#TheSwap – Review

The Swap – Disney Channel – 1 hour and 40 minutes

The Swap

Ellie, a rhythmic gymnast, is trying to navigate the life of girl code while coping with her father’s voluntary absence and a helicopter mom, Summer. Jack, a hockey player, is trying to navigate the life of boy code while coping with his mom’s passing and coach dad, Francis. While in the school nurse’s office, Jack and Ellie start to talk … text. They both think it’s easier to be the other’s gender and wish they could swap lives. And with a press of the send button, they get their wish. Ellie realizes that since both of their phones were important object that were attached to a lost love one, the phones became totems that granted their wish. Later, Jack reads a book that tells him they have to fix each other’s lives in order to get back into their own bodies. But then Jack (as Ellie) get some surprising news. Summer has switched Ellie to the newest phone and her old phone will be cut off in 2 days. Now, it is a race to the clock to solve each others lives and live happily ever after.

Based on The Swap by Megan Shull, this Freaky Friday swap has a 21st century spin. With a fun easy going story, this movie questions gender roles and parenting through divorce & death (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Peyton and Jacob are talented young actors that truly studied their co-star before performing. The nuances in their walk, facial expressions, and hand gestures were spot on. This is a great movie to start a conversation on backstabbing friends, boys being able to cry, and understanding each other. Parents may not laugh out loud but your children will. Take this moment to ask your child some real questions about themselves and each other.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Seriously, I had a milk mustache since lunch – Ellie

Yes, sir. Sorry sir. I mean lady … ma’am … mom – Jack

Let’s go ladies. Either you hack or you pack it. Great Santini – Francis

Now your aura is yelling – Summer

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