#MyHusbandIsMissing – Review

My Husband is Missing – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

My Husband is Missing

The Bradshaws don’t pretend to be the perfect family. Their daughter, Casey, has typical teen problems and Dale and Ann (Casey’s parents) are recovering from Dale’s affair. But while getting their life on track, Dale is kidnapped in broad daylight on camera. During Det. Matthews’s investigation the learns that the Bradshaws were mortgaged to the hilt and Dale stole $7.5 million from his company, which was moved to offshore bank accounts. Ann wants to give everything to the kidnappers but Det. Matthews believes there is more to the story. Soon, the DEA, Mexican cartels, and hackers are involved. Keep your fingers cross that Dale Bradshaw is found … alive.

Let’s hear it for Mike and the film’s composer. Those were the only interesting things about this movie. It tried for twist, but the fell flat. It tried for turns but stayed in one direction. Lifetimers can figure this one out in 15 minutes. If you want or need white noise, this is your movie. Otherwise, skip it.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Picking up Casey after school, Got it – Dale

I couldn’t be prouder of you – Ann

It’s what I do, Ann – Det. Matthews

I’m the best Mrs. Bradshaw and we’re gonna get him – Mike

I usually just walk in – Mel

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