it. It’s then Nikki sees Holly’s new menu with her recipes. Nikki is furious and must get her recipes back, but Holly will do anything to keep them.

This movie is like a lot of recipes, you have to let it simmer to enjoy it. It’s a slow build to a cute movie. While the romance takes a back seat, Nikki is fun to watch. He has traits like you or someone you know (clean when she is upset or rambling when she is nervous). You want her to succeed and have a satisfying conclusion. This is a good movie to have in the background, but don’t cancel plans. DVR and watch when you need a feel-good movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Not too late to take it – Gus

I’m a cook, not a chef – Nikki

Tips are fine, there is just not just enough of them – Ang

Something that pairs with frustration – Paul

Well I am desperate – Holly

I’m all ears – Henry

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