#StockholmPennsylvania – Review

Stockholm, Pennsylvania – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Stockholm, Pennsylvania

At the age of 4, Leanne Dargon was kidnapped from a park. Seventeen years later, she was found alive and freed from her captor, Ben McKay. Her mother and father, Marcy & Glen, are elated to have their daughter home, but have no clue of what is in store for them. Leanne, not remembering who she really is, wants to be called Leia and have a March birthday (both name and birthday given to her by her Ben). She is also keeping pictures of Ben and is quick to defend him from her therapist and parents. Marcy & Glen don’t understand why she is so connected to Ben and want their little girl back. However, after Leanne leaves the house to visit Ben in prison, Marcy & Glen are at odds on what to do in order to help Leanne. Glen leaves the home while Marcy tries a new form of therapy. But will it work and will Leanne ever truly be free?

Stockholm, Pennsylvania could easily be mistaken for a documentary or a case study in Stockholm Syndrome. The cinematography as Leanne is lost in her own thoughts as the world drops away is the perfect effect for flashbacks. The range of acting of each actor is amazing and profound. It will be hard for you to figure out if Marcy is a loving mom or another captor. Trust and believe, the last minute will have your jaw on the floor and craving for a part two. With all this great work, it would have been great to have the music create a bigger effect. This movie is still a must see for any Lifetime fan or any other TV watcher.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Am I still in trouble? – Leanne

If you do this now, you can eat alone tonight – Marcy

Its my life in there too. My house – Glen

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