#LoveAlwaysSanta – Review

Love Always, Santa – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Always, Santa

Lily knows her mother, Celia, is still missing a spark in her life since her father passed away. So, Lily decides to write Santa to bring love in her mom’s life instead of asking for presents. Jake, an author, is having a hard time writing since his divorce. But to keep his skills sharp, he answers children’s letters to Santa as Santa. Guess who’s letter he finds. That’s right … Lily’s. With Lily’s heartfelt letter as a driving force, Jake responses with an 8-page letter. So moved by Jake’s response, Celia decides to write back and thank him. They correspond for a while, but when Celia’s letters stop coming, Jake goes on a mission to find Lily, Celia, and why the letters stopped. Jake hopes that the spark he found in Celia’s letters will be stronger once they meet in person. Just two problems. 1) He has no idea what Celia and Lily look like. 2) They don’t know he is Santa. Let’s hope love will prevail for this Santa.

This sweet movie has a strong cast and a magical script. It’s hard to believe that love can be found in a letter in the email age, but it maybe a “classic” thing to try. With that being said, the two children steal the movie with a spunk and aggressiveness only children are allowed to have. It seems that the biggest lesson in this movie is don’t settle in love or life. This is a good movie to get lost in.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, stop bringing bills and I’ll throw a parade – Celia

Do you even listen to half the stuff you say – Jake

Married women don’t hide in the kitchen because we have to. We do it because we want to – Helen

Bring back her light – Lily

Cheese and crackers – Hank

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  1. This by far, was one of the most treasurered Christmas movies we have ever seen. Lily, Celia, and Jake, and the supporting cast, director, producer, are all were worthy of a five star rating.


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