#BrokenPromise – Review

Broken Promise – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes


Reese and Nina, high school sweethearts, break into a home for fun.  During a scuffle with the owner, Nina kills the owner but Reese takes the blame.  After decades in prison, Reese is paroled and looking for Nina to restart his life.  Just 1 problem, Nina is married, has a teenage daughter, and wants nothing to do with him.  First, Reese warns Nina that murder has no statue of limitations and he can turn her in any time he wants.  But when Nina doesn’t return his affection, he starts to pull her life apart.  Who will be left standing at the end?

This movie is unimpressive.  The plot is average but the acting is decent.  It is hard to watch good acting being used on a sub-par script.  Lifetime watchers will know how this movie will end in the first 30 minutes.   If you have time to watch his movie, watch something else.

I give this 1.5 out of 5 stars

Are you sure you’re not a stalker – Haley

Just live a little – Reese

You are a planner – Nina

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