#DeepwaterHorizon – Review

Deepwater Horizon – Budget of $165 million – 1 hour and 47 minutes

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target (Exclusive Set), and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
Deepwater Horizon
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target (Exclusive Set), and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

The 126 Transocean crew members aboard the Deepwater Horizon, also called The Well from Hell, had no idea what was in store for them on April 2010. They didn’t know they would be the focus of the worst oil spill in US History. Mike Williams (Chief Electrical Tech), Jimmy Harrell (OIM), and Andrea Fleytas (Dynamic Positioning Operator) all head to the oil rig for 21 days. In these days they will complete the drill and start removing the mud. However, when they board, the BP testers are leaving. Jimmy is surprised because he knows that a crucial test could have not been completed. Jimmy learns that the cement test has not been done and the BP tester were told that it was too expensive. Mike and Jimmy argue with BP staffers, lead by Vidrine, that this is unsafe for the crew and the drill won’t hold. BP staffers remind the two that the project is 43 days over due and tens of millions over budget. They must start drilling to recoup the loses. Jimmy agrees, but only if the drill passes a Negative Pressure Test. The drill pipe fails the test miserably. Vidrine blames it on the Bladder Effect and tells the crew to run the test on the Kill Line. The Kill Line passes, but since the 2 test aren’t producing the same results, the crew wants to wait and get Jimmy’s approval. At the urging of Vidrine, Jimmy gives the approval and starts the drill. Slowly, the Well from Hell becomes real.

This movie, based on a New York Times article, will make your stomach turn and blood boil … but in a good way. As the team mentions everything wrong with the ship (blue screen of death, communications not work, and un-operational smoke detectors), it is ridiculous that they were honored that night with a consecutive safety award. Also, the numerous omens (birds, exploding projects, and breakdowns) that was hard to miss. This movie throughly explains each persons’ job, the characters’ story, and the rig/nautical jargon. Be prepared to get angry at BP and see real heroes unfold. Another great asset is the office banter. It’s was sharp, realistic, and truly funny. This cast worked well together and it showed. And keep your ears open. Throughout the movie, you will hear the names of the 11 killed mentioned, along with a touching tribute. This film does not hold back on how awful and preventable that day was for all involved.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You want the 30, 60, or 90 second love package – Mike Williams

Only time you worry about a marine is when he stops bitching – Felicia Williams

Aww. I had to – Jimmy Harrell

I only did not knock because I want a brother – Sydney Williams

My crew lives on it. You just rent it – Jimmy Harrell

Thank you – Andrea Fleytas

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target (Exclusive Set), and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

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