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Maid for Revenge – Review

Maid for Revenge – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Annie, a maid, comes to her appointment and finds a note on the front door inviting her inside. She cleans the house from top to bottom and finds a pitcher of cucumber water with a sign to help herself. Annie drinks some and continues to clean. Hours later, Annie wakes up beside the pool with her phone and a dead body at the bottom. She panics, recovers her phone, and removes her fingerprints from the scene. Annie has to find a way home with no money or transportation. She leaves and finds a car with the keys inside. Annie jumps in, thinking it’s her lucky day, only to have the owner, Billy, knock on the window. She carefully tells him what happened without mentioning the murder. Annie explains that her son, Tate, is with the babysitter, Katy. Now, she has to get home to Tate. Billy offers to drive Annie home.

Annie doesn’t find Tate or Katy at home and starts to panic. She borrows Billy’s phone to call Katy. Katy relays that Tate is with his grandmother, Elizabeth because Elizabeth is Annie’s emergency contact. Annie breathes a sigh of relief and gives Billy his phone. He offers to let her keep it until she gets a new one and leaves. Annie retrieves Tate from Elizabeth, who is happy to watch him.

Annie drops Tate off at Elizabeth in the morning and sees her lawyer, Hank. She tells Hank everything that happened. And worst of all, she knew the victim, Lydia. Lydia was a juror in Annie’s trial. Annie was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and spent two and a half years in jail. Over that time, Elizabeth cared for Tate. Annie got parole but had to keep her nose clean and stay out of trouble. Last night broke both of those conditions. Hank tells Annie that leaving the scene made her look more guilty. He warns Annie to turn herself in to the police and trust the justice system. Annie scoffs at Hank’s suggestion and decides to find out who is setting her up. And she knows just where to start: Billy.

This movie has everything viewers want: spiked drinks, dishonorable thieves, and money. Please, pay attention because everything is a hint. At first, the audience will wonder why Annie ran from the scene. However, the plot reveals her past later. She was convicted because she had alcohol in her system, but now says she didn’t drink that night. She maintains her innocence but blames herself for taking her eyes off the road. It’s obvious why Annie ran once you get to know her. But her trust in Billy seems laughable after meeting him the day before. However, Billy is a resourceful person with a glass jaw. This movie will have you guessing until the end and cheering for Annie. This captivating mystery proves that Lifetime can do a movie right.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Ok, it is what it looks like, but it’s not what you think – Annie

Sometimes we do crazy things because we don’t have a choice – Billy

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The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost – Review

The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jane de Silva fixes her makeup backstage. She sings at Parisian cabarets and loves the stage. She gets her call time and takes another look in the mirror. Then, Detective John calls her name. Jane has never seen John before. But he knows her uncle, Harold, and her aunt, Sadie. Sadie sent John to find Jane and inform her that Harold passed away and left her an inheritance. Jane tells John that she doesn’t care about money, but John tells her that he left a foundation. But he wanted her to return to Baltimore for it. 

Jane arrives in Baltimore and runs into Sadie’s arms for comfort. They reminisce about Harold, his love for them, and when he and Sadie met. Afterward, John enters to explain Jane’s inheritance. After Harold retired, he started a PI firm called Foundation for Righting Wrongs, or FRW for short. Harold took cases that police deemed cold or didn’t have the labor force to solve. Over five years, he and John worked together to help scores of people. Harold wanted Jane to take it over. Jane doesn’t understand why Harold picked her. She has zero investigating experience. John concurs and believes the foundation should be under his control but respects Harold’s wishes. Sadie trusts Harold’s choice and thinks Jane should ponder it momentarily. 

Jane opens a box and looks through a case file but resigns after a few pages. Then she hears a rattle on the window. Lia came for help after hearing about the foundation. She snuck out to get past her father, Kenny. Lia’s mother, Linda, died hours after removing Linda’s inheritance from her bank account. Although the police report says Linda drowned herself, Lia doesn’t believe it because her mother couldn’t swim. Lia got accepted into the Julliard but now has to attend community college because Kenny can’t afford the tuition. Lia knows finding the money is hopeless, but she wants to know what happened to Linda. Lia knows her mother loved her and would never leave her. Jane lost her mother to a hit-and-run, and they never found the killer. Jane couldn’t help herself. So she needs to help Lia. Can Jane solve her first case?

Based on A Hopeless Case by K.K. Beck, this movie has MLMs, wigs, and singing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The mystery doesn’t start immediately like other HMM movies because it takes time to develop a backstory for Jane, Sadie, and John. Viewers will get the anonymous person running through the dark alley, being stabbed at home, or drinking poison within the first five minutes of the next movie. So patient, and let this one simmer. Unlike most protagonists, Jane doesn’t have a background in murder, puzzles, or intrigue. She is a singer who loves to perform in front of a crowd. Sadie shows Jane how to put her skills to use. John gives Jane tips on how to read a police report and question suspects. They are her detective think tank. This enigma provides the audience with plenty of suspects and motives. But the overall motivating force and means of execution are horrifying at its core. This film is a strong kickoff for a new series.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

All will be revealed – John

I know it sounds hopeless, but that’s all I have. Hope – Lia

If you don’t know what you’re doing, act like you do – Sadie

One case. I’m gonna do this one case for Lia’s sake – Jane

Stay away from my daughter – Kenny

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The Pregnancy Promise – Review

The Pregnancy Promise – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lucy admires pictures of babies and puppies on social media while her best friend, Skye, studies. Lucy wants to make their senior year the best because Skye will attend college in the fall. She believes Skye followed her parent’s rules and never had a fun high school experience. Also, Lucy fears Skye will leave her behind once Skye makes college friends. She makes Skye promise to stay friends no matter what. 

A classmate returns to school with her baby, and Lucy envies the attention she gets. Lucy makes Skye promise to have babies and raise them together as best friends. Also, Lucy wants to start sooner rather than later. Skye makes the vow and focuses on school. Later, Lucy learns that Brooke is having a party and begs Skye to go. When Skye protests, Lucy reminds Skye of her earlier pledge. Skye breaks down and asks her mother, but her mom says no. Lucy convinces Skye to sneak out and join the fun. 

Skye meets Jake at the party, and they kiss. Jake graduated last year but didn’t get an athletic scholarship. Jake works with the high school’s sports department and plans to try again for the scholarship. Skye leaves Jake to update Lucy, only to find Lucy kissing her brother, Aaron. Skye is furious, and Lucy promises not to date Aaron. Soon, Skye spends more time with Jake and becomes pregnant. She doesn’t understand how it happened because she took birth control to manage her cramps. Skye cries to Lucy because Skye thinks a baby will derail her plans. But Lucy is happy because she is pregnant too, by Aaron. Skye can’t believe it, but Lucy has a plan. She wants to move in with Skye’s family so they can raise their babies together as planned. As Lucy beams with pride, Skye wants to keep everything a secret. But when word gets out, someone starts to bully Skye and her family. Skye tries to ignore it, but her father’s company gets entangled in the rumors and attacks. Skye must discover who’s behind the threats before it ruins her family’s life and finances and her pregnancy. 

This movie won’t satisfy your bloodlust, but it shines a light on frenemies. Lucy obsesses about her friendship with Skye. She admires Skye’s family because they have a massive home, two parents, and stability. Lucy returns to a drunk mom with an endless string of boyfriends. And her mother counts on Lucy to get a job and contribute. Lucy wouldn’t dare to dream about college. Instead of supporting Skye, Lucy calls Skye’s parents controlling and demanding. Lucy pretends to want Skye to have fun but desires to drag Skye down to her level. Skye feels sad for Lucy and pacifies her fears and insecurities. You will plead for Skye to dump Lucy and move on with her life. After a plot twist, the conclusion is a little too sappy. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Not maybe. You have to make the promise – Lucy

Lucy, enough with the promises. We are not eight years old anymore – Skye

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When Love Springs – Review

When Love Springs – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rory’s parents, Lyla and Tom, are having a vow renewal at Lily Lake Bed and Breakfast. Rory and her sister, Cleo, are excited to attend, but Rory’s boss, Melody, expects Rory to be on call and work. Rory obtained a five page-spread for Melody’s client, and Melody wants Rory to create a press plan. Rory makes a draft and meets Cleo at the elevator. Rory laughs because Cleo has everything, including a toaster. Rory, Lyla, Tom, and Cleo arrive at the B&B and love the scenery. Rory walks to the empty concierge station and hits the bell, but it doesn’t work. She looks around the property to find Noah dancing with headphones on his ears.

Noah took over the B&B while his father visited Noah’s aunt. The once-vibrant B&B is a shrinking violet among the other hotels in town. Noah wants to get some eye-catching press to attract more guests to the property. Noah checks Rory and her family into the B&B and informs Rory the property doesn’t have WiFi. Then, Noah gets a phone call from Penny, a famous travel writer, and Penny books a room. Noah wants to impress her, but Rory says the hotel needs the basic and expected amenities, like extra towels. Then, Jason walks in and throws Rory for a loop. Jason was her boyfriend until he dumped her on her birthday. Rory assumes he followed her there and starts to flirt with him. However, Jason’s girlfriend, Sarah, accompanies him. Rory composes herself and snuggles up to Noah. She tells Jason that Noah is her boyfriend and that she is there to help with the B&B. Jason and Sarah leave for their room, and Noah says no instantly. He doesn’t want to be part of her game. So, Rory offers her P.R. skills for free if he keeps up the ruse to make Jason think she is happy without him. She will ensure that Penny loves his establishment and create a press packet for him. Noah looks around, acknowledges that he needs help, and agrees. Rory has to keep up with her job, help Noah with his B&B, plan her parents’ vow renewal, and keep everyone in the dark about her fake relationship. But can a sham become authentic?

‘When Love Springs’ has the typical set-up, complication, and conclusion, but something about this movie draws viewers into the story. Rory is steadfast about becoming a partner and won’t let anyone or anything deter her. Her family gives advice but never condemns her for working. Rory sits with Noah and opens up about her fears, passions, and past. Noah talks about his family legacy, takes trips around the property, and tells Rory why he left the high-pressure analyst world behind. Their open and honest conversations make you fall in love with them as a couple. They slowly grow while empowering each other. Noah’s final desperate apology will bring tears to your eyes. Yes, the plot is classic Hallmark, but the delivery is top-notch.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Closure is a thing you give yourself – Cleo

That’s more for decorative purposes – Noah

Did you follow me here – Jason

That is a very good question that I am not emotionally stable enough to answer right now – Rory

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